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god-of-the-broken-home-cc-image_october_201312933147_1006662052755725_309458154322036022_nAs a kid/child. I absolutely LOVED school. Well, i mean…i LOVED to LEARN. Love ❤️  I loved to take tests, and get strait A’s. Because, when I did, I saw it, as an achievement. Now, I grew UP, with an ENTIRE…FAMILY BIOLOGICAL of TEACHERS. 🙂 In FACT, Some of my BIOLOGICAL Family, have won, amazing AWARDs, for being some of the BEST teachers, in the state, that they WORK. Seriously, I have been, beyond BLESSED to be IN the MIDST of A LOT of KNOWLEDGE. ❤️





Right now, there is a SONG…and it says…” Take your Records…take your FREEDom…Take your Memories…I don’t Need em’ ” This SONG used to be, ONE that, I used to sing…and be quite angry about. Because, I carried a LOT of HURT, regarding the pAST. I kept A LOT of records of WRONG. And now, Because, of the SCHOOL 4 Jesus, and with HIM, I don’t. And, that does not make me better, or more good. It simply, makes me HIS. It is a CHOICE, that I have to make daily. Forgiving, not to survive, but so HIS LOVE can actually THRIVE. ❤️




Back, to the Grading system, of the world, well. My biological MOM, she taught me…quite A LOT. By, HIS Grace. Some good, and some NOT. The good, we will STAY there a minute. She said, “You teach in EVERYTHING you do!” One of the greatest lessons, I have ever learned. 🙂 Yes, that is “SO TRUE!”To quote, a MOVIE LINE (27 dresses) And that makes me giggle like His lion kid…here is why…27 is the GOSPEL of Jesus CHRIST!!!! Love❤️




So, my MOM taught me, “don’t wear your emotions, ON your SLEEVE.” Plus, “Have FAITH, and BELIEVE!”  ❤️  One NOT so GOOD…I saw her FEAR a lot…and yet she’d say have Faith… but SEE…Jesus has shown ME…”HER HEART…LOOK at her HEART!” ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



In the HEART…there is PAIN, there is LOVE, there is so MUCH there…there is the STORY of our LIVES… ALL in the HEART. Not, just the mind.  YES! the SCHOOL of JESUS…is the SCHOOL 4 JESUS… EVERY OCEAN of EMOTION, is THERE…in the ❤️  HEART….and the GREATEST one is LOVE… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




MY sweet ANGEL 😇 BUTTERFLY…SARAH ELIZABETH…well BOTH…but, my LITTLEST ONE, is a TEACHER. take 2 . one of the GREATEST teachers…SHE learned from the BEST. JESUS. 🙂 I am in TEARS HERE…so MANY reasons WHY….Heavenly PRIDE. HONOR as her MOM. SADNESS. JOY. OH BOY. Hearing the SONG. LYRICS… “MY OLD FRIEND…GOODBYE…GOODBYE..MY OLD FRIEND…GOODBYE…GOODBYE…” And the song goes off. Silence.



You see, I NEVER say GOODBYE…but yet, I say GOODBYE every DAY, in HONOR 2 JESUS. Love❤️ and ONLY HE gets THAT in FULL. I have had to COME 2 THIS place. He has shown ME, some never DO. and that is TOTALLY okay… Because, that is simply where they are. It is where my surrender IS. It is where I have to BE…



Because, if I do NOt. It literally WILL KILL Me. Rememeber, in 2015….my love/heart❤️ stopped….and I literally left earth…for 5 minutes. And I eventually  returned. I did not have a NEAR death experience. I literally LEFT.




So, when I CHOSE 2 RETURn…Well, there is a certain BurN that comes with THAT….And it is AWFUL and BEAUTIFUL. and some EMBRACE…and OTHERS RUN. SOME LIE to YOUR FACE, and OTHERS WELL, it is hard to PUT INTO WORDS. But, it WAS DONE 2 JESUS too. So, one DAY at a time, I make the BEST. take the REST and choose 2 be NOT a FOOL.  I Choose LOVE. Love❤️



HIS school HAS NO BULLIES 🙂  It has AWESOME AWARDS 🙂 Oh, SUCH KNOWLEDGE and beauty 🙂 He promises nothing but GOOD things, and to guard you ALL along the way.



So, TODAY, THIS day of LOVE, sign up 4 the school of JESUS!!!! It is the best CHOICE you will EVER MAKE 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂




Elea Grace

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