❤️ His Marvelous Love ❤️

10356327_797736560298840_800842292463146719_nhomelovedo-you-love-me_personalityhackerarticle-0-18F3722200000578-71_634x36012032158_498765573623763_2208643902534080114_ndeparture-of-the-winged-shipThe-Glory-of-God1-1024x768Really had NO intention, of writing today. Just yesterday, someone asked me, what I do. Well, technical, they asked me and my ❤️ LOVE , our profession. And, I said, “I guess, I am a writer.” I did not say it with confidence, and not exactly with JOY. And, for that I repent before, Heaven today. Because, He has gifted ME, with the use of HIS words, and I am honored, truly. Yet, THIS responsibility, is NOT small. I mean, NOT at ALL. And, when He says, JUMP to it, no matter the hour, I have to do it. And, I can’t complain, in the way that some can. And, that is okay. Because, there was a time, I had Grace, to do that. And, I am so grateful, that I could. It is how I was able to learn, and GROW. and, oh MY the growing pains, that came, and went. ~





But, HIS MARVELOUS ❤️  Love,,, THAT was FOUND…and NEVER LOST. Eventhough, I often felt, LOST myself. Truth, BE told, sometimes, I still do. There is a place, in HER story/ OURS where she was 6.5 years…. So much of Heaven, already present.  TEARS falling HERE….The song says, “DRINK UP TONIGHT.” But, it is often hard to drink of Heaven. Thank you to George Straight, and Jesus for using HIM, to reminding ME ~ HE makes ALL paths STRAIGHT. The next SONG – “THAT RED dirt ROAD ” A song FROM my childhood – Lyric ” I learned the path to HEAVEn, is full of sinners and BELIEVERS.” Yes. (Brook and Dunn) ❤️





———Back to the STORY of our 👐  BUTTERFLY ~~~ She came up to ME and tugged on my shirt, and said to ME, and the woman, I was speaking 2… “MOMMY, DON’T FORGET to TELL THEM… THE 1st TIME, YOU ASKED ME, IF I wanted TO BE WELL, you ASKED in FEAR… AND I COULD NOT HONOR THAT. BECAUSE GOD, DOES NOt HONOR THAT. But, the 2nd TIME, YOU asked IN FAITh, AND I COULD HONOR thAT , BECAUSE GOD, HONORS THAT!!! ~~~~ AND, MY JAW DROPPED ~~~ ❤️









Side Note : (The caps are for Ephasis, not like yelling 🙂 )

I remember, LOOKING for LOVE in ALL the WRONG places. They looked right, in so many ways, to ME. But, oh MY…looking back, there was so much GRACE present. I had NO idea, just how much. I will NEVER forget, the day, of December 27, 2005. It was 6:30 am. All the doctors, has predicted, one week later, that our baby girl, would arrive. But, Heaven, had other plans. Everything about it, seemed so backwards. But, GOD. We went to the hospital 5 times. Yes 5. 🙂 Grace 🙂 I rememeber, she looked at ME, and I saw JESUS eyes. ~~~ ❤️




I had LOOKED and SEARCHED for JESUS eyes, for so LONG. I thought, I would NEVER see them. But, then, she was placed in my lap. And, I was so taken back. I was just mesmerized by the ❤️ LOVE  of GOD. I did not THEn, HAVE the SAME relationship, that I do NOW. I was so broken. I am STILL broken. But, then, I was immature, and uninformed. I had not been introduced, to the REAL ❤️ LOVE . And THIS was my official  introduction.


Yes, I had people in my life, TELL me JESUS loved me. I am so grateful for those people too. They had planted seeds, of ❤️ LOVE , to get me that far. And, the FAMILY of GOD was used, and many of their prayers, to help me, along the way. Cannot say enough, how thankful, I am. And, how,  much I bless each and everyone of those people… Even those, who may have meant to harm me, oh I bless them too. ~ Because that day, a MIRACLE came into my LIFE. ~ My baby 👼 girl!




But, mark my words, it was also a HUGE responsibility too. I treasured EVERY moment, with my sweet Sarah. We ALL did. Though, something inside, always knew, SHE did NOT belong to just ME. And, that it was crucial, that I remember that. Because, if I did NOT, it would be beyond, destructive, and MOST of ALL dishonoring, to my KING. What is the greatest gift, that we can give to, the ONE who LOVES us, MOST? SURRENDER. ~ ❤️




There will be SOME who just ADORE Jesus in US. Others who do NOt. Some who pretend to. Some who are sincere. At this point, it is exhausting, trying to figure out, who is for or against. It is not our job to do so. Our JOB is to LOVE. We do so FROM Heaven above. HE DOES it, through US. Our JOB is to LET HIM. ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




It is NOT always EASY to receive HIS LOVe, because it requires GIVING up, YOUR plan. BUt, when YOU do… I promise YOU, that HIS plans, ARE SO MUCH better. AND He has a WAY of GIVINg you EVERYTHING, THAT you NEED. Not Always, what you WANT. But, what YOU NEED. ~ He WILL NOT FAIL. ❤️




I am so grateful for HIS LOVE. IT is the MOST tangible, REAL. VALUABLE . SINCERE. TRUTH. in MY LIFE. ~ ❤️

FAITh HOPE and LOVE ~ these 3 remain ~~~~ but the


GREATEST of THESE is HIS LOVE!!!! HIS ABSOLUTELY UNBOUNDING and UNENDING and UNCOMDITIONAL, with the condition of US saying YES !  LOVE 🙂 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Thank you 🙂 To JESUS and our HEAVENLY Father and HOLY Spirit, whom I see like a Nurturing Mother, because I let my




own biological mom go, at such a young age….❤️

Thank you for the FREEDOM to receive the LOVE ~~~~ We praise you !!!! ❤️

IN your GRACE , MERCY, and HOPE,  ❤️





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