When I was informed that I was going to be used to write this, I was not ready to throw a party. At least I was not in my flesh excited. But my spirit leapt!!!!  The fact is we know about unwavering faith. But God wants everything unwavering. He wants our spirit fixed on HIM. He wants our hearts, eyes, mind and even soul focused on HIM. Because without this, we die. We spiritually die, literally die and physically as well.

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HANG on…HELP is on the way….REPENT and seek HIS FACE TODAY ~

Do you believe God is bigger than any obstacle? Have you seen HIM move mountains in your life? Because we have, and DO experience THIS daily. In our flesh we tend to ask why, or even see things at face value. But God’s answer is certain. His ways are NOT ours. I was reminded that the blog before this one was about God’s army. We are on HIS team, and HIS final blow is VICTORY!!!

We must understand that unwavering also means balanced. It does not mean we never feel, or express an emotion. More to the point, it does mean those feelings or emotions are NOT our God. Please do not misunderstand. We feel many things. So does Jesus in us. But we do not have the luxury of acting from that.

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THIS appears to be on a firm foundation…BUT appearances can be deceiving. ~

In my flesh, I protested God. I said, “come on, why me? Isn’t someone else available? Especially now, I mean really Father?” But the fact is being chosen is an honor. SO I repented.  It is a privilege not a right, but it is for sure a rite of passage. Who killed Jesus? Did we? Anyone who has at one time idolized another god participated. So guess what that means. Repentance is necessary. Because a clean and spotless bride will be retrieved.

LORD make us steadfast, laser focused on you, with ALL your Glory shining and all your LOVE unwavering.  I thank you and praise you. YOU alone are worthy. YOU alone are holy. IJN and BLOOD AMEN

D – the first day of school this year, Sarah Beth handed me three quarters that she had found on the sidewalk as she boarded the bus and gave me a hug and kiss.  God told me the quarters would be significant.  They were a 1994 american eagle quarter, a 2004 wisconsin state quarter with a wheat sheaf and a cow, and a 2012 alaska state quarter with the denali national park and a goat.  here’s what it meant to me: in 1994 i moved to WAshington (Wisconsin + Alaska = WA -> Washington).  while in washington in 2004 i met my wife.  in 2012 we left washington driving a yukon denali.  i recently looked in the driver side door and found the denali was manufactured in wisconsin.

ok lets start out with ‘brought me three quarters that she found on the sidewalk’.  tell me about the last time you found three quarters on the sidewalk.  then to see the all the ways God brought connections into light through those quarters.  we continually see more meanings revealed.

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VICTORY is a SURE THING when working with and IN our awesome GOD 🙂 He can use anyone, and He even came here to earth, in the form of a BABY. Innocence, PURITY, Hope, JOY, Faith, LOVE and so much more! ~

So, if He can give me these three quarters, what else can He do? GREATER WORKS….most importantly using us, HIS COGS.

Whatever you are enduring GOD and HIS LOVE is bigger and better. TRUST in HIM. Stand on HIS promises. His secret is HE WINS!!!

In His grace and GLORY,

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