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Together 4Eva ~

Hi Everyone ❤️  I didn’t Realize it, but I guess I’ve been fasting my writing a bit.  And the first song to come on, is… “The Highway Don’t Care” (Tim McGraw)  Yep…  The lyrics are the Hyway don’t care, but I do I do.  And I just keep thinking bout my favorite 🔖 thing to say.  #Everydayinheavenisoppositeday.  And you guys… Heaven’s Hyway cares!!!!  You can REST assured of THAT!!! Jesus cares ❤️  About EVERYTHING concerning YOU!


I had another name, for this entry 🚪 ALL picked out, and it got changed.  Just rearranged… Like 💗 gone from my brain.  In Life… You find 🔍 out who your friends are, and JESUS is the BEST friend, you can HAVE!!!!  I had no idea, where he was going, with this entry.  But, I guess He wanted to tell you guys, about times, where I fell down, and got back up.


Like a car, thst ran out of gas.  And He was my gas.  Here is a great one.  I was pregnant with Sarah.  About 5.5 months.  We were headed to a time share for respite.  My doctor said that was important. Well my love was pretty stubborn then.  Some things, are a challenge to change. But oh God is good.  He is a humbler.  I advised him to get gas.  I had wisdom, that there wasn’t a station ⛽️ for miles.  But, he didn’t listen.  Thank God for Grace.  He was so panicked woke me up, durning near 1:30 in the am.  I told him, it would be fine.  I assured him, God would not let us down.  And He didn’t.  God sent us help.  He brought angels to follow us, to to the gas station.  They didn’t even want to take the seed money.  But God.  #sometimesangelsaredisguisedwithLove ❤️

We ALL have challenges in life.  We have pain, wounds, difficulties, and trials.  We are promised to have these things.  But, by the grace of God.  Key word, 🔑 GRACE we can overcome them… Through Jesus.  There have been Soooooooooo many times, I’ve just thought 💬 of His name, and He has come through.  He is THAT powerful!!!!! He will show up, show OUT, you can count on it!!!!


This is a time, like NEVER before, that the LOVE ❤️ is flowing. And it’s an honor, to be and say…. Together forever WE are.  2 peas in a pod.  To quote a great film “We go together like peas and carrots. ” Anyone want to guess what film it is? 😊




Que… Jeopardy theme song 🎵 …


Okay… Time for the answer…


It was “Forest Gump”


I hear Jesus saying today,  Come up into my arms, they are safe.  I will take you to old, and new places.  There is healing here.  We can climb trees, do puzzles, watch movies, and so much more.  There is much to explore!  My arms 💪 are strong.  I will carry you, ALWAYS  and never weary.  For, I Love ❤️ you.  Will you let me drive for a while?

Funny, recently I had to go before God and apologize.  Because, not that long ago, I realized something. I had gotten upset, about Him holding my memories.  I felt like they were stuck.  You know like, when you’re trying to get something, to come out or something, and it just won’t?  Picture, trying to buy something from a vending machine, or pull out something from a file, and it’s just missing, but it was there once.  It’s often frustrating.  Yet, you know God has it ALL covered.  Because HE owns EVERY single book. 📚  So, again… I had to say, sorry.  And when I did…. Wow.


Jesus sure has been coming through.  I finally began to understand, why He held my memories.  You see, God sees EVERYTHING. He knows what WE can handle, and what we cannot.  He knows, just when to bring something back to us.  ❤️

Like just now, the song… “Drive” was on.  I thought about the first time I learned to do that.  My mom taught me.  She took me out in the middle of nowhere.  And I would often, get distracted.  But, I still love, to drive… Because she taught me.  #beautifulmemories ❤️

I hope this has had something in it, that blesses you, encourages you, and lifts you up.  This is a new season.  Lots of transitions, and changes.  And beauty, is coming forth.  ❤️

We are REALLY seeing the goodness of God.


In 1 Chronicles 16: 34 it says to ” Give thanks to the Lord my God, for His mercy endures forever. ”


And that’s absolutely true!  We do ❤️  We are so VERY grateful.


In His Grace,

Elea and Family










17 May 2019

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