WHO is HE? WHO are YOU? Who is HE in YOU???

A while back God led me to post something about anger. It was in relation to someone saying God is not mad at us. That is is not entirely accurate 100% of the time. He gets mad at HIS children. He just does not STAY mad forever. The ones He really gets mad at most are those who blatantly are rebelling against HIM through evil that is unspeakable. I say this, as He gives, to explain something.

WE have to know who GOD is. We also have to know who WE are. The third thing and most important; we need to know is, who we are in HIM. Do you know those three things? Do I know these three things? Do WE know them united?

God is a GOD of LOVE. But, LOVE itself is not always something that we receive with ease. God is a GOD who does get angry with HIS children sometimes, but the LOVE always rises up. It always overcomes. At the core of HIS LOVE is GRACE and FAITH. If we want to have more FAITH, we must receive HIS LOVE. We must also remember something else. Going from GLORY to GLORY to GLORY in HIM can at first be messy. But in HIS time, it will go as HE desires. God is a GOD of discipline. He does this because HE loves us, and overlooking things that hinder the growth process in HIM, would be unloving. God is a GOD of HEALING. Comprised of the FATHER in HEAVEN, that we get to have connection to, through our BROTHER JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT, GOD is 3 in one. HE is GLORY. He is HEALING. HE is HOME. God is everything. GOD is AN ALL ENCOMPASSING PARENT, as well as FAMILY. HE is our SAVIOR.


This gives more insights and scripture on who HE is…

Who are you? Are you a child of GOD? Do you receive that HE is your FATHER? Or do you serve another, and let someone else influence you? Are you a parent? Are you a spouse? Are you a giver? Are you a receiver? Who are YOU??? I know it is a lot of questions. This is not about self examination or even self reflection. What it IS about is GOD reflections. Do we see ourselves as GOD does? Without GOD…all these things that we ARE according to the world, are meaningless. The account for nothing. Without receiving HIS LOVE, on a daily basis, there is no JOY in these hats we wear. Do you want to have JOY? Or are you fine living in sorrow, sickness and disease constantly?

The bible only talks about who we are in HIM. Specifically it speaks on who we are in CHRIST. When we receive the sacrifice that was done, for us, we begin to crave more of GOD. We begin to seek HIM to let HIM move, and ultimately for HIM to have HIS way. You know why God does this? IT is because THAT is ALL that is important. He could tell us who we are in THIS World, but why would HE? There is no need, the world tells us. We have to understand that IT IS FINISHED. That means HE does overcome. OUR JOB is to LOVE, let GOD LOVE through us specifically, no matter what, and to let HIM use us to share and spread that LOVE.


Scriptures on who HE says we ARE in HIM…

Yes, we have a choice to choose HIS ways are not. The BIBLE is our GPS. It is like getting a car and never looking at the manual. Which, to be honest, some don’t unless there is a problem. But, i we do that with the WORD of GOD, then ALL we will have is problems. WE cannot be bound so much to anything, but the LOVE of GOD, the PURE LOVE that comes from GOD. It is a LOVE that admonishes, corrects, and coaches us. When we seek GOD to just take over, we have more PEACE, because it is HIS that HE shares with us. Nothing has power over us or in us except HIM.

Jesus became sin at the cross. Think about this for a moment. Think of the worst thing that has ever come upon you, or could ever come at you. JESUS took it ALL. ALL to GOD we owe. Sin had left a crimson stain, but HE washed it white as snow. He never sinned, but HE received ALL of our sins. Never would we compare our emotions with GOD’s, but what we do know is HE feels everything we do. When He showed this to us, it really convicted us. AT the time that He did, we had a broken marriage, on the verge of destruction, a child going through what the world considers something terminal, and we were beyond blessed in HIM too. WE had everything the world considers to be fruitful, but not what GOD was seeing as HOLY fruit.

Now, when people look at our lives, I pray they see HOLINESS. We, as a family believe that now what was hidden before, is becoming forefront. HIS harvest is taking place. IS it because things are perfect around us? Well no it is not. Is it because we deserve it? No, it is not because of that either. So why is GOD moving so greatly here? IT is because we went to the LORD and made a covenant to receive HIS blessings, LOVE, FAVOR, GRACE, GLORY, CORRECTION, ADMONISHMENT, HEALTH, CLEANSING,PURIFYING, and SANCTIFYING. We did not just say, LORD we believe and move on. We went to GOD and said, LORD have your way, show us your TRUTH, and take over our FAITH. Why did we do this? Because anything else is our effort and not GOD. WE came into agreement with HIM. Truly, the only thing I can say I did, or do is stay in agreement with GOD. Does this mean I never come out of that? No, it means that when I do, or anyone in the family does, we immediately get convicted, and come right back into GODLY agreement, and reject the rebuke the UNgodly ones.

If it were NOT for GOD and HIS LOVE we would be removed from this world. I will never take lightly the LOVE of GOD, but I will also and WE will also NEVER let that excuse any level of disobedience and rebellion. NO leaven will stay, which means, we will go through. BUT, not as the world does, because THAT simply would not honor our GOD.

THIS day, which is the 11th representing Biblically judgement and disorder, take time for GOD. Sit and reflect and spend time with HIM. If you are not yet comfortable reading HIS word, just sit in HIS presence. Speaking from very personal experience, in the beginning I was bound by LAW. I believed that if I did not read my bible 7 hrs plus a day, I was a horrible person. Someone gave me a GREAT analogy yesterday about the LAW. The person said, if you are driving along, in a convertible, doing the speed limit, the LAW has no effect. If you do the same thing, and SPEED, it does. The LAW has no hold on us without FEAR.

LOOK at the strategies of the enemy…pay attention for the sake of your own soul and that of your children He has given you. This world can be very dangerous, and impossible without GOD. Because without THAT we perish, and all that awaits us is a HELL that is indescribable. HELL is not created for believers in GOD. It is NOT created for those who receive Christ and HIS sacrifice. IT is created for torture of those who don’t. The enemy will lie and say you are loved, but he turns on his own. GOD, never leaves us or forsakes us and ALWAYS backs up HIS TRUTH. Whose teams wins? Well, we ALL know the end of the FINAL chapter. To us it is a no-brainer. Even the enemies team knows it. They are driven by UNHOLINESS. The competition, and vengeance, anger, and anything else you can think of that is evil. GOD is driven by GOODNESS…He knows no other way to be, and thankfully we can say neither do we. Daily we commit to being driven by GOD, and HIS LOVE, and to let GOD be the PILOT of our lives.

One last thought He just gave was this; FORGIVE. Choose to forgive yourself, others, and even GOD if needed. The last one is not because GOD messes up, but because the enemy may have used it to hurt or wound us. ASK the LORD for discernment. Without this, it very difficult to determine good from evil. The people practicing EVIL can see wounds and sense good. DO NOT be AFRAID, but be VERY AWARE.

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It really is THIS simple…LIFE that is eternal or DEATH that is…

TAKe the time to praise GOD just because. HE so deserves ALL the GLORY and HE will deliver you. He already has.

Who do you say you are? Who does GOD say YOU are? Who are you in HIM?

In His Grace and GLORY,






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