WHAT are WE so AFRAID of???

When GOD put this in my spirit, it leapt!!! Yet, my flesh felt like it cringed. First off, though we know GOD is gonna keep moving mightily, we must also know at times the opposition and the TRIALS by FIRE will feel hotter. Having said that, let’s get down to the MEAT of this, shall we? LORD, I ask you to always type through me, give your children your words, thoughts and actions in JESUS name. AMEN ~

God has had me, personally being CLEANSED in this season. I am certain that many of you are going through too. Because the BODY of CHRIST is being united, and prepped for meeting the BRIDE GROOM. Our sweet daughter asked me recently something. What she asked kind of blew my natural mind. She said, “Momma, do you believe Jesus is coming back soon?” I said, “Well sweetheart soon is a very relative term. The fact is soon could be so many things. But, what I know is, we are called to live as if it could happen at any time, and ALWAYS to be prepared in HIM. He will return.”

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Now I want you all to know just HOW important this topic is…The computer lost this post, and GOD resurrected it. I am so grateful that we have such a FAITHFUL GOD!!!!! He is so beyond ALL words.

He told us a while back that HE would CLEANSE, PURIFY, and SANCTIFY us. He keeps HIS word. We simply have to RECEIVE it!!! So what is it precious COGS that we are so AFRAID of??? Is it DEATH? Is it LIFE? Is it FAMINE? Think about your ABSOLUTE greatest FEAR….PONDER this with GOD. It may have even already come to pass. Because in this season, GOD is very lovingly pushing us past the point of our greatest FEAR.

Think about JOB…Reflect on what He endured, and because it was endured…know that we do NOT have to endure the same thing, but we can choose to, and GOD will LET us when it is necessary. I thank GOD for HIS mercy, even when we do not see it. Because GOD is in LOVE with JUSTICE. He is in LOVE with HIS children. However, we must understand that HIS LOVE is not a love that coddles. THAT comes from FEAR, and it is not of GOD.

DO NOT KEEP believing the enemies LIES!!!!! This is the same command as DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!!

I used to be terrified of losing a child. I have lost many, because of giving into this fear. The fact is, I survived in HIM and through HIM. In His LOVE, even when it was firm, and also BECAUSE it was. GOD broke the LOVE SPELL of this world that had a GRIP on me. He tore down the walls of  FEAR that the enemy had carefully baited me into building. One of the first blogs, if NOT the first one, was on SELF and how it can be a weapon for GOOD or for evil.

So many are going through what looks like and feels like HELL. WE are no different. But, gonna be REALLY BOLD here and say, do NOT believe the BLATANT LIE that HELL only exists here, or that HEAVEN only exists there. GOD calls HIS children to be used by HIM, to bring Heaven to earth. SO, guess what the enemy’s children are called to do?

Do not believe that because you may have been naturally fathered by an enemy, or someone from that camp, that GOD HIMSELF does not LOVE you. He has adopted you into HIS heart and family. YOU are the child HE adores. The father you are indirectly serving is FALSE and FAKE. Come out of BABYLON mentality. Choose this day to wear as a BADGE of honor FAITH in your HEAVENLY FATHER, your BROTHER JESUS and the Beautiful HOLY SPIRIT!!!! THIS GOD will NEVER EVER EVER FAIL!!!!!!

YES GOD LOVES us and YES the LOVE will conquer any spirit of HATE that comes our way, as we walk in HIS LOVE, but THAT is not a reason to excuse bad behavior, disobedience and definitely not blatant rebellion. We are crucified with CHRIST and yet look how many give up and commit suicide or turn to drugs or whatever instead? This has to change….We must REPENT…we must fall PROSTRATE before HIS throne and RECEIVE HIS REDEMPTION….

LORD have your way… Esther, like Sarah, like Moses, like ALL of our Glorious family in you….BIRTH your GLORY!!!! YOU are the same GOD in them as you are in US. We must remember to REJOICE…in ALL THINGS….absolutely ALL things…If our greatest FEAR comes upon us, then we have to PRAISE HIM!!!! We will be set FREE through worshiping and praising HIM!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

Glory to our MIGHTY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

In His Grace and GLORY,

E and FAM






09 Nov 2013

They ALL Fall down…

Apparently THIS is a very important topic. Cause ever since God put it on my heart, and I began praying, we have been under FIRE. I was supposed to do it yesterday, or so I thought. Even went before God repenting for not completing it. Only to hear HIM say, “My time is perfect.” Today is the second which represents UNION, DIVISION and WITNESSING.  This is a season where God is not just calling for unity in the BODY, He is commanding it!



LOOK at it this way. YOUR flesh can burn NOW and GOD make you HOLY. OR, it can BURN for ALL ETERNITY in torture, and you never receive that gift of HIS CLEANSING LOVE.  ~



Just now, when GOD had me begin typing, the whole computer froze. BUT GOD…He still gets the GLORY and HONOR and PRAISE. In this season, even more than before, the IDOLS will be falling. IF we hold anything over GOD, HE will remove it. He is a jealous GOD. He wants 100% of us. HE always will get HIS way LONG term. Because, look at what happened to JESUS. It finished the WAR in the spirit. NOW, in the time in which we live and breathe, we will see manifestation of this on earth.

Why does GOD do this? Well, because HE LOVES us. He knows that if we have anything above HIM, that it could destroy us. HIS will is that NONE should perish. That means GOD desires ALL of HIS children to be with HIM. However, we know from reading revelation that there will be some, who never choose God. Sad, but TRUE some will miss out on HIS LOVE. But, GOD knows what will come. ONLY GOD knows  ALL things that will come. He sees the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.

Anything and ANYONE who has ever been an idol, will FALL. How far the FALL happens, is between GOD and the person, place, thing, etc…

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EVEN unforgiveness can be an idol. Yes, we can idolize anything evil. FORGIVE…

Consider this, that ALL things that happen here on earth, happen first in the spirit. Meaning, they happen first either with the enemy’s camp or with GOD’s KINGDOM. So, we should acknowledge, that there is FIGHTING on our behalf, and also on behalf of the enemy. GOD is so much bigger than anything that could come against us. HIS LOVE will conquer ALL. Even if  people reject HIM, we have to just keep LOVING and letting GOD LOVE through us. It is NOT easy at first, but He will cause us to rise above the darkness in HIM as eagles, the more we walk HIS GLORY road.

The original FALL of an idol, was satan being kicked out of HEAVEN. Then, that took place on earth, when Eve was bewitched, to eat the apple. When Adam ate the apple as well, it solidified the fall, because she and Adam were one. In essence, they became one with the enemy by partaking of the sin. No wonder GOD was so furious. They had to have major consequence for this. But, when JESUS died on a cross, we were freed from these curses. That does not mean we can rebel whenever we want. It means, we now have the chance to receive GOD’s LOVE again through redemption and repentance.



LOVE this picture because it really captures what happened. After EVE ate the apple, that JEZEBEL spirit affected her. Just look at the expression on her face.  So, she then was used to tempt her spouse, to “finish the job.” Adam is scratching his head, as if he is thinking about it. ~

Currently we know many who are needlessly suffering. Why??? Because they either stay in agreement with the enemy 100%, or they waver back and forth. It is time, come out of agreement with the devil. Because his camp is getting destroyed, and you will not want to take part in what is coming. God weeps, HIS children weep, yet we also REJOICE because He has told us to. He says, count it ALL JOY. Not just some of it, but ALL of it.

If a glass gets broken, count it ALL JOY. If a child gets hurt, count it ALL JOY, if a spouse looses a JOB, threatens DIVORCE, slanders you, or is mean in any way, COUNT it ALL JOY. You know why GOD says this? Is it because these things make us feel joyful? NOPE, not a first.  It is because the JOY of the LORD is our strength and our portion. The enemy wants to kill the joy, our faith in GOD, the LOVE we have within. BUT GOD. THE LORD desires to resurrect it, but ONLY after we lay it down unto HIM. Just picture yourself, standing before HIM, repenting for your part, and even theirs if necessary, and receiving HIS INTERVENTION in the process.

Sometimes HIS GLORY is messy. BUT, He promises to take us from GLORY to GLORY to GLORY. This means from TRIAL to TRIAL to TRIAL. It also refers to our “EGYPTS.” How do we get to the promised land? WELL, we simply SURRENDER to GOD everything and everyone that is in the way of the promises. At first, it is EASY to make it about us, and our so called problems. BUT, when we start continually and consistently rejecting revenge, and the enemy plans, and FOCUSING on GOD and HIS word, and HIS plans, that becomes EASIER.

GET RID of the IDOLS. Let GOD use you to clean house!!!!

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3 DIFFERENT REPRESENTATIONS OF IDOLS. God will take the idols out, even unto death in some cases. ~

Someone one told me, GOD is the easy way out. This is very true. HOWEVER, at first the obedience feels like a sacrifice. At some point it must turn into a JOY instead. THE fact is like “toy soldiers” all the IDOLS will fall down. ALL the mountains will crumble, but THE LOVE of GOD and HIS word and TRUTH will still remain. Let the idols fall, they are going to fall anyway, so why fight that? GOD deserves more.

LORD, this day we need you even to SURRENDER through us. To heal all the wounds that have been open for years. WE receive it this day. FOR your GLORY and wrapped in it as well. We praise you FATHER GOD, LORD JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT. Thank you for birthing your GLORY more and more. The enemy seems to be bolder, which ONLY means you will get bolder too, and put them to shame. HALLELUJAH!!!!! We choose to surrender ALL. Take us deeper LORD as only you can. IJN and BLOOD. Amen.

In His Grace and GLORY,

~E and FAM~


02 Nov 2013

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