Welcome to Redemption: Becoming the sharpest tool in the shed. This is a place where we will share what is put in our lives, heart and spirit. Our prayer is that is is a blessing for all who view it. May God bless you all greatly, as we share the Journey. Feel free to respond and post and you are led as well. The body of Christ needs healing, and it is time to come together and unite. God cannot be limited and will not. Our family now has endured so much with God, and we are still alive to speak about it. Would enjoy hearing the testimonies of all the other many families in the world as well. May this be used to span the globe for JESUS.

A glimpse of what will be covered, our story where God healed us ALL and continues to daily. Our daughter at age 3, healed of Leukemia, My husband healed of testicular cancer, and I have been healed of cutting, depression, and so much more. If this seems something that might peak your interest, come and join us. Our life is NOT easy but it is ROOTED in the LORD. We have a restaurant that is Organic, gluten free, dairy free and soy free. It is currently in transition, as God is moving strongly to make it more as He desires.

God Bless you Greatly,

Eleanor “Ellie” Sharpe

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  1. Sis Zarko

    Would love to subscribe but can’t find this option
    Bless you Ellie!


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