Obedience or Sacrifice?

This morning, I almost got up at 3am to write this. I woke and had a challenge getting back to sleep. Thank GOD for HIS Grace. As I was trying to go back to sleep, I kept hearing this title, for this entry. Obedience or sacrifice? We know God’s word says, Obedience is better than sacrifice. What we may not be aware of is why. 


We currently have people who are very hurt, angry and entitled in the world, right? However, we also have people who are loving, kind and righteous in Christ. The first group of people are influenced by evil, sacrificial in all they do. Yet, some may think they are obeying God. The second type, likely is obeying God. Because what they know that the first group does not is simple. GOD has to do it ALL!!!

THIS obedient sacrifice was made for us. It was done so that WE would know how much we are LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should we not LOVE HIM back, by obeying HIS ways? INDEED, we SHOULD!!!!!




In the name of JESUS, I repent on behalf of those who try and do ALL things themselves for self or others; only allowing GOD to look on. Those who are binding themselves to demonic garbage, instead of the one who LOVES us, even unto the point of death. When Christ died, we died with HIM. Do we really understand that? 

Are we really comprehending that everything, absolutely everything evil, demonic, satanic, whatever it be called, came on JESUS. our brother, when HE died for our sins? He took them ALL. SO, why are we being led by selfishness? Why do so many of us have sacrificial hearts? Is it because we were taught to be that way?


I ask this day, for agreement, on the day of LAW and testimony. As the threats of war and such seem to be arising more, GOD forgive us, and may we forgive each other LORD.  Because it is time that we turn to you in 100% obedience. That we come, not just begging for help, but being willing for you to take away ALL that needs to go, for you to get the GLORY. 

This day, may as many hearts that are willing, be transformed into OBEDIENT ones. Because, those with sacrificial hearts may believe they are serving GOD, but they are in bondage, imprisoned by the enemy. Jesus came to set the captives free, so why are so many still just barely surviving?


Consider Abraham, He was willing to sacrifice Isaac, but He did not. Why? Because GOD intervened, HE did not WANT his sacrifice, all HE desired was the obedient heart. The main point here is, any sacrifice made on our own, is not good. ALL things must be done with GOD doing them through us. There is such a thing as obedient sacrifice, and that is what was done on the cross. HIS obedience however superseded the sacrifice. It led the way, then and now to show us how to OBEY first. The more we do so, the less sacrificial we become. 


CHOOSE this day, whom YOU and your family will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. Our Heavenly Father, His son JESUS Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit. No matter what we must endure, we will OBEY GOD. 

LOVED this picture….the dogs are so OBEDIENT, they are not even remotely interested in chasing the cat. GO GOD!!!!!!


In His Grace and GLORY,


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  1. roger macua

    thanks for encouragement, God bless

    1. Ellie Sharpe (Post author)

      You are So very welcome ! Glad it was such a blessing. Thank you for blessings us too.


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