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Kryptonite Mine

When I was a child, I thought like a child. Well, sometimes, I did. Other times, I would observe something, and well, TRY and talk about it. Usually, with a family member of friend, I would share. Most the time, I really did not check, whether they wanted to hear. I just spoke, often fearful, that I would run out of time.

I would hear people around me, speak about faith. My parents, friends, and many others. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice, that they seemed lost. I knew I was, or at least it appeared that way. But, I would hear the name of Jesus preached, and teached. Yet, I would think to myself. Where is this guy? Why, doesn’t He show up?

Somewhere inside, I new the truth. But, when I would ask the questions, rejection came. The elders would look at me, with disdain. They figured, why should they listen to a child?  Because, in their eyes, I had no experience. What did I know? I must confess, when I first became a parent, I thought this. So, my intent is not to judge a single soul. But, to speak the truth, which is, thinking that way, leads to nothing.

Often our “Heavenly Kids” have wondered if we loved one child, more than another. Some have confronted us, before. But, what WE have always said, is simple. JESUS is whom we choose. They are united now, He and our butterfly. Heaven is where she fully resides. Yet, we do too, but it’s a bit different. Because, HERE there are barriers and boundaries, put in place.

The title, Kryptonite Mine, is when someone says, MY Jesus cannot. So, I lay it down, so HE can give it a shot. He wins. Again and Again and Again. Not just something we say. The proof is IN His EYES. LOVE resides there. He always cares. JOY. Grace. Mercy. Glory. All the good lives there. Even Kryptonite, of this world, can stop HIS hand or plans. ­čÖé

04 Oct 2016

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