Kidnapped 2 Heaven 😇 ❤️ 😇

11250155_10153643998796223_3692579556315771082_n12166887_10207993635856946_547456957_n10527370_10152605851838879_2057460581450348634_n816e6e642d8b65a15137333cbf5ed230largec230c8c4a2a5868b46c104b1fd8913fa11390216_10203205866866526_4798475762826641050_nWell, it is A NEW day…IN EVERy SINCE of THIS word. The song on the radio, FIRSt “THINGS CHANGE.” Now, “Like We’VE Never Loved At ALL.” Yes…LiFE Sure HAS changed. BOY, Have I/WE Learned THAT the ONLY constant HERE is THAT. CHANGE. AND. Have I learned. often the HARD way, to OBEY , RIGHT AWAY. But, COMFORTING too, IT IS that I, ELEA GRACE, cannot MESS up, the PLANS of HEAVEN. They are SO MUCH BIGGER than ME. Yet, they INCLUDE ME. 🙂 That part, still humbles me. Oh my, just daily. ❤️

Jesus sometimes, has me, do some ODD things. Things, that would, make other people scratch their heads? ANd, to be honest, in the beginning, I did too. But, over the YEARS, I have seen HIM prove HIS ❤️ , and SWEAR HIS LOVE, to ME. ANd TRUST ME, THIS LOVE is FOR YOU 2. 🙂 THIS is JUST the KIND of ❤️  HE HAS. But, 2 the tittle of the BLOG, today…Yes, I have been stalling a bit. Because though it IS a BEAUTIFUL topic, IT is ONE of the HARDEST I have ever spoken OF. It concerns HIS ❤️ . But, It referes to Sarah’s final flight HOME. I am shaking, as I type. But, I must do this, because I know, it is the right thing.

Right after she WENT HOMe, under a RAINBOW, butterfly 😇 👐  LIGHT…Jesus moved us 15 (REST) miles down the road.❤️  In the NEW place. I just could not speak. (to Jesus) I was not ANGRY at God. Though many claimed I was. Now, my husband, a different story. One, for another day. But, that day, when we signed the lease, such peace. and hidden away we were, for a bit. And yet, to Jesus Only, I could NOT speak. I guess over time, I have realized, I could not speak, because I was just GONE. I was THERE. At the THRONE. To others I could.  Naturally, I kept on.  Trying to be “normal. ” Yet, night would arrive.  And days would come. And Jesus never left my side.

Looking back, I recall people telling me.. “it is okay 2 grieve.” What each didn’t understand, is I was.  Things were not as it seemed.  I was grieving hard, oh…. Ripped At the seams.  I had walked in. I found my child, and she had no heartbeat.  She was gone.  I picked her up.  I held her in my arms.  I still remember, so Strong.  Weeping HARD still.  We prayed the resurrection, prayer, and JESUS brought her back.  I felt her 💓 Heartbeat. But, ONLY LOVE ❤️ for a moment. Then, the sweetest 🍯 Voice… “Mommy… Daddy… Well, I tried to come back, but I can’t. Because , God needs me more… Forgive me ”  Then she Flew Away… Into JESUS ‘s arms….  ❤️ 💔

For 5 to 5.5 Months. Grace Grace. I sat with Jesus. I did NOT MOVE. It was AWFUL. But it WAS Beautiful. There WAS such PEACE. There was such PAIN. There was LITERALLY EVERYTHING. ANd there were NO WORDS needed. HE just HELD ME. In my ENTIRE LIFE, I had NEVER KNOWN LOVE, LIKE THIS. I remember, when SARAH was, bursting, forth to HEAVEn, It was so BEAUTIFul, and AWFUL…Because, to participate in it…SUCH a GIFT. But, again, as I TYPE THIS….



I have LEARNED to have JESUS in everyone BE THAT… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Every SINGLE DAY…. BY God’s Grace …. I experience HEAVEn, and IT does NOT KILL me, It HELPS Heal ME….

But, it is ONLY by HIS GRACE… ❤️

Because HE knows HOW it can Be Medicine…and Not become and ADDICTION….

Words can HURT, or HEAL…. HIS LOVE is ALWAYS REAL ~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I told someone just yesterday, I AM greatful, for the JOY. But, I still experience the sorrow. They are MARRIED together. That is just the way it is. And, I am okay with that. Because, HIS LOVE is worth it. 🙂 ❤️

In HIs Grace, Mercy and Love,

Elea Grace

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