PUrrrfect -N- Jesus ~~~ ❤️


loveI will TRUST, when I feel pain. If the dark appears, to rise up. I know He wins, again. One way or ANOTHEER…. Jesus ALWAYS gets HIS way. Simple, yet quite profound. Today, His Hand is turning it around. By HIS Grace. To He, this early morning, is the perfect, time . The time, where there is HIS peace, in the midst of what sometimes FEELS ….like chaos and disorder. But, WE have choices. YES. Will we choose to obey GOD or man? The question, at hand. THIS DAY, the one that HE has made…. ❤️

As I child, I thought like a child. Well, in some ways I did, and others NOT. But, I found, the Victory, the tree of LIFE, was not in the place of CONTROL. There is no NEED for a compete cause , or CLAUSE in JESUS. His ❤️ LOVE  breaks the chains, and connects them too. Rememebr, as a young kid, you likely played, COnnect the dots. It is LIKE this….Everything NOT meant for GOOD, and HOLY will be overturned. It is a matter of HIS time. He will fight for her, me, and ALL of us. YES. But, surrender to HIM, in this neverending story….so IMPORTANT. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

My favorite childhood shows and  films,  had light and dark…within. And, in that place of HIS Grace, i began to SEE. His ❤️ Love you ~~~ will ALWAYS come for ME. Waking back UP, to go FORWARD.



The SONG…”Take this WORLD from ME” Yes, by HIS Grace, I don’t NEEEEED it anymore. BUt, I can still LIVE in it. by, HIA (His Introspective ALMIGHTY)  Grace. Yes. Falling on my Face, before MY   KING, in reverence and ❤️ Love. Just like the ONE day… In that first hospital room. The one, that felt like a TOMB. But, so much, never spoken, THEN. But here…. the SONG, “You are changing the world.” (SCC) By His Grace, it’s not just ME, but HE. And I need that reminder too. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Here…FEAR is going to come and GO, just like RAIN falls to the ground. BUt, when rooted, in FAITH in JESUS. IT will not overtake. NO! The “SAME power” (Jeremy Camp) ….song coming nOW. Lyric is this…” THE SAME POWER that ROSE JESUS , from the GRAVE…LIVES in ME.” Yes, it DOES. HE lives in YOU, IF you choose for HIM 2. I give the OLD and the yuck no place, in LIFE. Because HE conquered ALL that. When it comes up, there is a REASON. And, it is MUCH higher, than this world LOGIC. Grace is needed to walk, the walk and talk. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



And THIS day, He wipes the yuck away, again. By HIS Grace, and I say YES. To the GOOD, beautiful, and perfected by HIS LOVE. ❤️  This day, I choose HIM!!!! He deserves that SLOT, in my heart.   Yes, it sometimes, feels like a lightening  lightning⛈ shock. But, He promises us, “We won’t be tempted, beyond what WE can BEAR. ” He says, “I will make a WAY for you to BEAR up under it.”




But, IF we don’t take that way, it is up to us. So, I do. Yes, JESUS, as ALWAYS, I MARRY YOU. 🙂 Love.  You are, MY Great ESCAPE, MY ❤️  LOVE, MY Breath. YES, YOU are MY words, my thoughts, and my actions. EVERY detail, you have planned. YOU hold my HAND….as WE walk through the FIRE. Yes, NEVER alone.

The SONG now, “YOUR Grace IS ENOUGH”  Yes, it definitely IS. ~~~~~ ❤️

When I want to do, AS before, YOU say, NO those doors, are closed. A different route, will be made clear. MY GRACE, is at WORK here. Yes. Thank you JESUS. You hold EVERY ounce of time. in the palm of your HANDS, we survive, thrive and are REVIVED. As a commercial comes on, for Arnold Palmer. The place, official HERE, of the final flight, of our butterfly. ~~~

I could choose to be tormented. But, instead, I choose LIFE, HIS LOVE, and to stay repentful. Jesus keep us humble. ONLY you can handle, the things around. GOD can and WILL, destroy the BAD – I have scene IT, with MY own EYES. But, we must surrender , ALL. Not hold back, an ounce. ❤️


The SOng – “Cannot say enough” —- ONCE again (Mercy Me)  That lyric, states. “WE cannot say ENOUGH, about you.” Yes. So TRUE. We will get picked on, lied about, slandered and MORE. BUt, JESUS will slam, ever UNHOLY door. In Jesus NAME. You know why? Because HE LOVES US. If you choose HIM, He will do it for you too. He makes that clear, CRYSTAL. ❤️


” LAY down YOUR burdens, LAY down your SHAME. All who are broken…LIFT up your FACE. ” (Come as YOU ARE >>>> (DC -David Crowder) ❤️

Now…. “YOU SAY” (Lauren Daigle)  Who are WE, to HE ? That SONG says it ALL…. ❤️

Who am I??? ?

I  am NOT an ounce of bad, or evil. But, the GRACE of GOD, He has cleaned me, and does SO DAILY.  I am HIS lion cub. THat is who I am. I am a daughter, wife, a mom, and MORE. But, MOST of ALL, I am HIS FIRST.  Love❤️ Therefore, EVERYTHING else>>> comes 2nd place. Then third, and fourth, you SEE? THink of a race, I remember those. The ones, I used to RUN. In fear, and haste, I often RAN from HIS Grace. But, now,…I REALIZE, there were SOOOOOOO many LIES. IT felt like an OCEAN  consuming ME. But, it did NOT. He never let me DROWN. Others laughed and mocked, as I got pulled under. BUT, HE came in, and still does, with HIS ROAR and HIS thunder of LOVE!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

So, Grace Grace against illusions, and confusions, and disillusionment 2. Because HIS LOVE….WILL RISE UP…….>>>>><<<< AND take the LAND. HOPE definitely FLOATS, and HIS name is JESUS. He is the author, and DEFENDER, of our FAith. The writer, director, protector. HE is simply, IN charge. IF you want LOVE ….TRUE LOVE…. then CRY out to JESUS. He will SAVE YOU. ~~~ ❤️

Let Him… ❤️

IN His Grace,


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