❤️ His Marvelous Love ❤️

10356327_797736560298840_800842292463146719_nhomelovedo-you-love-me_personalityhackerarticle-0-18F3722200000578-71_634x36012032158_498765573623763_2208643902534080114_ndeparture-of-the-winged-shipThe-Glory-of-God1-1024x768Really had NO intention, of writing today. Just yesterday, someone asked me, what I do. Well, technical, they asked me and my ❤️ LOVE , our profession. And, I said, “I guess, I am a writer.” I did not say it with confidence, and not exactly with JOY. And, for that I repent before, Heaven today. Because, He has gifted ME, with the use of HIS words, and I am honored, truly. Yet, THIS responsibility, is NOT small. I mean, NOT at ALL. And, when He says, JUMP to it, no matter the hour, I have to do it. And, I can’t complain, in the way that some can. And, that is okay. Because, there was a time, I had Grace, to do that. And, I am so grateful, that I could. It is how I was able to learn, and GROW. and, oh MY the growing pains, that came, and went. ~





But, HIS MARVELOUS ❤️  Love,,, THAT was FOUND…and NEVER LOST. Eventhough, I often felt, LOST myself. Truth, BE told, sometimes, I still do. There is a place, in HER story/ OURS where she was 6.5 years…. So much of Heaven, already present.  TEARS falling HERE….The song says, “DRINK UP TONIGHT.” But, it is often hard to drink of Heaven. Thank you to George Straight, and Jesus for using HIM, to reminding ME ~ HE makes ALL paths STRAIGHT. The next SONG – “THAT RED dirt ROAD ” A song FROM my childhood – Lyric ” I learned the path to HEAVEn, is full of sinners and BELIEVERS.” Yes. (Brook and Dunn) ❤️





———Back to the STORY of our 👐  BUTTERFLY ~~~ She came up to ME and tugged on my shirt, and said to ME, and the woman, I was speaking 2… “MOMMY, DON’T FORGET to TELL THEM… THE 1st TIME, YOU ASKED ME, IF I wanted TO BE WELL, you ASKED in FEAR… AND I COULD NOT HONOR THAT. BECAUSE GOD, DOES NOt HONOR THAT. But, the 2nd TIME, YOU asked IN FAITh, AND I COULD HONOR thAT , BECAUSE GOD, HONORS THAT!!! ~~~~ AND, MY JAW DROPPED ~~~ ❤️









Side Note : (The caps are for Ephasis, not like yelling 🙂 )

I remember, LOOKING for LOVE in ALL the WRONG places. They looked right, in so many ways, to ME. But, oh MY…looking back, there was so much GRACE present. I had NO idea, just how much. I will NEVER forget, the day, of December 27, 2005. It was 6:30 am. All the doctors, has predicted, one week later, that our baby girl, would arrive. But, Heaven, had other plans. Everything about it, seemed so backwards. But, GOD. We went to the hospital 5 times. Yes 5. 🙂 Grace 🙂 I rememeber, she looked at ME, and I saw JESUS eyes. ~~~ ❤️




I had LOOKED and SEARCHED for JESUS eyes, for so LONG. I thought, I would NEVER see them. But, then, she was placed in my lap. And, I was so taken back. I was just mesmerized by the ❤️ LOVE  of GOD. I did not THEn, HAVE the SAME relationship, that I do NOW. I was so broken. I am STILL broken. But, then, I was immature, and uninformed. I had not been introduced, to the REAL ❤️ LOVE . And THIS was my official  introduction.


Yes, I had people in my life, TELL me JESUS loved me. I am so grateful for those people too. They had planted seeds, of ❤️ LOVE , to get me that far. And, the FAMILY of GOD was used, and many of their prayers, to help me, along the way. Cannot say enough, how thankful, I am. And, how,  much I bless each and everyone of those people… Even those, who may have meant to harm me, oh I bless them too. ~ Because that day, a MIRACLE came into my LIFE. ~ My baby 👼 girl!




But, mark my words, it was also a HUGE responsibility too. I treasured EVERY moment, with my sweet Sarah. We ALL did. Though, something inside, always knew, SHE did NOT belong to just ME. And, that it was crucial, that I remember that. Because, if I did NOT, it would be beyond, destructive, and MOST of ALL dishonoring, to my KING. What is the greatest gift, that we can give to, the ONE who LOVES us, MOST? SURRENDER. ~ ❤️




There will be SOME who just ADORE Jesus in US. Others who do NOt. Some who pretend to. Some who are sincere. At this point, it is exhausting, trying to figure out, who is for or against. It is not our job to do so. Our JOB is to LOVE. We do so FROM Heaven above. HE DOES it, through US. Our JOB is to LET HIM. ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




It is NOT always EASY to receive HIS LOVe, because it requires GIVING up, YOUR plan. BUt, when YOU do… I promise YOU, that HIS plans, ARE SO MUCH better. AND He has a WAY of GIVINg you EVERYTHING, THAT you NEED. Not Always, what you WANT. But, what YOU NEED. ~ He WILL NOT FAIL. ❤️




I am so grateful for HIS LOVE. IT is the MOST tangible, REAL. VALUABLE . SINCERE. TRUTH. in MY LIFE. ~ ❤️

FAITh HOPE and LOVE ~ these 3 remain ~~~~ but the


GREATEST of THESE is HIS LOVE!!!! HIS ABSOLUTELY UNBOUNDING and UNENDING and UNCOMDITIONAL, with the condition of US saying YES !  LOVE 🙂 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Thank you 🙂 To JESUS and our HEAVENLY Father and HOLY Spirit, whom I see like a Nurturing Mother, because I let my




own biological mom go, at such a young age….❤️

Thank you for the FREEDOM to receive the LOVE ~~~~ We praise you !!!! ❤️

IN your GRACE , MERCY, and HOPE,  ❤️





03 Sep 2018


our-lives-are-in-the-hands-of-godend-of-the-worldtree-of-life-movie29caf0651dd94f57758d9befcb449fc8184414_10151642914512863_1045860989_nfighting-parentssecuredownloadWhen YOU make a choice, to be a VOICE for GOOD. YOu better, be IN it, to WIN it. ❤️  ANd, YOU better, stay HUMBle, and KIND. That, is ONE, of my Favorite, SONGS. Thank you. To, JESUS…and TIm McGraw.   I walk. I drive. I LIVE on the JESUS Highway. ❤️  And HE moves US, when HE chooses. HIS address, is MINE. It is OFTEN hard to have ROOTS, because MY roots, are simply, that of HIS LOVE. I so DESIRE, to KEEP it SIMPLE. To LEAVE things, with a KISS, and a HUG. And somwtimes…I literally, by HIS Grace do, just THAT. But, don’t THINK, that I don’t battle, HUMAN frailties. Because, THAT, would just BE A LIE.




EVERY DAY…IT TAKES love❤️ JESUS to MAKE ME XIST. Was thinking about the FILM, just 2day…. It is called, “What DREAMS MAY COME” Have you SCENE it?” It is one of my favorites. That movie has SO MUCH in it… SO much of HEAVEn, but to be FRANK, so much YUCK too. But, let’s NOT focus on THAT. Let’s stay with the FIRST part. BECAUSE it is the BEST. Robin WILLIAMS the actor, oh, He is a doctor, quite sad in his heart, but that hidden. His wife, an artist and broken too. But, they don’t know the kind of brokenness that awaits them.




The first time, I saw this film, I was a TEEN. I was at the MALL. So VIVID, to ME. I remember it so WELL. Even then. MY own, private HELL. Seriously, I cried, from beginning of the film, to the VERY end. I could NOT stop the TEARs. My friend, back then, maybe a foe. Hard to know. But, I choose to believe, that the compassion, was REAL. Because JESUS always loves love❤️ LOVES, to the HILT. His LOVE never fails. NEVER. It is hard for me TO Speak on THIS. But, I must, because though, I think no one READS this, maybe SOMEDAy, someone WILL. And somehow , SOMEONE will HEAL. By HIS Grace. ❤️




And They will be in AWE, that as a CHILD, Jesus began to prep ME, for what was to COME…decades, DOWN the road, with my butterfly. Because, my LOVE, is convinced, somewhere INSIDe, a part of ME, always KNEW. It was WHY I was always scared to become a MOM. ~~~~




But, back to the MOVIE script…. “What Dreams May Come” ❤️



In the film…. There is an accident — and the caregiver takes the children to school, and the 2 children don’t make it there. The parents are beyond devestated. They practically LOSE their minds. The wife, ends up in a psych ward, and they are about to get a divorce. And then, the husband /doctor, stops, on a bridge, to help someone, and a car comes, and hits him, and he dies instantly. So, it is TRAUMA< after TRAUMA. So, last but not least, the wife/artist, in desperation…commits suicide. AND you would think it ENDS there…but it does NOT.




Now…Go with me here…for a moment…Because, I LOVE how the movie handles it. The husband first, goes to HEAVEN. He experiences, the BEAUTY, and the WONDER, and the TREASURE THERE. HE SEES HER PAINTINGS TOO. AS HE CANNOT FIND, HIS WIFE, IN HEAVEN, HE JOURNEYS into HELL and gets HER OUT…. and SHE is able to BE FREE…. Because HIS LOVE rescues HER From the HELL She is IN.




You Learn in Jesus ,that there is a Language and a Math ✖️ and techniques, and ways, that ONLY HE… Can MAKE . His Highway.  ~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  Love ~~~






Because, YOU ALWAYS WIN, with Jesus… Even when it looks, like you have LOSt.  ❤️



Now, WE are NOT saying there is biblical backing for THIS… ~~~ Regarding going into Hell ~~~ and rescuing someone…



But, I am saying….JESUS absolutely DOES THIS for US…. ❤️

HE goes INTO our HELL…and GETS us OUT…. ❤️

I am LIVING proof…. I cannot COUNT the many PRIVATE


HELLS He has rescued ME and US from….❤️



The KEY is….YOU have TO LEt HIM remove YOU…














Psalm 73: 26 My FLESH and my HEART may FAIL; but GOD is the STRENGTH of my HEART and my PORTION forever. ~ ❤️





We Soldier ON ~

02 Sep 2018

PUrrrfect -N- Jesus ~~~ ❤️


loveI will TRUST, when I feel pain. If the dark appears, to rise up. I know He wins, again. One way or ANOTHEER…. Jesus ALWAYS gets HIS way. Simple, yet quite profound. Today, His Hand is turning it around. By HIS Grace. To He, this early morning, is the perfect, time . The time, where there is HIS peace, in the midst of what sometimes FEELS ….like chaos and disorder. But, WE have choices. YES. Will we choose to obey GOD or man? The question, at hand. THIS DAY, the one that HE has made…. ❤️

As I child, I thought like a child. Well, in some ways I did, and others NOT. But, I found, the Victory, the tree of LIFE, was not in the place of CONTROL. There is no NEED for a compete cause , or CLAUSE in JESUS. His ❤️ LOVE  breaks the chains, and connects them too. Rememebr, as a young kid, you likely played, COnnect the dots. It is LIKE this….Everything NOT meant for GOOD, and HOLY will be overturned. It is a matter of HIS time. He will fight for her, me, and ALL of us. YES. But, surrender to HIM, in this neverending story….so IMPORTANT. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

My favorite childhood shows and  films,  had light and dark…within. And, in that place of HIS Grace, i began to SEE. His ❤️ Love you ~~~ will ALWAYS come for ME. Waking back UP, to go FORWARD.



The SONG…”Take this WORLD from ME” Yes, by HIS Grace, I don’t NEEEEED it anymore. BUt, I can still LIVE in it. by, HIA (His Introspective ALMIGHTY)  Grace. Yes. Falling on my Face, before MY   KING, in reverence and ❤️ Love. Just like the ONE day… In that first hospital room. The one, that felt like a TOMB. But, so much, never spoken, THEN. But here…. the SONG, “You are changing the world.” (SCC) By His Grace, it’s not just ME, but HE. And I need that reminder too. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Here…FEAR is going to come and GO, just like RAIN falls to the ground. BUt, when rooted, in FAITH in JESUS. IT will not overtake. NO! The “SAME power” (Jeremy Camp) ….song coming nOW. Lyric is this…” THE SAME POWER that ROSE JESUS , from the GRAVE…LIVES in ME.” Yes, it DOES. HE lives in YOU, IF you choose for HIM 2. I give the OLD and the yuck no place, in LIFE. Because HE conquered ALL that. When it comes up, there is a REASON. And, it is MUCH higher, than this world LOGIC. Grace is needed to walk, the walk and talk. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



And THIS day, He wipes the yuck away, again. By HIS Grace, and I say YES. To the GOOD, beautiful, and perfected by HIS LOVE. ❤️  This day, I choose HIM!!!! He deserves that SLOT, in my heart.   Yes, it sometimes, feels like a lightening  lightning⛈ shock. But, He promises us, “We won’t be tempted, beyond what WE can BEAR. ” He says, “I will make a WAY for you to BEAR up under it.”




But, IF we don’t take that way, it is up to us. So, I do. Yes, JESUS, as ALWAYS, I MARRY YOU. 🙂 Love.  You are, MY Great ESCAPE, MY ❤️  LOVE, MY Breath. YES, YOU are MY words, my thoughts, and my actions. EVERY detail, you have planned. YOU hold my HAND….as WE walk through the FIRE. Yes, NEVER alone.

The SONG now, “YOUR Grace IS ENOUGH”  Yes, it definitely IS. ~~~~~ ❤️

When I want to do, AS before, YOU say, NO those doors, are closed. A different route, will be made clear. MY GRACE, is at WORK here. Yes. Thank you JESUS. You hold EVERY ounce of time. in the palm of your HANDS, we survive, thrive and are REVIVED. As a commercial comes on, for Arnold Palmer. The place, official HERE, of the final flight, of our butterfly. ~~~

I could choose to be tormented. But, instead, I choose LIFE, HIS LOVE, and to stay repentful. Jesus keep us humble. ONLY you can handle, the things around. GOD can and WILL, destroy the BAD – I have scene IT, with MY own EYES. But, we must surrender , ALL. Not hold back, an ounce. ❤️


The SOng – “Cannot say enough” —- ONCE again (Mercy Me)  That lyric, states. “WE cannot say ENOUGH, about you.” Yes. So TRUE. We will get picked on, lied about, slandered and MORE. BUt, JESUS will slam, ever UNHOLY door. In Jesus NAME. You know why? Because HE LOVES US. If you choose HIM, He will do it for you too. He makes that clear, CRYSTAL. ❤️


” LAY down YOUR burdens, LAY down your SHAME. All who are broken…LIFT up your FACE. ” (Come as YOU ARE >>>> (DC -David Crowder) ❤️

Now…. “YOU SAY” (Lauren Daigle)  Who are WE, to HE ? That SONG says it ALL…. ❤️

Who am I??? ?

I  am NOT an ounce of bad, or evil. But, the GRACE of GOD, He has cleaned me, and does SO DAILY.  I am HIS lion cub. THat is who I am. I am a daughter, wife, a mom, and MORE. But, MOST of ALL, I am HIS FIRST.  Love❤️ Therefore, EVERYTHING else>>> comes 2nd place. Then third, and fourth, you SEE? THink of a race, I remember those. The ones, I used to RUN. In fear, and haste, I often RAN from HIS Grace. But, now,…I REALIZE, there were SOOOOOOO many LIES. IT felt like an OCEAN  consuming ME. But, it did NOT. He never let me DROWN. Others laughed and mocked, as I got pulled under. BUT, HE came in, and still does, with HIS ROAR and HIS thunder of LOVE!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

So, Grace Grace against illusions, and confusions, and disillusionment 2. Because HIS LOVE….WILL RISE UP…….>>>>><<<< AND take the LAND. HOPE definitely FLOATS, and HIS name is JESUS. He is the author, and DEFENDER, of our FAith. The writer, director, protector. HE is simply, IN charge. IF you want LOVE ….TRUE LOVE…. then CRY out to JESUS. He will SAVE YOU. ~~~ ❤️

Let Him… ❤️

IN His Grace,


27 Aug 2018

Don’t LAFF @ ME ~

  1. the sky is falling230309_10150298782702785_6462501_nheaven-and-hell-300x2255734371007_c47137bc23_zThe-Crucifixionwisdomhome778863_10151673469177785_890606283_o10502079_720790414681909_4910546880540562579_n10274071_10154554801292785_1555357345691557540_n-jpg1Somedays, I wonder, is there ANY reason for ME here? JUST being REALLy raw, and HONEST. This LIFE, at times, feels so TEDIOUS. Numbers 4:29- 4:32 speaks of the BURDEN, that can be made KNOWN. NO one, I can imagine, would question, whether MINISTRY, of LOVE 4 thru, around, and IN JESUS, is an EASY profession. ~~~~So, I state THIS confession. At THIS early hour. The crack of DAWN, I admit, that even the JOB, has been a THORN. It has been FOOD, that I had to lay down. STILL DO. Because, JESUS ONLY…..>>>>>> DESERVES the CROWN.   HE is the KING! NOT ME. Not you, or others, wither.  Either, OR, HIS LOVE opens, and CLOSES every single door. ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Quite FRANKLY, these topics, get HOtter, and Colder 2. But, His words, must COME OUT. And suffering, is the temporary cup, that comes and goes. ANd, to HE…it IS an honor. Yes, that is hard to HEAR. Because, Heaven…feels so NEAR and so FAR. The SONG… “One more DAY” again. Yes, for my husband, especial. But God. Jesus MEETS US, right where we ARE. ANd to the bullies, HE says, sit down. He alone, shuts the LIONS mouth. Each and every one….He handles, with CARE. ~~~~ ❤️

When do WE obey, RIGHT away…. WHY? Because, often LIVES are involved, other than our own. Grace Grace…. So, under the Xylephone it goes. Heaven’s THRONE….YES, just like those   presents, we used to open, from the EVERGREEN.  Grace Grace. My confesssion continues here, I have often chosen FEAR. And, yet HIS Grace has covered me. He gave me grace, to cry, yet I could never lied. It seemed sometimes, I tried to me. But, in that, there was deceive. The Song, “If tomorrow NEVER comes.” Well, with JESUS it does. Yes, NO MATTER what…. But, surrendered before HIM, this is major KEY. Without that, a HOLLOW victory, indeed. ~~~

Sometimes, To quote THIS song…yes… you “FIND OUT who YOUR friends ARE.” It is the title, and the lyric 2. And, when you DO<<< you, realize…. LOTS of lies. Oh my. I recall a season, NOT long ago. Seemed EVERYWHERE I turned, there was a HAMAN, with a sword.   In the story of ESTHER , she lays down, her LIFE for the people SHE LOVES. Haman, the antagonist, definitely not PRO. You with me HERE? But, God’s POWER fell on Esther…and HE alone, set captives FREE. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Oh MY…so much FOOD…Memories 2.  Grace Grace…. ❤️

The Song, “I’m MOVING on.” Yes. THIS is ME, and US. No question, we appear to be thrown under the bus, AGAIn. BUt, we PRAISE. WE will stand on the mountain, and GIVE HIM GLORY! HE, the author of EVERY story. YES.  Another LYRIC… “I had to LOSE EVERYTHING to FIND OUT.” Oh , THIS is SUCH truth….EVERY single day. But, in the pain…. WE rememeber.  OUR LOSS……>>>><<<< HIS GAIN. ❤️



It is THAT simple. THAT is a FACT. One, that does not ALWAYS fell comfy. It gave ME a heartattack, ONCE. But, HIS GRACE….BROUGHT ME BACK. ~~~~ ❤️

There is NO ONE ON EARTH…not ME or YOU EITHER….who is NOT susceptible to influence of the BAD. It takes JESUS….to KEEP us FROM THAT. Hmmmm. KEEPSAKE. KEEPSAFE. NO question, HIS LOVE is directiong, orchestrating. SO,  in that DIRECTION… will REST and TRUST in HIM. Though, it LOOKS confusing. WE will NOT be MOVED, from HIS hand. ~~~~ ❤️

The Raven, WHITE….FIRST bird in FLIGHT…. later became the DOVE . By, HIS LOVE from above the olive branch was added 2. YES. Grace. CHOOSE FAITH….>>><<<< IN JESUS ALONE. The only SAFE -ty and Safe way 2. Because, HE TRULY makes ALL things NEW.




So Once again… WE TAKE Raveging, UP Say THANKS. Yes,,,,,…… because HE deserves the insences. He deserves to have ACCESS, to every incident….EVERY wound. Every thought, every move. To HIM, we LAY it down. By His Grace, WE can FACE each day. ~~~ With, or without, what WE thought might be. Laying down, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, even of HE. Nothing above HIS LOVE. NOTHING…b4 our KING.   ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Now, to the TITLE this entry. Comedy…NOT an easy thing, always for ME. Yes, at times, a DARK place. To be upfront. My mother, biological… HID behind the mask, of funny. It is hard to write this. But, I say it not, in any Slash… More just an observe, as I remember. Oh, that TIMe. SO tender. Those memories. They still flicker, in my life. ~~~



By His Grace, Jesus opens, up…what FEELS like Pandoras box. But, it’s REALLY NOT. ~~~ It is REALLY even MORE of an invitaion unto HIS ❤️ Love. I receive that INVITATION, with JOY! Um, but it does NOT always feel good. THAT is just TRUE. ~~~

My Mother, a Sarah Elizabeth 2. Remmeber , I had more than 1. Now, HEAVEn, gets to share in that sunshine. LOVE. But, it is breaking 2. My Mom, she did not know how to DEAL with PAIN. She got VERY   angry. Especially with ME. I LOVE my MOM. So much. I am so glad, SHE is with JESUS. Not, because I do NOT miss her. I do. It has been how, many years now. Going on #19 soon. But, 18 now. Overcoming BONDAGE. This is why WE speak. Captives BE SET FREE!!! In Jesus NAME!!!! ~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

My MOMMA SARAH, she rarely cried, in front of me. I think, I can maybe recall once or twice, I saw her breakdown. SHe was taught to be strong. So, I followed along…. OR I tried 2 anyway. FROM, a VERY early AGE….I just NEEDED her around. You’d think that makes sense, in a place of logic. But, oh the recompense, that seemed to COME, my way then. ~~~



Because I LOVED her…JESUS in her most. I never meant to worship my mom. That was NEVER my heart. I just wanted SOMEONE to show ME the way… That’s A SONG 2. Hmmmm. Grace. Her ANGER, was hidden very WELL. And, behind closed   doors, was a PRIVATE Hell. But, not private from JESUS. Nope. It was VERY clear to HIM. ~~~

I tried, to help, where I could with HER. But, I often felt I failed, and got nailed…to the wall, though HUGS attempted. Forced, most often. That, I JUST resented. Grace, I was this little SPROUT. Yes, Her favorite network. I know the parallels now. By HIS GRACE, the don’t make me scare. By His Grace, there is AWARE.  ×××××××××××^^^^^^^^^

You can believe or NOT, that choice is yours. No one, can take that from you, or me either. But, when I even think of a lie, yeah it does not stick. That glue, got taken from ME, by HIS BLOOD. Yes, on Calvary’s TREE. Super quick.  Grace.  ❤️

FROM a Very young age, I was teased. Now, some would say, “That is just life.” But, it does not HAVE to be. That was just MINE. Even now, I don’t enjoy being picked at, or ON. But, He is healing ME, by HIS Grace, LOVE ❤️  and MERCY. And, now, I don’t react in ANGER, the way I once did. Like SHE did, but not in the same BAD. Different, but Same. I was younger. Yet, OLDER in other ways. I remember, that, in the car, I tried to get out…I almost FELL into the HIGHWAY. But, His Grace. Yes, ANGELS…and HEAVen around…and abounding.~~~

EVEN then. Another memory, NO CLUE, what triggered ANGER 2 her. But, the SLAP across the face, stung. The words, that I hate to utter even now. But, I lay that down 2. Because, He holds, EVERY memory. What used to be…like a steel trap. Often, feels opposite of THAT. Grace.

Grace Grace…… “Unfailing LOVE” (Chris Tomlin) —- ChRIST is HIM…so STRONG. Strong, By the Grace, of GOD, I am certain. Now, “MORE to THIS LIFE” (SCC) Memories, from childhood…EVERYWHERE it seems. And people who looked ON, even Family, thought it was perfect. ( FOR ME)But, behind the scenes…there was SO MUCH torment and at times just torturous agony. But HIS ❤️ LOVE …The rescue. Still astounds ME…every ONE of them. Every captive SET FREE. ~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Jesus WILL NOT be mocked. NOR will HE be stopped. SO NOW… I pause. I will return to THIS. BY HIS GRACE. I just BREATHE NOW. AND TRUST that SOMEHOW…the words, HE has said to me…will fall into place. BY HIS Grace. YES. The LYRIC. “More than these eyes alone can SEE. And, there’s more, than this life, alone can BE ” (SCC- “MORE to THIs LIFE.” )YES.

His initials….MEAN something to me…

They became an ANAGRAM, in MY LIFE. SCC – SARAH COOPER + Christ! The ONE thing, I will forever BE grateful for, is the Door of LOVE ❤️  that opened me UP, to JESUS. And it came through, my BIRTH MOM.  I can still SEE her smile. TEARS. “THY WILL” playing… NOW (HS) Hillary Scott, a precious gift. But, a TOUGH mirror for me. I will get more to that, later. Grace Grace. ❤️

Here is what I KNOW. Jesus LOVES US and THEM 2. So, I lay it DOWN again. Have your way….ONLY yours, today and EVERY DAY. In JESUS name and BLOOD ~~~ Amen

One more thing, WE and I repent, if there was or is anything, negative affecting us, that causes or caused a wrong move. Grace Grace. Have your way….Jesus. ON earth as is IS in Heaven. Yes, Heavenly FATHER, sift OUT the LEAVEN. Grace…

HS (HOLY SPIRIT in this PLACE ) The ONE I SEE as MOM— Yes ~~~~

Grace….. SUFFICIENT for ALL our NEEDS ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


His Warrior Child ~~~




26 Aug 2018

❤️ Loved in the ❤️ RetONING ~~~ 📹 🔦 🎞

1913687_257152152784_2756129_njesus_095il_570xN.207216313images612wpFrT0WL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_415….I am ALIVE. ❤️  Much to the dismay of some. But, I choose NOt that loaded GUN.   For, it is NOT a toy. NOT for, this GIRL.   Or for, ANY ChilD. This topic, not MILD. On her Heavenaversary, WE celebrerate LIFE!!! We do SOW, without STRIFE, by HIS GRACE. NOT on our own. NO WAY!!!! Being HIS micro/megaphones, WoW, not ALWAYS, easy. Beacsue, there is a KAPOW, that can come with HIS LOVE. Love❤️ love❤️ ❤️ ❤️ And, sometimes, it makes PEOPLE Run…away. So, we PRAY that someday. THEY run into HIS strong arms again. BECAUSE, it is the ONLY SAFE place. It is the ONLy safe —ty. The Only true North.  The only WAY. ~~~~




BECAUSE, He has LOVE, love❤️ for YOU and for ME! THIS is why WE are ALIVE 🙂  —- IF—–  you are part of HIS   Bride. Oh, but THAT is a BIG…..IF right there. SO, you must be AWARE. He is the AUTHOUR of LIFE. The giver and TAKER of it. Not Me, not YOU. Trick or Treat…Not a GAME. No. HE is the ONE who is CHESS…will SAY CHECK MATE! HIS ROAR will SHAKE and QUAKE the EARTH, and if EVIL has frightened you, and caused you to shudder, then know this… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




Grace Wins EVERytime in Jesus —- cost Counted —- ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️





HIS POWER, JESUS—–is EVEN MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE INFNINTE! Love❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ The Song…”YOUR PRAISE WILL EVER BE ON MY LIPS” Yes! NO DOUBT! And, I say this now, as MANY who serve the DARK, tried to get me to STOP celebrating the Heavenaversary. Lies, it would make me   sad, FOREVER. Thinking it so CLEVER. But, WE forgive. GRACE GRACE. We Forgive, to LIVE, in HONOR, of our   KING!!!! Surrender, it is a MUST! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I never OFFICIAL, saw the MOVIE, “Twilight.” Same, for the movie “FROZEn.” Too many Reasons why. But, I saw the trailers. And, what I do know, is I saw enough to know, somethings, I don’y need, to SEE on screen. Well, because, they just don’t HELP me. Yes, JESUS can USE everything. He does, in my LIFE. ❤️



But, I have found, If I break down the door doors, it often causes such pain, in my life. ANd, I can BE my own, DYNAMITE. Different ❤️  Tears. Have you had that in you LIFE? In your LIVING years? In so MANY ways, I have been, MY own worst ENEMY before, I have been my worst captivity. TILL JESUS set me FREE. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

YES… SO LONG SELF!!!! HELLO JESUS!!! Every DAY!!!! I choose YOU!!! Make ME NEw!!!! Beautiful!!!! PEACE!!!! FREE!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

A creative miracle… ME…  He knows.. ME… MY name.  ❤️

Free me from OLD judgements…UPROOT the GUNK. MORE JOY. I choose. “JUMP OVER YUCK.” Thank you sweet JENNA GIRL! ❤️  Oh, I LOVE YOU JESUS!!! Yes, you are BRINGING BEST. Especially since 7/12/18. WHOLE FOODs. JUST AS YOU PROMISED ME. 🙂 TEARS, but no LONGER the FEARS inside. Oh, just ABIDing…under your Wings, and PAWS. My Lion of Judah.  Lion King. Praying for them ALL…

Release, ONE day…but YOUR Grace. Final destination, whatever it may BE. It sure is NOT up to Me. So glad, it is not my choice… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

The Song… “Sleep on it” (TM)Yes, please and as they do…Give them Heven, so they can   SEE the truth. You know, part, of the word, HEAVEN, is the word…Heavy. People are always, saying. Wow. Or, That is DEEp. And now, I suppose, WE have a new way, to explain. When, WE go to sleep and DREAM, oh how Heaven speaks. The other place tries to speak too. Who are you going to listen 2? Grace Grace. Till it disappears….

Many will SAY… ” She does NOT care.” but, THAT simply is NOt TRUE. ” I can say that till, I am BLUE in the FACE. But, it would NOT HELP. The choice to believe LIES…is still THERE. Grace GRACE. Heaven hears my YELP. This, I know. ONE day, ALL will SEE. Bow, b4 MY KING. SOON. This…”Whiskey Lullaby” will END it has an EnD CLOCK dear FRIENDS. Yes, i know you think you are enemies. But, WE are told to LOVE. So everyone is FRIEND to JESUS. HE LOVES EVERY CHILD.




I have a friend, who has a favorite episode of a TV show. One, that is quite OLD. Interesting, it is, the “TWILIGHT ZONE. “A show meant, to be intense,   scary, at times, definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. But, in this one. It is quite ❤️  sweet. It is where the older people, have something happen, to them, and they become like, little kids. That is, WHAT Jesus does, again, and again. He renews YOUTH. He protects, and guards. He brings JOY forth. But WE have to LET HIM do it. Oh, that part, can OFTEN Be TUFF.

LOOK! What has been required….As I listen to the SONG ON ” I just want to GO HOME…” Some days…YES. Othere days…I LOVE my LIFE. Every Day, I LOVE…my JESUS. 🙂 But, giving UP every single   baby….As the song “Confidence” plays next. Something I have often lacked. Jesus knows why. Oh my. Gave me that heart   attack. Grace Grace. ALL in THIS PLACE.  ~~~~~


I have GODFIDENCE – Confidence in GOD – When I cannot— HE CAN.


YES YOU CAN SIR— OVERCOME CANcer. THat WAS what He gave us with OUR DAVID, and with SARAH , just changed He to SHe. Grace GRACE. As, “This is AMAZING Grace” (Phil Whickham) comes ON……

Now… “Be Held. ” Tears… Healing here.  ❤️

In HIS Grace,


Proverbs 3:5-6

TRUST in and RELY Confidently on the LORD with ALL your HEART, AnD do NOT ReLy on YOUr own Insight or Understanding. In ALL YOUr WAys know and Aknowledge and Recognize Him, AnD He will make your PATHS straight and SMOOTH (removing obstacles that block your way).


23 Aug 2018

In The❤️ CLEARING ~~~ 🌸💐LOOKUP 👆



79d56d906567069330ae654be6e568b32011-08-20 18.59.11401134_10150733626527785_1133248745_n400508_10150733615997785_2018844112_nSmoky-Mountains29caf0651dd94f57758d9befcb449fc8jesus_0951024_1069125859787707_7567550745995162315_n444…and yeah WAR . But, PEACE because, at the crucify… There were spectators. ONE inspector, specific. My LITTLE GIRL. Love❤️ He asked 4 Her HAND, and tears. Tears😭 TARES. oh MY. Pain. Can’t describe. BREATHE. Try AGAIN. MY LITTLE GIRL. She and ME. Sisters. The sun HERE and there. The SON… Everywhere.  🌞  The SONG. Yes, ALL day, EVERY day. Idol, nope, NO WAY. Because, it is CLEAR, from the first GLIMPsE, on screen….That little 😇 , held ALL my DREAMS. I remember, THAT day. My now husband, LOOKED away. But, yet SAW…




The PREGNACY, and PREGDANCY…yes. the Spelling, different. But, with purpose. :)❤️  This LIFE, such a GIFT. But, HER LIFE into MINE. Felt like a MARATHON…in so MANY WAYS. Not a sprint.




I say this, with NO GUILT, and SHAME. For those watching,  👀 HEAR👂 that refrain. I have asked forgiveness, for places I have faltered. And, OH MY there are many, crawling to the ALTAR. I even ask NOW, 4 the FORGIVE. Jesus and I are CLEAR. ❤️  But, what about YOU? I say this, not as accuse. Simply, a question. Leaving nothing, but LOVE, in the AIR. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️





There are THINGS not, to be writeen today. Or written…either way. No FEAR resides HEAR. Just a simple, warrior, KID. Mom 2. Wife.  ANd, HE in ME. That is VICTORY. This I am CERTAIN. Love❤️ ❤️ ❤️ No matter ,and come what may. I am ALIVE today, because HE chooses to keep me THIS way.

As are YOU. Because, HE holds the major🔑🔑 KEYS. They do NOT belong 2 me. They do NOT belong to Sarah. They do not belong to any OTHER. They belong to ONE. JE———SUS. 🔑

❤️ ❤️ ❤️






There is NO single child that WE ❤️  more, than another. Believe what YOU choose. THAT FACT, remains TRUTH. ANd truth can attempted to be, turned into LIES. But, Surprise, it always comes OUT…in the END. ALWAYS….





This ENTRY, is NOT meant, as defense from OFFENSE. It is simply a STAND. I was given COMMAND. I obey. If you know, or LEARN nothing MORE from ME. May it be THIS. Grace LEADS. His name, JESUs. And HIS worldview…NOTHING but LOVE. Not to say it is EASY, at ALL. But worth it, YES! 100%. It is so much greater than YOU, or ME, or OUR FAMILY. One day. ALL will SEE. ~~~~~ Grace Grace. FREEDOM ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️





The PAST is the PAST. And the FUTURE, will BE as designed. The map 🗺  WE follow here…GRACE. But, make NO mistake, if the choice is made, to turn that GRace against. It changes, and THAT comes NOT from US. Every ounce, portion, of each recipe of HIS LOVE, special and unique. Love❤️ Each individual too. WE forgive 2 LIVE. It is the way it MUST be. Necessary. ~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




And, there is COMFORT in knowing, that JESUS is our defender. ❤️ I am comforted even MORE, knowing our 😇  angel butterfly is WORKING hard, for US. 🙂 United with Jesus. Yes, THAT is US. Not from religion, except PURE, as it speaks. ALWAYS, turning the other cheek. NOt to say slap me again. But to say, “Jesus give them, another chance.” ❤️ …yes LOVE. ALWAYS. in EVERY WAY. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But, the final decree, NOT up 2 me.




WE ALL have choices….AND We ALL have voices. He is MINE. I am HIS. Grace Grace. I choose to BE STILL and KNOW, not just WONDER…NOT QUESTION, NOT DOUBT. BUT, KNOW…that JESUS has SAVED ME, and MY FAMILY. ALL OF US. Despite, how it FEELS sometimes. I will remain, still and quiet, and speak only as told.





LOOK UP …….>>>>>>>><<<<<<<< YES!!!!!! For, HE is the lifter of MY HEAD. I refuse —–tO make, “One more excuse…” That LYRIC….YES. Grace Grace. As, “YOU LOVED ME ANYWAY.” plays. (Sidewalk Prophets) Special to one, for sure. Me as well. Yes. Grace Grace. NO shame, no hurt, no pain, can STOP…..the plans of the ONE TRUE GOD. His LOVE will REIGN. ~~~ It is that SIMPLE. YET, that PROFOUND…. You want to stay BOUND up?




“If WE ARE HONEST” NOw…. Yes, Franny sing that SONG. It is SO TRUE. “” Mercy Waiting on the other side.”” The side of GOOD – HIS SIDE. The place of REST, JOY, COMFORT and everything HAPPY as well. ANd those other things…they will DIE b4 making it there. They already did. Grace Grace. ❤️ Love you… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




So today, there is such PEACE, even IF Chaos seems to abound. JOY, here in the MORNING. YES! in the CLEARING…where JESUS is found. ANd the YUCK is unbound. “SAFE FOREVER IN YOUR ARMS.” (Lauren Daigle) SHE is too. SO even if OTHERS try and raise the DEAD. It won’t BE issue. Because, HE has conquered THAT 2. Grace Grace in EVERY place HE GOES. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




The CHILD birthed into the darkest place. CAME to SAVE the world. ~~~~ LIGHT. Strength. Might. Yes. Jesus. ~~~~~ Praises to MY KING. ~~~~ My EVERYTHING ~~~~ He knows how HARD it is 4 ME. ONLY HE. Only the Heavenly Father. Only the HOLY spirit. THE FAMILY of GOD. Have you gotten your GYM membership yet? 🙂 😉 ❤️ 😊 🔑 🔦



BEST choice EVER #9 ~~~~



As I close , THIS chapter and PLACE. I am thankful for ALL the pain. Yet, sorry for anytime, i was ever a catalyst. I’m so grateful to HIM…WE are “BEAUTIFUL MESSES.” My intent, of this heart, ALWAYS to LOVE. ~~~~ HIS HEART 2.  WE LOVE YOU!!! ~ 5:36  ❤️

Grace Grace





20 Aug 2018


downloadailmentGrief551976_356879881087543_1016047998_nlove (1)2011-08-20 18.54.40o11202110_10154345977482785_478541223262868865_n10356327_797736560298840_800842292463146719_nFIRST song…” A little Bit Stronger” (Sara Evans) “”Even on my Weakest Days…I get a little bit Stronger”” YES…This LYRIC brings SOOOOOOOOOO MANY emotions to ME. PLEASE Hear, heart2 heart💞 MY heart! I MUST CONFESS. MY WEAKNESS!!!! It Makes me 😠 ANGER , at times, when people see ME and think, wow SHE is SO 💪 STRONG . Perhaps, that is PARt pride. And man, DO I lay, THAT down…EVERY SINGLE DAY. TEARS. Tears😭 To come to the PLACE, where I COULD and CAN, admit I AM WEAK. DEAR LORD, THAT I, whatever YOU call my NAME. Call me…Katy…Call me Katherine…Call me Ellie. Call me Elea. It matters NOT to ME. Because, I AM CALLED HIS. And, the FACT is, I am, only 💪 STRONG , by HIS GRACE…yet ALSO, I AM WEAK….though, by His grace humbled meek & kind. In process.  A mess 2, at times.  Oh my, Grace Grace.





Some DAYS…I just LOOK up, and say…MAKE it STOP!!! Can I change my self, my identity???? PLEASE. My name again? I am saying this, just to be real and RAW. The old tries to get back in.  You see? I get Hit from ALL sides too.  In some ways, I am like you.  💗 And, this work, HE does. .. Through US.. & Me is not ALWAYS,  done with  EASE. No matter, how it MAY APPEAR……

Please 👂 hear what I’m saying here. It is why, over the years, He has made CLEAR… That LOVE comes… With Heavenly boundaries.  Oh, my have they been tough, to learn and set.  But, when in place.  He brings… The BEST.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️





What He does, He does WELL. No questions there.  But as a VESSEL…..   There is suffering that comes.  It’s just part of the DEAL. And it is a GIFT. 🎁 Long suffering… But, oh… the sift, and SHIFT.

And the shut up… And the put up… That is often needed in the surrender..  Process.  As, “I will Trust in You” plays.  Yes!!!!!  No doubt, about that.  The only trust, in in Jesus!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




But, it is DONE with JOY, by HIS GRACE. Love❤️ We ENJOY, HIS LOVE. His GIFTS, and BLESsINGS, WE appreciate. But, the NIGHT time, the DARK hours. We face, often tough challenges, MOST. He knows why. So, of HIS LOVE, WE BOAST. Because, it is a waste to give credit to the bad. It simply makes Jesus SAD. And we like to see JESUS smile . :)❤️






Thinking back today, as the song , once again plays, ” I NEED YOU.” I am in TEARS again. Because, GOD I miss my BABY GIRL. Breaking💔 I miss her every single day. I miss seeing her smile, when she woke up, each day. I miss kissing her and hugging her, b4 bed, EVERY single night. And these are things, I rarely speak OF. Let ALONE, write about. But, I was told 2 day, it was a MUST. 🌳🌲🌱🌷🌼🌻🌺💐🌸💮🏵🌹🐞🐝🐜🐛🐌



And I feel HER with me today. I can hear my angel girl. Angel😇 Saying, “Mommy, It is gonna be okay. You ALL are doing great. We know that this is hard. But, remember there is a plan. And, it is going, according to the schedule. Just keep laying it down, and you will see. Surprise after surprise. 🎁🎀🎊🎉🎈🎖🎸🎹🎤🎶🔊🔔🏳💎💍💄📿More and more victory. Right before your eyes. I love you sweet Mommy, and daddy David 2. Hug and kiss sweet Simbea. I love you. ” ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

The next song… “Bring the Rain” — Acoustic — ( Mercy Me)




Messages from Heaven…Help. Love❤️ They often come at NIGHT. Sometimes, early morning, or when the suN/SON is BRIGHT. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Another Lyric on “Sunshine in the darkest days, better half/saving grace ” (you make it easy – Jason Aldean ) He later says…” I swear God made you for me.” Oh, this is how I feel about my sweet🍯 Honey BEAR. JESUS, in HIM especial. Love love❤️ But, OH the PAIN 2 get THERE…. This JOURNEY….OH MY….now the SONG…. “I won’t LET GO” Jesus telling me through Rascal Flats — that HE won’t LET GO OF ME. ” I will HOLD YOU tight, and I won’t let GO.” :)❤️








When Sarah’s final FLIGHT happened….It was UNDER a RAINBOW LIGHT. To ME that was SO profound. Now, THAT is ONLY part, of the story. But, the LIGHT, so BRIGHT…and so MANY butterflies, EVERY COLOR. The SCENE…LIKE THE ONE FROM GHOST. AT THE VERY END. Patrick Swayze’s character has a LINE. It sticks out to me…STRONG. It ALWAYS has. My husband says, I always knew, WHAT was 2 come. In the film, He looks at HIS wife. He says, ” It’s amazing MOLLY, the LOVE Inside. Carry it with YOU, wherever YOU Go. ” It is at that point, as He is flying up to Heaven, that He says, ” I Love you.” And she says, “Ditto.” Because, SHE is so MOVED…by the PRESENCE and EssENCE of HEAVEN that she can BARELY SPEAK. AND WOW…..do I get THAT….. TEARS…. ❤️ 🌳🌲🌱🌷🌼🌻🌺💐🌸💮🏵🌹









The song now….’YOU ARE I AM” – (MERCY ME) “THE VEIL IS TORN) oh ARe WE LIVING proof of THIS…. SUCH TRUTH. LOVE anyway….Grace GRACE…LOVE above ALL ELSE…. LOVE truly WINS!!!!! And THAT is the GOOD/GREAT NEWS! RESt is needed. Pain will happen. Healing will COME. Hurt will Go. We will grieve. But, LOVE, HIS LOVE—– YES—- 100% BEST ingredient in EVERY single recipe. LOVE!!!!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️








Pause will BE preseed…..and PRESSED indeed….. There will be times, that because of HIS LOVE, we will feel like, we just want OUT. But, HE will HEAR our shout, and bring RESCUE. and MANY others will GET rescue too. 🙂 THAT is the BEST part, about HIS LOVE and HIS heart. IT NEVER EVER EVER stops, or FAILS. ~~~~~ His LOVE prevails. In the NIGHT, Day, in EVERY way. He is MIGHTY 2 Save. YOu and Me 2. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️










His LOve is a light, unto my path. 🙂 📹 🏮 🕯 🔦 ❤️

In His Grace,

Elea Grace



18 Aug 2018

🌳LOVE BOOMS❤️ and BLOOMS ~ 🌷🌼🌻🌺💐🌹🌸

19693_491506860886978_1220456359_n225041_10150294613792785_7617539_n11702785_10200801803564457_8496415044547532650_n2011-08-03 19.39.1512088398_10154429756829762_998645038414098042_n11066525_968046523236018_2138022594946879186_n612wpFrT0WL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_tragic-jesus-crucifixion-pamela-johnson

2780_106607207784_6557066_nHad Little to NO Intention of Writing 2DAy. Woke, with an ODD dream.  And, YEt at UM 4 something I was awoken for 2nd time…in the NIGHT. And this TIME…specific INSTRUCTION. “UP 4 GOOD.” OKay, I said.” But, I need to admit, I was not my usual , um HAPPY GO Lucky Perky…chirpy self. THANK Heavens FOR GRACE. BECAUSE…I LOOKED up, and I said, ” I need a MINUTE to whine…” Yes, YOU heard me write. Not just coreeect. I literally said, I need a minute, to VENT. He is my VERY best friend. You know, what HE said to ME??? He said, You have 5. LOVE 🙂 ❤️




GRACE GRACE…. How did I GET to by THIS PLACE???! ! This place THAT is so love❤️ BEAAUTIFUL…BUT, make NOOOOOO MISTAKE at TIMES so VERRRRY HARD….. You do NOT get to even consider the BAD…because it is NO choice, for YOUR voice. And when it ENTERS, your ATMOSphere…and TRIES to bring tears2 FEAR…GRACE GRACE? You 🙊  SEE? That’s ME?! ? My LIFE. It has to BE. The song…(MERCY ME)”If I knew then, what I knew now…Dear younger Me…It’s not your fault…(love you) you ❤️  were never meant, to carry this…beyond the cross.” Oh Jesus has SO taught ME THIS… Still DOES… EVERY SINGLE day… BUT, HE teaches OLDER ME TOO! Because, WE are ONE and the SAME. Oh the BURN…at TIMES in the NAME…And the yearn… 2… But it is a HEAVENLY ONE~~~~






The BOOm….Oh IT IS a GOOD ONE… As a KID, I loved, the FIREWORKS, on the 4th of JULY. I still LOVE to WATCH  them, but the LOUD sounds, sometimes BOTHER my ears. Ears👂 Because when you have experienced, as MUCH intensity, as I Have, in LIFE…your hearing, just GETS affected. My 5 senses, are at TIMES more sensitive, than other people. BUT, JESUS has HEALED me. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




AND HE is in FULL CHARGE…of ALL 5!!! ❤️




Last year, in DEcember I was diagnosed, with an Xtreme Histamine issue…and it was AWFUL… Sad🙁 Seriously…I could NOT EAT normal FOODS. I ate things like turkey and apple sauce for weeks, then, no apple sauce. Then, I was down to 3 kids foods. The ones SARAH ate. THAT was not LOST on ME. Also, THIS happened 1 DAY before her 4 year Heavenaversay. YES…it was SCARY. AND, I do NOT scare easily.





WE ate from a locale restaurant. Name, not important. It felt like someone overdosed ME, with drugs. Yuck…BUT GOD! He saved ME! He ALWAYS DOES! Love❤️ We were watching a GAME SHOW! I told my husband, PRESS PAUSE!!! (Then Jesus pressed pause on Me 😉 ) He did, and got my oxygen(machine died 3 days later)…and if He did NOT, I would be GONE…DEAD and GONE…But not the plan of HEaven…My Husband Helped. 🙂 Jesus Heard my YELP.




David nursed me through the night, was so loving and kind. Love❤️ And within a few days, our amazing doctor had the answer. We would later find. HIstamine… HIS TIMING- Jesus Broke it down. Grateful. So Very Grateful.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




REMEMBER – I CAN EAT NOW!!! ANYTHING He leads. (July 12, 2018) I was healed fully.  I am wise. I don’t eat, anything I please. But, He has healed me 🙂  It is FUNNY to me, the SONG on the RADIO… (Ryan Stevenson) “No matter what YOU’ve done you cannot change HIS LOVe…” EXACTLY—- I confess, when I have had TRIALS happen in my LIFE…almost EVERY TIME…I have asked JESUS…”DID I do SOMETHING Wrong?” And He always says to Me, “Wrong is NOT my song.” Love❤️ The point is not right or wrong with JESUS…It is LOVE. Love❤️ ❤️ ❤️ It is ALWAYS…Come HERE LOVE…Let’s Work this THROUGH…TOGETHER. I am in TEARS, as I TYPE THIS….❤️




Because, THERE has BEEn and STILL IS SOME DEEEEEP HEALING taking PLACE with THIS TOPIC. With Sarah, I had been told, I was going to be a bad MOM, I had other moms telling me I was a bad mother, and that my husband and I raised her wrong. And then, when she went HOME…WE had slander…about THAT too. And I went to JESUS…with my HEART…and I said, “SEEEEEE THIS is WHY I NEVER WANTED A CHILD!” My husband asked me once, if “DEEP down, I knew that one day Sarah would go HOME b4 US, and that WE would experience THAT KIND of PAIN?” ANd I said, “If so, it was not a conscious thought. But, I was always scared of having children. Scared of what I would pass on. Because, of what was told, about me. How horrible, I was.” Tears….5:23 Grace Grace (Sarah went Home – 12/23)





The Song….”I lift my Hands up 2 the ONE who Saves…I am FREE.” YES I am FREE “MERCY ME” Such FREEDOM EXISTS NOW!!!! I can Hardly put INTO WORDS! The LAUGHTER, THAT COMES…NOW the SONG… “OUR GOD” – Chris TomLIn is ON! and THAT song- is JUSt an ANTHEM!!! I have SUNG it ON STAGE! And NOW HE is REMINDING ME, I WILL SING it ON STAGE aGaIN, with MY FAMILY!!!! YES!!! THAT, I WILL JOYFULLY DO!!!! ANYTHING WITH YOU!!!! LOVE BLOOMS AND BOOMS!!!! YES, it DOES!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




Because, of His Love, I became An Amazing Mommy… And my husband An Amazing Daddy… But Because of His Love… Our Amazing Angel 😇 Butterfly… yes… No Words…




The Song… “Even If” Tears… Every Day… Every Year…

Forgiving to Live….  ❤️







17 Aug 2018

School 4 Jesus 😇 ❤️


god-of-the-broken-home-cc-image_october_201312933147_1006662052755725_309458154322036022_nAs a kid/child. I absolutely LOVED school. Well, i mean…i LOVED to LEARN. Love ❤️  I loved to take tests, and get strait A’s. Because, when I did, I saw it, as an achievement. Now, I grew UP, with an ENTIRE…FAMILY BIOLOGICAL of TEACHERS. 🙂 In FACT, Some of my BIOLOGICAL Family, have won, amazing AWARDs, for being some of the BEST teachers, in the state, that they WORK. Seriously, I have been, beyond BLESSED to be IN the MIDST of A LOT of KNOWLEDGE. ❤️





Right now, there is a SONG…and it says…” Take your Records…take your FREEDom…Take your Memories…I don’t Need em’ ” This SONG used to be, ONE that, I used to sing…and be quite angry about. Because, I carried a LOT of HURT, regarding the pAST. I kept A LOT of records of WRONG. And now, Because, of the SCHOOL 4 Jesus, and with HIM, I don’t. And, that does not make me better, or more good. It simply, makes me HIS. It is a CHOICE, that I have to make daily. Forgiving, not to survive, but so HIS LOVE can actually THRIVE. ❤️




Back, to the Grading system, of the world, well. My biological MOM, she taught me…quite A LOT. By, HIS Grace. Some good, and some NOT. The good, we will STAY there a minute. She said, “You teach in EVERYTHING you do!” One of the greatest lessons, I have ever learned. 🙂 Yes, that is “SO TRUE!”To quote, a MOVIE LINE (27 dresses) And that makes me giggle like His lion kid…here is why…27 is the GOSPEL of Jesus CHRIST!!!! Love❤️




So, my MOM taught me, “don’t wear your emotions, ON your SLEEVE.” Plus, “Have FAITH, and BELIEVE!”  ❤️  One NOT so GOOD…I saw her FEAR a lot…and yet she’d say have Faith… but SEE…Jesus has shown ME…”HER HEART…LOOK at her HEART!” ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



In the HEART…there is PAIN, there is LOVE, there is so MUCH there…there is the STORY of our LIVES… ALL in the HEART. Not, just the mind.  YES! the SCHOOL of JESUS…is the SCHOOL 4 JESUS… EVERY OCEAN of EMOTION, is THERE…in the ❤️  HEART….and the GREATEST one is LOVE… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




MY sweet ANGEL 😇 BUTTERFLY…SARAH ELIZABETH…well BOTH…but, my LITTLEST ONE, is a TEACHER. take 2 . one of the GREATEST teachers…SHE learned from the BEST. JESUS. 🙂 I am in TEARS HERE…so MANY reasons WHY….Heavenly PRIDE. HONOR as her MOM. SADNESS. JOY. OH BOY. Hearing the SONG. LYRICS… “MY OLD FRIEND…GOODBYE…GOODBYE..MY OLD FRIEND…GOODBYE…GOODBYE…” And the song goes off. Silence.



You see, I NEVER say GOODBYE…but yet, I say GOODBYE every DAY, in HONOR 2 JESUS. Love❤️ and ONLY HE gets THAT in FULL. I have had to COME 2 THIS place. He has shown ME, some never DO. and that is TOTALLY okay… Because, that is simply where they are. It is where my surrender IS. It is where I have to BE…



Because, if I do NOt. It literally WILL KILL Me. Rememeber, in 2015….my love/heart❤️ stopped….and I literally left earth…for 5 minutes. And I eventually  returned. I did not have a NEAR death experience. I literally LEFT.




So, when I CHOSE 2 RETURn…Well, there is a certain BurN that comes with THAT….And it is AWFUL and BEAUTIFUL. and some EMBRACE…and OTHERS RUN. SOME LIE to YOUR FACE, and OTHERS WELL, it is hard to PUT INTO WORDS. But, it WAS DONE 2 JESUS too. So, one DAY at a time, I make the BEST. take the REST and choose 2 be NOT a FOOL.  I Choose LOVE. Love❤️



HIS school HAS NO BULLIES 🙂  It has AWESOME AWARDS 🙂 Oh, SUCH KNOWLEDGE and beauty 🙂 He promises nothing but GOOD things, and to guard you ALL along the way.



So, TODAY, THIS day of LOVE, sign up 4 the school of JESUS!!!! It is the best CHOICE you will EVER MAKE 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂




Elea Grace

16 Aug 2018

Kidnapped 2 Heaven 😇 ❤️ 😇

11250155_10153643998796223_3692579556315771082_n12166887_10207993635856946_547456957_n10527370_10152605851838879_2057460581450348634_n816e6e642d8b65a15137333cbf5ed230largec230c8c4a2a5868b46c104b1fd8913fa11390216_10203205866866526_4798475762826641050_nWell, it is A NEW day…IN EVERy SINCE of THIS word. The song on the radio, FIRSt “THINGS CHANGE.” Now, “Like We’VE Never Loved At ALL.” Yes…LiFE Sure HAS changed. BOY, Have I/WE Learned THAT the ONLY constant HERE is THAT. CHANGE. AND. Have I learned. often the HARD way, to OBEY , RIGHT AWAY. But, COMFORTING too, IT IS that I, ELEA GRACE, cannot MESS up, the PLANS of HEAVEN. They are SO MUCH BIGGER than ME. Yet, they INCLUDE ME. 🙂 That part, still humbles me. Oh my, just daily. ❤️

Jesus sometimes, has me, do some ODD things. Things, that would, make other people scratch their heads? ANd, to be honest, in the beginning, I did too. But, over the YEARS, I have seen HIM prove HIS ❤️ , and SWEAR HIS LOVE, to ME. ANd TRUST ME, THIS LOVE is FOR YOU 2. 🙂 THIS is JUST the KIND of ❤️  HE HAS. But, 2 the tittle of the BLOG, today…Yes, I have been stalling a bit. Because though it IS a BEAUTIFUL topic, IT is ONE of the HARDEST I have ever spoken OF. It concerns HIS ❤️ . But, It referes to Sarah’s final flight HOME. I am shaking, as I type. But, I must do this, because I know, it is the right thing.

Right after she WENT HOMe, under a RAINBOW, butterfly 😇 👐  LIGHT…Jesus moved us 15 (REST) miles down the road.❤️  In the NEW place. I just could not speak. (to Jesus) I was not ANGRY at God. Though many claimed I was. Now, my husband, a different story. One, for another day. But, that day, when we signed the lease, such peace. and hidden away we were, for a bit. And yet, to Jesus Only, I could NOT speak. I guess over time, I have realized, I could not speak, because I was just GONE. I was THERE. At the THRONE. To others I could.  Naturally, I kept on.  Trying to be “normal. ” Yet, night would arrive.  And days would come. And Jesus never left my side.

Looking back, I recall people telling me.. “it is okay 2 grieve.” What each didn’t understand, is I was.  Things were not as it seemed.  I was grieving hard, oh…. Ripped At the seams.  I had walked in. I found my child, and she had no heartbeat.  She was gone.  I picked her up.  I held her in my arms.  I still remember, so Strong.  Weeping HARD still.  We prayed the resurrection, prayer, and JESUS brought her back.  I felt her 💓 Heartbeat. But, ONLY LOVE ❤️ for a moment. Then, the sweetest 🍯 Voice… “Mommy… Daddy… Well, I tried to come back, but I can’t. Because , God needs me more… Forgive me ”  Then she Flew Away… Into JESUS ‘s arms….  ❤️ 💔

For 5 to 5.5 Months. Grace Grace. I sat with Jesus. I did NOT MOVE. It was AWFUL. But it WAS Beautiful. There WAS such PEACE. There was such PAIN. There was LITERALLY EVERYTHING. ANd there were NO WORDS needed. HE just HELD ME. In my ENTIRE LIFE, I had NEVER KNOWN LOVE, LIKE THIS. I remember, when SARAH was, bursting, forth to HEAVEn, It was so BEAUTIFul, and AWFUL…Because, to participate in it…SUCH a GIFT. But, again, as I TYPE THIS….



I have LEARNED to have JESUS in everyone BE THAT… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Every SINGLE DAY…. BY God’s Grace …. I experience HEAVEn, and IT does NOT KILL me, It HELPS Heal ME….

But, it is ONLY by HIS GRACE… ❤️

Because HE knows HOW it can Be Medicine…and Not become and ADDICTION….

Words can HURT, or HEAL…. HIS LOVE is ALWAYS REAL ~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I told someone just yesterday, I AM greatful, for the JOY. But, I still experience the sorrow. They are MARRIED together. That is just the way it is. And, I am okay with that. Because, HIS LOVE is worth it. 🙂 ❤️

In HIs Grace, Mercy and Love,

Elea Grace

14 Aug 2018

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