Do YOU Trust ME?!?!?

These Words Echo inside Me. As I AM suddendly (spelled wrong for a reason, in THIS season) It is 5:52 HERE, and “MY OLD FRIEND” (Tim McGRAW plays. To give you an idea. The lyrics… My old friend. Good Bye… Good Bye… Yes. All, about letting go, not holding on. Because, AS Much AS WE want to, in the NATURAL, WE can’t HOLD onto HURT, FOREVER. As the SONG, “BRING ON THE RAIN” Comes ON. And what YOU have to UNDERSTAND, IS I have NOT been, TRYING to. And, I have been releasing, a little every single day. But, THIS, IS NOT Just, About ONE THING. Contrary, to popular belief. And, as God often reminds ME, WE do things, to help others too. It is part of LOVE.

Today with JESUS, I hear, “TIME to wake up”  Thank GOD too. I was not having a happy dream. But God. He is a rescuer. Always. When He woke me up, it wasn’t LONG after, that He had me, typing. I heard HIM say, “WE are going camping. ” I shuddered. He knew why. There is a film, that I watched, that had to do with, a campground, and the child was taken away. And she was killed. I looked at Him, and said, “Please no. He said, “It is time, to deal with the childhood stuff. We ARE going to DO THIS TOGETHER. I won’t let ANY HARM come TO YOU. I promise. DO YOU TRUST ME?” And I said, It isn’t going to feel good? He said, I’m not going to lie, it won’t always feel, like a bowl full of cherries at first. But as you listen to me, and release the old stuff, you will  SEE more FREEDOM. THEN, it will FEEL so MUCH better. ” LOVE.


I Thought back to the book, I had begun to read, the other day. And i looked up at HIM, almost ashamed. He smiled, and said, knowing my EVERY single thought; ” YOU are NOT ” MUCH AFRAID” You WERE once but THOSE days are LONG gone. You received MY SEED of LOVE long AGO. And I know, YOU DO TRUST ME. I AM Asking, Can you trust ME, AGAIN?  ” As HERE the song “EVERY LIGHT IN THE HOUSE IS ON” comes ON (Trace Atkins) I LOVE that Song. I often hear it, when I am praying for children, whom I LOVE, that I can not talk to. BUT, I TRUST HIM to LOVE and care for. NOW, because of NEW circumstances, that HE knows about, it has more meaning.


We walked around the camp ground, and it looked deserted. Like a wasteland. I said, THIS place looks dead. It is so dark. What is it? He says, It was an Amusement Park, that got turned into a campground. That explains the trash on the ground, I see, I said. Then, I had this thought, that popped, into my head, from childhood, of myself as trash. Jesus said, “You are not trash. You are beautiful. I began to cry. Here. The song. “One of these days” Lyrics…”One of these days…I’m gonna LOVE ME.” Tears. BUT I do LOVE HIM. Always. People always say, if you don’t LOVE yourself, you can’t love someone else right? Well, I LOVE myself. But, I often fight with the child in me. Because, THAT is who gets hurt most. AND who connects with JESUS most.


SO DO I trust, YES.


Proverbs 3: 5-6 TRUST in the LORD with ALL your HEART, and LEAN not ON your OWN UNDERSTANDING. in ALL YOUR




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  1. I am not sure the things that I would have tried without the strategies shared by you relating to such a theme.

    1. Ellie Sharpe (Post author)

      I am glad, you found it helpful. Many blessings, over you and your family.


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