Build the ARSENAL

It is the 17th which Biblically means VICTORY. Who has the victory? GOD does!!!! Remember that JESUS is the way to the FATHER. Which means we cannot ignore the HEAVENLY Father and Holy Spirit. Yes seek JESUS, but do not stop there. The fact is the antichrist spirit is definitely in the world. Not saying the person who will be possessed by it has been shown. But, what we have been taught is to be careful of churches who have no balance. GOD is GOD, 3 in 1. The fullness of GOD must be worshiped in spirit and TRUTH.

This particular post is about GOD being UNLIMITED in what HE uses as a weapon. The enemy is very limited. BUT GOD can absolutely unequivocally and WILL use anything. Just remember this, HE excuses nothing too. The reason for the title is simple. If we do not ASK God to build the arsenal of spiritual weaponry, then how will we ever receive it? We have NOT because we ask not.


WE are part of the ARMY of GOD. Some are generals, privates, lieutenants. Everyone has a position. I say this with HOLY urgency. Take it, the position He has given, or face destruction. GOD is not a GOD of intimidation, but HE is a GOD of preparation. He is not one to just DUMP on us and never give reprieve. Please understand that is not a GOD of LOVE that does that, it is a god of hate…our enemy.

Scriptures about God’s ARMY ~

Army th_scan0001 godsArmyCamo-2


THE best JOB we can have is to let GOD move….do it LORD bring down the KINGDOM of DARKNESS. BIRTH your GLORY!!!!!

This topic was not one I really got excited about discussing, or even being used to write. But, the fact is, we NEED divine intervention in EVERY area of our lives. There are too many people operating in evil, and many through it as they call it in. Those people will get one last chance to choose FREEDOM over BONDAGE. Because GOD still LOVES them.


If we are not in complete agreement, 100% with GOD, then how will REVIVAL spread? THERE is a HOLY REMNANT rising up as EAGLES, and thank GOD the UNHOLY one is being forced to sit down. Whom do you serve? What do you serve? DO you serve FEAR or the god of it? DO you serve FAITH and the GOD of it? It is time to find out. DO not delay.

GOD has been teaching us that we should NOT tie HIS hands. Yes, He can work around us, but prefers to work through HIS children, HIS COGS. He wants repentant hearts, and willing vessels to use for HIS GLORY. Are you one of these willing participants? Are you willing to WALK in FREEDOM, no matter the cost?

Guardian_Angel_Arin_by_ldiehl download 192032


MANY angels of HIS are fighting on our behalf. FOR the GLORY of GOD will FALL. ~

LORD build the arsenal. We repent for any time we have not received what you give. YOU use ALL things for your GLORY. You take the darkness and transform it into HOLY LIGHT. THERE is nothing impossible for you. There is no amount of anything that can defeat you. Give us unconditional FAITH, TRUST, HOPE, SURRENDER, PEACE, JOY, MERCY, GRACE and anything else that is HOLY and of you. BE our everything. BE our breath. MOVE in us oh GOD. CLEANSE us and PURIFY US as you SANCTIFY US for your GLORY and saturate us in it. ONLY YOU are the most holy commander, and we adhere to you and you alone as you lead. WE will wait until PEACE is present to step, we commit and covenant with you, to wait on you and be STILL and know that you are GOD. IJN and BLOOD AMEN



CHOOSE this day which side you are on. Only ONE wins.

In HIS Grace and GLORY,

E and FAM


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