Have you ever experienced a trepidation about seeing relatives that you haven’t in a while? Well, if you have, this will be easy to understand. The Hospital has kind of been like another HOME to us. One thing WE as a family have asked GOD to do is to bring us into HIM, draw us nearer, no matter where we are. Our family travels as He leads. Some call us religious, but we are NOT. We are simply so in LOVE with GOD.


I have not personally visited my actual HOMELAND in person since 2010. I actually thought it had been longer. I don’t actively speak with any of my biological relatives, and neither does my spouse with his. WE understand like Joseph the persecution that comes from being “different” according to the world. Do we LOVE this? Well, NO. But, we know that GOD has called us for a season to step back and let HIM move.

It is HARVEST time….we are COMING HOME to GOD again. We have learned HOME is wherever He plants us. So right now, HOME is the hospital. God is funny and very strategic in how HE moves. We did not want to come back here in our flesh. When it looked like that was what He was doing, we ALL fought it. But, as always we surrendered to HIM. Because really what other choice is there?

I know it sounds weird to some that HOME could be a place like this. But, HOME to GOD is where HE has us. No matter what the surroundings look like. In this case, home is where we have people not very often speaking LIFE over us, because many of them serve science as god. No judgement on them because we have so been there.  But, no that it can make things THAT more challenging. JESUS our awesome BROTHER speaks LIFE over us. Do we receive this??? Or, do we receive something else?

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HOME in GOD is about peace. It is not about never reacting in emotion, more about ALWAYS reacting in HIS LOVE. Do I mess up? YEP. Do we ALL? YEP. There are some who seriously work hard to make life HELL for people. Our prayer is the opposite. As my beautiful sister Robin Main says, “Give them HEAVEN!!!!” Love it and LOVE working for GOD, no matter the cost. LORD give us HEAVEN!!!

LORD have your way…and BRING us HOME. But, before you bring us there, bring HEAVEN, our HOME here. IJN AMEN

In HIS Grace and GLORY,

E and FAM

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