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  1. the sky is falling230309_10150298782702785_6462501_nheaven-and-hell-300x2255734371007_c47137bc23_zThe-Crucifixionwisdomhome778863_10151673469177785_890606283_o10502079_720790414681909_4910546880540562579_n10274071_10154554801292785_1555357345691557540_n-jpg1Somedays, I wonder, is there ANY reason for ME here? JUST being REALLy raw, and HONEST. This LIFE, at times, feels so TEDIOUS. Numbers 4:29- 4:32 speaks of the BURDEN, that can be made KNOWN. NO one, I can imagine, would question, whether MINISTRY, of LOVE 4 thru, around, and IN JESUS, is an EASY profession. ~~~~So, I state THIS confession. At THIS early hour. The crack of DAWN, I admit, that even the JOB, has been a THORN. It has been FOOD, that I had to lay down. STILL DO. Because, JESUS ONLY…..>>>>>> DESERVES the CROWN.   HE is the KING! NOT ME. Not you, or others, wither.  Either, OR, HIS LOVE opens, and CLOSES every single door. ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Quite FRANKLY, these topics, get HOtter, and Colder 2. But, His words, must COME OUT. And suffering, is the temporary cup, that comes and goes. ANd, to HE…it IS an honor. Yes, that is hard to HEAR. Because, Heaven…feels so NEAR and so FAR. The SONG… “One more DAY” again. Yes, for my husband, especial. But God. Jesus MEETS US, right where we ARE. ANd to the bullies, HE says, sit down. He alone, shuts the LIONS mouth. Each and every one….He handles, with CARE. ~~~~ ❤️

When do WE obey, RIGHT away…. WHY? Because, often LIVES are involved, other than our own. Grace Grace…. So, under the Xylephone it goes. Heaven’s THRONE….YES, just like those   presents, we used to open, from the EVERGREEN.  Grace Grace. My confesssion continues here, I have often chosen FEAR. And, yet HIS Grace has covered me. He gave me grace, to cry, yet I could never lied. It seemed sometimes, I tried to me. But, in that, there was deceive. The Song, “If tomorrow NEVER comes.” Well, with JESUS it does. Yes, NO MATTER what…. But, surrendered before HIM, this is major KEY. Without that, a HOLLOW victory, indeed. ~~~

Sometimes, To quote THIS song…yes… you “FIND OUT who YOUR friends ARE.” It is the title, and the lyric 2. And, when you DO<<< you, realize…. LOTS of lies. Oh my. I recall a season, NOT long ago. Seemed EVERYWHERE I turned, there was a HAMAN, with a sword.   In the story of ESTHER , she lays down, her LIFE for the people SHE LOVES. Haman, the antagonist, definitely not PRO. You with me HERE? But, God’s POWER fell on Esther…and HE alone, set captives FREE. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Oh MY…so much FOOD…Memories 2.  Grace Grace…. ❤️

The Song, “I’m MOVING on.” Yes. THIS is ME, and US. No question, we appear to be thrown under the bus, AGAIn. BUt, we PRAISE. WE will stand on the mountain, and GIVE HIM GLORY! HE, the author of EVERY story. YES.  Another LYRIC… “I had to LOSE EVERYTHING to FIND OUT.” Oh , THIS is SUCH truth….EVERY single day. But, in the pain…. WE rememeber.  OUR LOSS……>>>><<<< HIS GAIN. ❤️



It is THAT simple. THAT is a FACT. One, that does not ALWAYS fell comfy. It gave ME a heartattack, ONCE. But, HIS GRACE….BROUGHT ME BACK. ~~~~ ❤️

There is NO ONE ON EARTH…not ME or YOU EITHER….who is NOT susceptible to influence of the BAD. It takes JESUS….to KEEP us FROM THAT. Hmmmm. KEEPSAKE. KEEPSAFE. NO question, HIS LOVE is directiong, orchestrating. SO,  in that DIRECTION… will REST and TRUST in HIM. Though, it LOOKS confusing. WE will NOT be MOVED, from HIS hand. ~~~~ ❤️

The Raven, WHITE….FIRST bird in FLIGHT…. later became the DOVE . By, HIS LOVE from above the olive branch was added 2. YES. Grace. CHOOSE FAITH….>>><<<< IN JESUS ALONE. The only SAFE -ty and Safe way 2. Because, HE TRULY makes ALL things NEW.




So Once again… WE TAKE Raveging, UP Say THANKS. Yes,,,,,…… because HE deserves the insences. He deserves to have ACCESS, to every incident….EVERY wound. Every thought, every move. To HIM, we LAY it down. By His Grace, WE can FACE each day. ~~~ With, or without, what WE thought might be. Laying down, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, even of HE. Nothing above HIS LOVE. NOTHING…b4 our KING.   ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Now, to the TITLE this entry. Comedy…NOT an easy thing, always for ME. Yes, at times, a DARK place. To be upfront. My mother, biological… HID behind the mask, of funny. It is hard to write this. But, I say it not, in any Slash… More just an observe, as I remember. Oh, that TIMe. SO tender. Those memories. They still flicker, in my life. ~~~



By His Grace, Jesus opens, up…what FEELS like Pandoras box. But, it’s REALLY NOT. ~~~ It is REALLY even MORE of an invitaion unto HIS ❤️ Love. I receive that INVITATION, with JOY! Um, but it does NOT always feel good. THAT is just TRUE. ~~~

My Mother, a Sarah Elizabeth 2. Remmeber , I had more than 1. Now, HEAVEn, gets to share in that sunshine. LOVE. But, it is breaking 2. My Mom, she did not know how to DEAL with PAIN. She got VERY   angry. Especially with ME. I LOVE my MOM. So much. I am so glad, SHE is with JESUS. Not, because I do NOT miss her. I do. It has been how, many years now. Going on #19 soon. But, 18 now. Overcoming BONDAGE. This is why WE speak. Captives BE SET FREE!!! In Jesus NAME!!!! ~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

My MOMMA SARAH, she rarely cried, in front of me. I think, I can maybe recall once or twice, I saw her breakdown. SHe was taught to be strong. So, I followed along…. OR I tried 2 anyway. FROM, a VERY early AGE….I just NEEDED her around. You’d think that makes sense, in a place of logic. But, oh the recompense, that seemed to COME, my way then. ~~~



Because I LOVED her…JESUS in her most. I never meant to worship my mom. That was NEVER my heart. I just wanted SOMEONE to show ME the way… That’s A SONG 2. Hmmmm. Grace. Her ANGER, was hidden very WELL. And, behind closed   doors, was a PRIVATE Hell. But, not private from JESUS. Nope. It was VERY clear to HIM. ~~~

I tried, to help, where I could with HER. But, I often felt I failed, and got nailed…to the wall, though HUGS attempted. Forced, most often. That, I JUST resented. Grace, I was this little SPROUT. Yes, Her favorite network. I know the parallels now. By HIS GRACE, the don’t make me scare. By His Grace, there is AWARE.  ×××××××××××^^^^^^^^^

You can believe or NOT, that choice is yours. No one, can take that from you, or me either. But, when I even think of a lie, yeah it does not stick. That glue, got taken from ME, by HIS BLOOD. Yes, on Calvary’s TREE. Super quick.  Grace.  ❤️

FROM a Very young age, I was teased. Now, some would say, “That is just life.” But, it does not HAVE to be. That was just MINE. Even now, I don’t enjoy being picked at, or ON. But, He is healing ME, by HIS Grace, LOVE ❤️  and MERCY. And, now, I don’t react in ANGER, the way I once did. Like SHE did, but not in the same BAD. Different, but Same. I was younger. Yet, OLDER in other ways. I remember, that, in the car, I tried to get out…I almost FELL into the HIGHWAY. But, His Grace. Yes, ANGELS…and HEAVen around…and abounding.~~~

EVEN then. Another memory, NO CLUE, what triggered ANGER 2 her. But, the SLAP across the face, stung. The words, that I hate to utter even now. But, I lay that down 2. Because, He holds, EVERY memory. What used to be…like a steel trap. Often, feels opposite of THAT. Grace.

Grace Grace…… “Unfailing LOVE” (Chris Tomlin) —- ChRIST is HIM…so STRONG. Strong, By the Grace, of GOD, I am certain. Now, “MORE to THIS LIFE” (SCC) Memories, from childhood…EVERYWHERE it seems. And people who looked ON, even Family, thought it was perfect. ( FOR ME)But, behind the scenes…there was SO MUCH torment and at times just torturous agony. But HIS ❤️ LOVE …The rescue. Still astounds ME…every ONE of them. Every captive SET FREE. ~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Jesus WILL NOT be mocked. NOR will HE be stopped. SO NOW… I pause. I will return to THIS. BY HIS GRACE. I just BREATHE NOW. AND TRUST that SOMEHOW…the words, HE has said to me…will fall into place. BY HIS Grace. YES. The LYRIC. “More than these eyes alone can SEE. And, there’s more, than this life, alone can BE ” (SCC- “MORE to THIs LIFE.” )YES.

His initials….MEAN something to me…

They became an ANAGRAM, in MY LIFE. SCC – SARAH COOPER + Christ! The ONE thing, I will forever BE grateful for, is the Door of LOVE ❤️  that opened me UP, to JESUS. And it came through, my BIRTH MOM.  I can still SEE her smile. TEARS. “THY WILL” playing… NOW (HS) Hillary Scott, a precious gift. But, a TOUGH mirror for me. I will get more to that, later. Grace Grace. ❤️

Here is what I KNOW. Jesus LOVES US and THEM 2. So, I lay it DOWN again. Have your way….ONLY yours, today and EVERY DAY. In JESUS name and BLOOD ~~~ Amen

One more thing, WE and I repent, if there was or is anything, negative affecting us, that causes or caused a wrong move. Grace Grace. Have your way….Jesus. ON earth as is IS in Heaven. Yes, Heavenly FATHER, sift OUT the LEAVEN. Grace…

HS (HOLY SPIRIT in this PLACE ) The ONE I SEE as MOM— Yes ~~~~

Grace….. SUFFICIENT for ALL our NEEDS ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


His Warrior Child ~~~




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