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fighting-parents 816e6e642d8b65a15137333cbf5ed230 broken_home_living_room republic-of-the-broken-home-300x225 home large god-of-the-broken-home-cc-image_october_2013Can’t recall if I have used this title of an entry before. I went back and forth, between, “Phone Home,” or “Home away from HOME,” even “Jesus is Home.” But nowadays, learning that well, LESS is MORE, At least pertaining to words of the heart. Particularly true, with His Heart. Because, what seems slow to us, is fast to Jesus.

I slept through her actual “time” of her Heavenaversary. Part of me, doesn’t care if another soul reads this. It’s really just thoughts, visions, insights, and more, that I share with my LOVE, and vice versa. At first I felt sad, that everyone went about his or her life. But, the truth is, that’s a blessing in disguise.

I sat in the tub, and wept. I wept at good memories, I wept and rough ones. I wept because so few get it, I can’t seem to finish the book, there’s misunderstanding all over, I feel forgotten, and so much MORE. I saw her, dancing, and she stopped, when she noticed me watching. She looked in my eyes, and through His Love, I heard a few words. “I know this is hard, and you thought, well you know. But momma you’re needed there. It’s tough to be both places, but that’s why we rely on His Graces. Never forget my story is yours. It was always a part of you, written in the Heavenly stars. whether finished there, it is here. Soon. I know that does not comfort you, or make you feel better. especially today. But please remember the promise made. Hold onto that, like the hem. It’s never too late to begin, once again. Try not to judge them, for they really cannot comprehend. And, some are loving, how they can. Others, well Jesus will handle them too. With care, blessing, and Love. You will see. Just Rest, and Be. I will tell you I love you, I will remind you what it was like to hear. You have so many presents, hidden away till it is time there. Please remember everything belongs not to you, me or anyone else. Remember….I know it does not seem like it, but you ALL are doing well. Every day WE ring the Heavenly liberty bells over you ALL.”~

Someone told me, I was past learning, from a certain avenue. But Jesus says, “There’s never a time, that I can’t use something to teach you. Not Ever. I found myself, apologizing over and over and over, for getting wrapped up, in how I feel. I apologized for being selfish, not seeing the BIG picture. I apologized for being moved by others, in a way that pulled me from His arms. ┬áBut you know what the response was. “My Grace is sufficient, my beautiful one. It’s no surprise to me, that you breakdown sometimes. As far as being moved from me, THAT is not possible. I am always with YOU. I always Love you. You ALWAYS matter.” I cried out, “But i don’t believe you!!!! If I mattered, then this and that would not happen!!! I would be safe.” His response, “You ARE safe. You just DON”T always FEEL safe. But, that does not change the truth. In my arms, you are safe, you are free, and everything YOU are meant to be. Always. I will believe FOR you, when you cannot. I am ALL you need. My promise, to step in, if it gets to BE too much. Even the good, at times, can feel crushing. But, I come as a rushing wind, again and again, as many times as it takes. YOU are an irreplaceable treasure, to ME. If I had no need of YOU, things would be different, you see?”

Home, where the heart is, where we are at peace, where there is security, safety, freedom, and release. HOME….in the simplest term and word, JESUS. ~


23 Dec 2016

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