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Interest and interfere

Many of the words that God breaks apart for me are broken by how we hear them. The Bible was passed down aurally for generations before it was written down. The same is true today in that we hear sounds not words.

Applying that to today’s words: interest and interfere lets slow them down. Speak them slowly: i hear: In ta rest and in ta fear. I think its hebrews 4:10 – We are called to strive only to enter his rest. That provides a clue that ‘in ta’ could be ‘enter’. It could also be ‘in to’. In fact it could be both. So interest maps cleanly into ‘ enter into his rest’. Lets see how that checks out with our experience of the word. If I am interested in something then I have to slow down and stop and observe it, notice it, study it. Only those with an interest in something have taken the time to get close enough to study it. You can’t study something at full speed, you must slow down.

Extending this, interfere or ‘enter into fear’ nicely explains the angst I feel when someone interferes. Intercede maps to “enter into cede” or “enter into seed”. Which could either mean to enter into separation or cessation or to go and plant seeds into another persons life. I suspect it is
more strongly the linked to the second.

So to summarize :
– interest: to enter His rest
– interfere: to enter fear
– intercede: to enter seed

Maybe someone can shed light on the different between inter and enter. I am hearing that inter I implies from the inside out.

God Bless,

27 May 2013

Experience to expert

Experience – what we get by going through
Experiment – setting up an experience and observing the results
Expert – a master

Michael Jordan wasn’t the best basketball player because he practiced more than I did. He was the greatest, an expert, because God gifted him to play.

Take a look at those three words. The expert has a ‘t’ where the others have an i. The I seems to signify me personally as in ‘I can do it’. The ‘t’ is a cross which signifies Jesus. So by replacing my effort with Gods gift we can truly become an expert.

I see t in many words today. Where did you see it?


24 Feb 2013


A-maz-ing : a state of astonishment. Bringing the future of our life into reality from behind blind turns and dead ends. It’s like God made our life a maze and we are amazed when He solves parts of the maze and we see how all those twists and turns worked our


24 Feb 2013

Cash is soft

Found myself making this joke and seeing it as pretty deep.

Change is hard
Cash is soft

How cool that change is hard coins and changing ourselves is hard and sometimes costs coin.
Cash floats, coins sink. Rivers of cash could exist in the natural.
Ads are made to bring in customers. Ad jingles make customers with jingling coins walk in
Cash is the color of leaves. leaves come before the fruit. Cash buys fruit


24 Feb 2013

Pay your dos

Heard a good sermon on the transfiguration and the pastor made a mistake and caught himself. I heard it clearly as a way that God spoke directly to me in that gaffe. Proving that even the smallest things are used for His purposes.

I saw this from the gaffe:

From business we hear: ‘pay your dues’
From religion we hear be obedient.
Obedience is to do what you are told.
In other words ‘at your dos’

So I the aural domain these are the same statement.
But God expects much less of us than the spirit of mammon does.
He only expects us to do what He has asked us to do and there may not be any money involved as he has many forms of credit beyond cash.

24 Feb 2013

Words: remission, redeem, saint


Word thoughts for today…

Re-mission: to again set on a mission. This word is used by doctors instead of healed once, cancer symptoms appear to be gone. However in my personal cancer battle I found I could either hit pause, or go through cancer and resume. For me I was led back to cancer a second time. Then during the second battle it changed my life mission. I left corporate America, got healthier, dove into ministry and am in a completely different place now and free of cancer.  The spirit that was involved with cancer, had to be addressed as well. Thankful to God.

Re-deem: to again deem. When I think of how to use deem in a sentence, I only think of to deem worthy. So I interpret this as to reestablish the worth of the individual being redeemed. Too many of us get saved and feel like an old shoe. Passively walking out some servants life being the least of them. Lets look back at the turn the other cheek story. In this time there was to Charmin so no one touched others with their bathroom hand. Only two face slaps existed and they meant bad servant or good friend. So that story tells us to step up and when people call us a bad servant (including ourselves) we are to convert that relationship into a good friendship. That requires that we are deemed worthy. It is more than self worth and pride. It is being validated by the being that created the world. A God who loves us.

Saint: I noticed, because God revealed, that sin and saint are pretty similar. To get from sin to saint you just add a t. You just add a single cross. The cross is the end of saint the rest is in God.

In His Grace,

29 Jan 2013

Word Thought: critical

When I think of being critical I think about times I put others under the microscope and int out thins I think they are doing wrong. The other person doesn’t usually like it. M

Then God showed me that a nuclear reactor going critical is completely different. It’s about to explode.

So when we are criticizing we need to realize that we are making the situation explosive

In His Grace,
– D

25 Jan 2013

Quick Word Thought: Sinister and Minister

quick thought for the day: which do you want to stir today?

sin-i-ster – i stir sin
min-i-ster – i stir men

In His Grace,

– D

23 Jan 2013

Words mean something

power of words

God has shown us that words have a rich complexity of meanings. It is important to research the cultural context in use at the time of the writing. Metaphor and analogy and parable are the most common form of communication in the Bible. Metaphors stretch words into new meanings. All these are very helpful.

Recently God started using my love of Boggle to show me that there is additional depth in the words in English. First He started splitting words up, then he started to cause me to think about the words in the spoken context and hear the words and similar words as being related.

A few of the first examples:

1- test-I-Mony is also three words:
– test: a trial, a quiz, something I won’t likely get an A on, maybe a C-
– I: personal, the test is personalized to me
– money: having gone through the test, the experience can help us and others in the future. For example who speaks at the how to quit smoking convention? The guy who quit smoking, not the non smoker or the still smoker.

2- test-I-m-on-y
– test: same trial
– I am: is the name for God
– on why: go ahead and ask Him about why you had this test. But I have found the most important aspect is how ache will get glory. How can I be used with this new experience to help others? What can I walk away from and through in my own life?

3- el s-ha-Dai
– else: otherwise
– ya: you
– die: die. Believe in el shaddai or else you die.
Seems like a pretty big warning

4- is-ra-el
– is: an eternal question
– ra: amen ra the Egyptian god symbolizing pagan religions
– el: short for el shaddai or God the Father
So the term Israel is both the name of the Jewish nation and the composite of three words asking the question is ra equal to el? The exodus story shows this battle clearly. So does kings et al. The story of the kings at a high level is good king worships El, israel blessed. Bad king worships Ra or Baal, Israel is cursed. So basically the entire bible can be called israel.

I see these breakdowns all over. Will add more over time. Let me know if you see words in similar ways. I’d love to look at the word studies He is giving you.

In His Grace,


07 Jan 2013

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