Will I BE Okay?

When you were a young child, on a specific holiday, you likely awaited with such Anticipation. I would guess, that most of us, around this holiday, awaited the JOY. I’m certain, whether raised in church , or not. On Dec 25th, by the Grace of God…you received at least 1 Present.

Where AM I going with this? I ask Jesus THIS…and He begins to come over, and turn ON the TFV. Tele Faith Vision. He walks over, and touches, it, and says. I must REMIND you of something, beautiful. He takes me, through this place, of GRACE. The only way I can describe it, is opposite of POLTERGEIST.

I SEE myself, as a child. Im about maybe 3 or 4. The vision, is taking a moment, to clear up. Because, to ME, at first it is quite blurry. I hear Jesus say, “Breathe little one. Breathe my Love. This is SAFE. I have you. No harm will come. He begins to speak, “Courage come FORTH, darkness GO, this is time, for healing from the unknown. I see HIM, reach forth His hand, without even touching me, or my tiny body. He just raises His hand and says, “Memories, for NOW, RETURN. I began to cry, and He says, “Never alone little one. Never alone.

I had just gotten up out of bed, and I WAS yawning. This reminds me, of the MOVIE “Scrooged” or other similar films, and books. Instead of just 3 helpers, I have ONLY Jesus. And He fills EVERY single NEED. His eyes can STOP the BLEEDING. They quickly calm, the LONGING that ONLY He understands. The LONGING to belong, to understand, to BE in Peace. Because HE is Peace. He says so LOVINGLY, “Honey, you can hold my hand, if you need to. Breathe, 1 , 2, 3….Jump IN.

On the TV, I SEE the water, and it has the appearance of an ocean. Jesus says, It won’t be as hard, as you think. I have held it back, for this TIME. So, I look at HIM. And I say, “Will I be Okay? He says simply, I PROMISE. Those 2 words, send calming shock waves into my body. And fire of healing, and JOY and so much more. I look UP at His Perfect eyes. And I say, 2 words in response, that could be 1. Okay.

I take the HAND of the LOVER of my SOUL. Suddenly, there is a quantum LEAP. And such GRACE GRACE coming forth, from Heaven. Grace to RECEIVE and BE Renewed. I am NOW in the playroom. THE room, that usually housed the TREE. I walk in, trying to BE so quiet. I don’t want ANYONE To be awakened. Because, I am so nervous, that they will be upset.

I tip toe, from the room I slept in, through the hallway first, and pass each room. Every single ONE, specific doors. I walk through the KITCHEN. I think I am feeling hungry. But Jesus says, “Focus sweetheart.” I keep walking, and suddenly stop. Saying, What happened, how AM I walking, and also already there. With such tender care, He responds. Because I AM.

So once again, I approach the door, to the Play room. I first leapt there, and then. I was shown, a scene, where I was back outside, the bedroom. This is similar to dreams, and how each has scenes. Like things were on repeat. I would get so far, then, be thrown back, to the beginning. Feeling, more frustrated, I said, ” Can’t I just go IN? Jesus says, MY MERCY is guarding that door. Each time, you return, to the beginning, more healing is present than before.

So here we are at time number 3. Jesus says, remember, 3 is for ME. The majestic Eternity. Do you have the key? For the door has been Locked. Because, the readiness was not cooked yet. I nod, and say… Where is it, Jesus. He says, Look in your pocket. I place my right hand in my pocket, and I feel a key. I lift it out, and hand it to Him. He says, WE will do it together, on 3. I take a deep breath. He says, “Look at the key first.” I look at it, in my hand. The Key says “Heaven’s Freedom” In tiny letters, that only appear when the LIGHT shines, from Jesus EYES.

So we open the DOOR together. THis is NEW. Usually Jesus just opens it. This is a new place of trust and LOVE. The door opens, and the room is so BRIGHT. But it is nighttime. I can see the LIGHTS sparkling on the tree. There is NO pain. He says, before you look at the presents, and wonder. Walk in the LIGHT and BATHE it in. So sit by the twinkling lights, in a room that once, was so dark. I said, I AM Not looking forward to the Jealousy. He smiles, and says, “I know.” He says, remember it is BECAUSE of ME.

Because my child, YOU Live in the Grace Bubble. Next thing I know, I hear, “Katy, are you in the play room?” It is a familiar voice, and I grapple wondering, should I answer. So I ask Jesus, and he says. Wait. So, eventually, this individual, makes their way to the room I am in. The next thing spoken, “Were you looking for Santa Clause?” I don’t know what to say, so I mumble. I got up, and just wanted to SEE the tree. I feel scared again, that someone will get mad at me. And I say, “Did I wake you up?” And the response, I just wondered where you went. Let’s go get some sleep.

I look up at Jesus, that this other person cannot SEE. And I say, but I want to know more. Am I going to be okay. He nods, and says Joy will come. I see Jesus wearing a TSHIRT, that lights up. It says JOY. He takes it off, and places it on me. I return, to the place, where the world sleeps.

It takes such GRACE to ENCOUNTER Heaven. Particularly, when you often wrestle, with the entrapment of EARTH. It takes GRACE to share the journey, knowing MANY will NOT Understand. And SOME will try and shoot the messenger. And the afflictions, will at times, appear to increase. Because, there is such conflict, between Heaven and the world.

I have often heard people say, “I want the encounteres again. I used to have them. They question, “did I do something wrong?” And Jesus is right there, reminding…wrong is never His song. Things I had forgotten, how God used, those who at times, sold me into slavery. The slavery of this world. But, many of them who did just that, have now become enslaved, instead of me. And to lots, they appear FREE.

But appearances, CAN Be decieving, my friend. IT takes JESUS, to BE Given the TRUTH. The whole story is told, by JESUS. He is the GREAT storyteller. He reverses the pain, and it becomes Heaven’s Gain instead. As I am walking to the room again, I hear the song… “You’re gonna BE Okay.” I say to Jesus, that was not HERE back then. Jesus shows me a treasure chest. In It, is a huge portion of the music. All that was yet to BE then. It was waiting to come FORTH.

Jesus said, Actually it WAS. But, was kept in waiting, until time for The birthing to happen. He smiled, and He said, “You think you did NOT taste enough of the healing. Because, in your heart, you want it over quickly. But only a tiny portion naturally feels that way. 99 percent of you, has already chosen “heaven’s portion.”

So suddenly I open my eyes, and JESUS is right HERE with me, in the natural. Right with me, knowing how much IT HURTS. I sit with Him, and I tell Him, ” thank you.” He smiles, and says, “Thank you too. You have always had the choice, to say no. But, YOU choose the ways of HOME. More TEARS, begin to fall. I say, “I do not just miss her.” I miss the unity, that was found, from that place. The place of innocence. The place where EVERYONE could LOVE, so freely. No one had labels, or fought for power or control. Jesus reaches out his arms. I say, “Promise it is okay.” He says, “As many times as you need.”

IT is SAFE HERE. Always, in my arms. Jesus before my eyes, transforms from the HUman image, to the LION. I hear HIM ROAR, but it does NOT frighten ME. THERE is such comfort in the roar. He says some and let ME LOVE you back, into the Forward.

This story, that is NEVER ending, at times FEELS tormenting. But it is NOT MINE. I am just cast, into a role. The story is Heaven’s design. For Heaven has MY soul. The story shared, even in this portion. Might be like yours. Because JESUS is Grace. He carries it, shares it and personifies GRACE.

Jesus IS Calling, Arriving, Reviving, and so much MORE. The best part, HE is in every Present, because HE is the greatest present. AND WE DO NOT Have to be afraid. WE do NOT have to receive punishment. WE CAN recieve HEALING instead.

We have to choose EACH day, whom we serve? Some are getting mixed messages. I see a line of people waiting to be comforted. Waiting IN LINE. But JESUS, can comfort everyone at once. He stands in unity for US, even when everything else, may look divided.


Sufficient is the GRACE of GOD. Perfected in our weaknesses most. ~

In His Grace,

E and Fam

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