WHO are WE to JUDGE???

Today, when I was woken up I felt strongly led to write on this topic. The topic of judgement. It is not a really fun topic like LOVE, JOY, PEACE etc…but it is a needed one. The word of God says we are to be fruit inspectors. It says we will know people by their fruit. Now, there have been some times in my life where I had majorly rotten fruit, literally. Let’s talk about that. It smelled, it had gnats, it got moldy. Can anyone relate?


This picture is a reminder that when we choose LOVE, the FEAR dies, and so does the rotten fruit!!!

Yesterday, I was making a smoothie, and partially because we live in hot climate, bugs are more obvious. As I was getting the fruit, I began to think about the power that had been given to those bugs. Meaning, that they have irritated the dickens out of me before. I used to get so annoyed, and I used to try hard to make them leave. 

But, here is the point, those bugs have a purpose. Why did that purpose bother me? I felt led to stop the purpose. Now, this is likely because THAT is how I was originally trained. I grew up in a household where a LOT of FEAR was present. Not to say FAITH was never there, but when the major challenges arose. It was not often the candidate in office. 

This is likely because that is how my parents were trained, and their parents before them, and so forth and so on. I remember when I was young someone saying to me, ” you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” This because the vinegar kills the bugs. I never understood this then. But, thankfully now have an understanding about HIS Grace.

God’s grace is sufficient, enough so for us to pay attention to the FRUIT of our lives, and that of others. To judge from a place of HIS LOVE, not from a place of a judgmental spirit. Because doing the latter will only produce rotten fruit.  

We, as a family have many friends and family members with rotten fruit. But, we also have many that have beautiful, sweet fruit! You become who you surround yourself with, and also WHAT you surround yourself with. That is just a fact. One of the things we have had to repent for is accepting the rotten fruit in our lives. 

People have this defeatist attitude at times. We have all been there, where we are like, “well, there’s nothing I can do about such and such.” Saying out loud, “it is the way it is.” Well, it does NOT have to be the way it seems! Am here to say YOU have, by God’s authority, been given the ability to say, ” NO! I will not accept the ROTTEN fruit!” 


Now, let’s elaborate a bit. That does not mean we don’t accept hurting people, or people who have tough circumstances. I had someone say to me once that because we were so focused on where something came from, we were missing ministering to the people  the compassion of it all. I believe that can be true, we CAN miss that. But, saying NO to rotten fruit is more about rejecting the stuff, not the people. Meaning, rejecting the BAD like sickness, pain, etc, and honoring the good.

So, who are we to judge? I cannot count on both hands the amount of times I have heard someone say this, ” don’t be judgmental.” It is like a broken record, even from my mother, God rest her soul. I 100% agree we should not be that. However, I do think there is a fine line between observation and judgement.

Whatever people think of us, GOD loves us. Because of this, we are honored to receive that LOVE and work for HIM. It means we have more FREE time, and we can enjoy way more time together as a family in HIM. there is way more PEACE, JOY, HOPE, REST, and LOVE in our lives now. Because we starting seeing the fruit of GOD’s LOVE. Not only seeing it, but working with GOD to help others see it too. 🙂

As God’s children, we are HIS mouth pieces. He does not have to use us to share HIS LOVE, but He chooses to. We were created for many purposes. But, the number one purpose was to LOVE!!! 

Today, on Valentine’s Day, who are we to judge? Well, we are God’s babies, that is who!

He said in Genesis that we were given dominion over the earth!!! That is the ability to speak to it, as He did. For it is HE in US that does so!

So are you all tired of getting judged and criticized. Waking up irritated and empty? I am 36 years old, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I was, and not nearly as much learning who GOD was, or wanted me to be. Thankfully, He reached out to me and showed me HIS LOVE and that it was safe there, and always will be. 


God bless you ALL, we are praying for you daily. If anyone has a request feel free to FB me, or comment. 

Happy Day of LOVE! When we inspect the fruit and surrender the rotten stuff to GOD, He makes it luscious and beautiful!!!! Let HIM transform your fruit!

In His Grace,



14 Feb 2013

But they asked for it!!!!

OK, so today it is impressed upon me that we talk about revenge. Because it is really popular nowadays in the world. How many times have we heard a child say, or said it ourselves, “they asked for it!” Even so, we should not retaliate. Because that makes things so much worse. In the beginning, when it first came out, I liked a show called Revenge. But as the show went on, I grew weary of it.

My husband says that watching shows relating to the enemy is “game film.” We have watched a lot of it, covered in prayer, and in some cases with people who unbeknownst to us, were really not just dancing with the devil, but serving and worshiping him. Sad huh? However, God protected us, and we are grateful every single moment to live and breath and be used to minister HIS LOVE.

So, the point is this, at first we felt betrayed, angry, hurt, and took it ALL personal. Then, we felt really convicted fast, to let it all go. In fact, we were convinced that our lives and lives of others depended on it.

Revenge comes from hate not LOVE. Don’t know abt ya’ll, but we would much rather receive LOVE. Sometimes LOVE is tough, and we have to walk away, after we have given all we have to give. For us, the best way we can LOVE people is to pray for them. Pray that GOD covers each person, with HIS LOVE.

The only way things will ever change is when WE want them to change. SO, we have to get fed up with the world and it’s ways and want more. Do you all want more? I’m not talking about more STUFF! Because that is a plenty all over the place in our lives. Are you tired of barren land? Do you want good things instead of the bad?


Do you want MORE  peace? Was thinking this morning that world peace lies within US! Seriously, the peace is ours, for the taking, we just have to dine on it! In Psalm 23 it speaks about a banquet in the presence of our enemies. Let me just say this, we have had many many many dinners with enemies of GOD. Am certain we will have many more too. 🙂

The goal is to love people where they are, not judge them but be aware of the fruit. Meaning what is their life producing? Our prayer daily is that all the sweet fruit that God produces in us, and through us to others multiplies in HIS world and body. Like a spiritual earthquake!!!!

We are not here to condemn, we are here to encourage and build up. But, there is a time for reproach. There is a time for everything. We must be gentle in the way we do this. My husband said yesterday, that there was a gentleness in me that He had not seen before.


I prayed about it, and I believe that this is why the gentleness appeared. After 36 years of beating myself up, and telling myself I am awful, something broke. I finally realized that just IS NOT true, and that I had to forgive myself 100% to be whom GOD desired. So, I delved into HIS word, and really got FED. I just read and let it wash me clean. I didn’t even have to say I forgive myself out LOUD, I just had to receive HIS forgiveness and LOVE.

Am I perfect, absolutely not. Will I ever be? NOPE

But, I serve, and we all do who choose HIM, a perfect GOD!!!! Hallelujah!

He says VENGEANCE is HIS, so let us step back and let HIM do HIS JOB!!!!

Even if they asked for it, let it go, and give it to GOD, who is the ONLY one who CAN handle it ALL!

Show mercy and it WILL be rewarded!


In His Grace,


12 Feb 2013

What’s REAL anymore???

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, but then, as I became a man, then I put away childish ways and thinking. Now, this verse can apply to a man or a woman. But, how many do it? I like TV for example, but would not die without it. As a kid I just had to watch certain shows, or it seemed like my world would end. Do we do that as adults?

What is REAL? Are the things discussed in movies real? As a kid I remember thinking, “wow that’s fake.” This was when watching a show, seeing interactions with people, and many other scenarios. There were other times, I thought, “wow, that looks so real!.” There was a reason for that. It is real, and the portrayal of the fantasy does not make it any less real.

Abuse is REAL, Hatred is REAL, and so is LOVE. This is a time where we must stand for TRUTH. The only TRUTH I have ever known to be spot on 100% of the time, is the word of GOD. Does this mean that reading the word will create no problems. No, it does not. It states clearly that we will have persecution.


However, reading it, and letting God use it to heal you will eventually STOP those problems in their tracks. Many people judge us and say we are too religious. But, the fact is, we are NOT religious at all, just in LOVE with GOD.

If you were dating someone and you could see a future with them, you would talk about them a lot. I know, cause before I really fell head over heels for HIM, I did this with others. So did my spouse, but now all we want to talk about is GOD.

In the times we live in, what used to be helpful to us, is NOT in the same way. God has not changed, but we as HIS people have. Some for the good, and some, well have clothed themselves in FEAR.

I would like to propose an experiment, for 24 hours, watch your words. Not to say don’t speak, just pay attention to what is said. I am participating too, because words are powerful. The power of LIFE and DEATH is in the tongue.

Even just this morning I had to apologize to God for not choosing my words wisely. This has been a strange week, and God knows. His Grace is sufficient, and weakness has been evident from me. But, having said that, we don’t serve a God who says we are awful. We serve one who loves to hear us say we are sorry, and picks us up and loves on us again and again, as long as we are sincere.

Would love to hear your thoughts on what is REAL…

To us, the only thing that matters is GOD is REAL, and HIS LOVE is HEALING.


Trusting that He will turn it ALL around for HIS good, and the GLORY. ~

In His Grace,


08 Feb 2013

What does WTF mean???

Today we are talking about FAITH. When you see the phrase WTF, what does it mean? In the world it means something to do with sex and perversion, a word that we have asked God to remove from our minds. But, you all know it still. But, what if it meant something else? For example, what about Where’s the FAITH?

Right now there is a veil between God’s world and ours, but the word of God says that He will remove it. This means, those things we have been frightened of, we will come face to face with. It is why we have been given WEAPONS of warfare that are spiritual.

This is not an easy post to write, I keep getting distracted, wow. The point is simple, we have in FAITH in GOD and that HE can and will complete HIS plan, or we don’t. He says we begin with a mustard seed. Then, we go to HIM and ask HIM to row our FAITH. It is VERY personal.


Be prepared when you ask for FAITH to GROW, HIS FAITH in us, and our FAITH in HIM, it will seem like all HELL is breaking loose. The enemy wants us permanently distracted, so he sends problems. Think about it, when we are focused on GOD, the first thing that happens is that anything but shows up. However, He is still present and has already WON the battles and the WAR!

We have come face to face with evil, many times. it is God’s grace that we lived to tell about it. The world has trained us to have faith in it, the devil in some cases has trained us to have faith in him. GOD needs us to have FAITH only in HIM.

His word says that people perish for lack of knowledge and vision. This means, when we are not willing to see what GOD is wanting to show us, we can die in process. There is a safe way to die, and that is to SELF spiritually, and emotionally. But, the world has greatly distorted it. Death is a new beginning, but only for those who have welcomed God through the LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The physical death often happens first when we are unwilling to experience the other kinds, to the degree that God desires.


All of the wisdom that God desires to share means nothing without it. So, daily our prayer is that whatever God does for us, He will do for others. That HIS LOVE multiply throughout the body. As he leads, we are here for any who have questions. But, only as He leads. We will never say, we won’t pray for someone, unless prompted not to.

This is a beautiful time, a TIME of transformation for many. Many are saying they have FAITH and it will no doubt be TESTED. So as Jesus said to many in scripture, Where is the faith? Choose today, to have faith only in HIM and HIS promises.

It will work, so step out in HIS FAITH!

God wants us to be partners with HIM, and only HIM. When we agree to this, everything else truly falls into place, and oh the peace that ensues!!! Not even the devil himself can steal it!

Definition of faith  ~


  1. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
  2. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.


noun ˈfāth

plural faiths
Definition of FAITH
a : allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty

(1) : fidelity to one’s promises (2) : sincerity of intentions

(1) : belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2) : belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion

(1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2): complete trust

: something that is believed especially with strong conviction;especially : a system of religious beliefs <the Protestantfaith>
— on faith

: without question <took everything he said on faith>

TODAY, on the 31st the day of HIS offspring, we choose FAITH in GOD! Through the son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to the Father, and the Holy Spirit ( the nurturer). ~

May God wrap you all in HIS GRACE and MERCY and build a wall of FIRE around those willing to RECEIVE!

In His Grace,


31 Jan 2013

God is bigger than WORDS!!!

This morning, the first time God opened my eyes, at 3 am it felt like a weight on my shoulder, so , was led to speak PEACE over myself, and all the body, and all in the house as well. Was then reminded that today is the 29th, this means departure in biblical numerics. Then it was revealed that overcoming SIN is about just that, departure. Bad things leaving, and good things arriving.

I was typing really fast, and mistyped a word, to a dear sister in Christ. I immediately apologized, and can only TRUST that GOD is bigger than WORDS, or in this case even letters. But, that nagging enemy began to taunt me about it. Thankfully God used my husband in a powerful way. He said, “it’s fine, God has it.” Just that simple phrase, was like new air to me. A reminder from GOD, that because we are surrendered to HIM, and HIS LOVE, no matter what comes against US, that LOVE will and HAS conquered ALL!!!


Don’t misunderstand, it does not mean we take no responsibility for our words. In fact, quite the opposite, we should take some of the responsibility in the learning and healing process. It is important for us to, simply go to God and say we are sorry. It is that simple. Because He has chosen to forgive, long before we arrive. 

Digest that for a moment, the LORD is always with us, just waiting for US to come around to HIS side and HIS way. Now, prior to being lead to write this entry, I looked at my husband David, and said something to him. I said, a while ago I was shown that we have responsibility God has given us. Specifically that I was sorry for not doing my part and being supportive of him, and in turn, leaving open doors for attack.” His jaw dropped, and then he said, “thank you, and when did this happen?” I said, “I cannot recall an exact date, just felt like on this day, we were to praise GOD for freeing us from sin.” We do this daily, sin and praise GOD, because at least once it happens. However, the amount of times has been transformed dramatically by God’s love. 

My husband was freed more times than we can count from addiction, anger, retaliation, rejection, cancer, and more. I was freed from self harm, barrenness, judgmental spirit, control, and more as well. Whatever it is, whatever the WORD…diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, cancer, jerk, and way more obscene ones, God’s LOVE is the cure. 

We have visited many places, some spiritual, and some not, but the fact is this, without GOD’s LOVE at the CORE of our being, we are not, and will never be FREE. ~

GOD is bigger than words, but choose them carefully, and ask HIM to guard your tongue  so that for HIS Glory, He can make us into all He desires for us, and in doing so we will walk in DIVINE HEALTH, FREEDOM of CHRIST, and JOY that cannot be stolen from anyone!!!

BTW, that issue that came up where I made a typo, and got railroaded by the enemy, it was abt 15 min ago, and I gave it over to GOD and praised HIM, and He took care of it. 😉

Cause as He said before, and we will be reminded of again…



Our prayer is that ALL who are willing to receive the sacrifice that JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH paid for us, will and GOD will SHINE in ALL HIS GLORY!!! This comes with more supernatural BLESSINGS and LOVE than we can grasp, however are WE willing to BELIEVE that GOD and HIS LOVE is bigger than the words of THIS world?

In His Grace,


29 Jan 2013

Words: remission, redeem, saint


Word thoughts for today…

Re-mission: to again set on a mission. This word is used by doctors instead of healed once, cancer symptoms appear to be gone. However in my personal cancer battle I found I could either hit pause, or go through cancer and resume. For me I was led back to cancer a second time. Then during the second battle it changed my life mission. I left corporate America, got healthier, dove into ministry and am in a completely different place now and free of cancer.  The spirit that was involved with cancer, had to be addressed as well. Thankful to God.

Re-deem: to again deem. When I think of how to use deem in a sentence, I only think of to deem worthy. So I interpret this as to reestablish the worth of the individual being redeemed. Too many of us get saved and feel like an old shoe. Passively walking out some servants life being the least of them. Lets look back at the turn the other cheek story. In this time there was to Charmin so no one touched others with their bathroom hand. Only two face slaps existed and they meant bad servant or good friend. So that story tells us to step up and when people call us a bad servant (including ourselves) we are to convert that relationship into a good friendship. That requires that we are deemed worthy. It is more than self worth and pride. It is being validated by the being that created the world. A God who loves us.

Saint: I noticed, because God revealed, that sin and saint are pretty similar. To get from sin to saint you just add a t. You just add a single cross. The cross is the end of saint the rest is in God.

In His Grace,

29 Jan 2013


Today what I am reminded of, from our beloved is the Choice is always ours. In a world where it appears that almost ALL our choices are being stripped, that is a comfort. In a movie I have always admired, the main character states triumphantly this, “They will never take away our FREEDOM.” It is only part of the speech, but is the end of it, and likely the most memorable. Can anyone name the film? It was Braveheart and Mel Gibson was portraying the title role. When God woke me today and put it upon my heart, mind and spirit to write. My first thought was, “Oh that bed is so comfy, and it’s foggy outside this morning, just inviting us to sleep more.” My next thought was GOD is bigger than that. So, I got up and obeyed instruction. There is such peace in that.

Not like if I had chosen to sleep, God would have made me pay. He is, contrary to the belief of many, NOT that kind of GOD. He gives us choice. In that instance, it was the choice to sleep more, or to wake up and be refreshed in HIM, and have the LOVE of GOD restore what was to be seemingly a sacrifice.

All the way back to the Garden of Eden, there was a choice available. God, in HIS infinite wisdom knew what that choice would be. Many it seems make the choice that something can be handled on our own. I include myself in this, because there are times still where I, from habit want to take it from GOD. But, HIS LOVE keeps reminding me that at the CROSS is where we were redeemed, so at the cross is where it must go and stay.

Funny, the world teaches us to set boundaries on some level, yet He and HIS LOVE is absolutely and equivocalness BOUNDLESS. Is it possible people in general focus so much on these things because failure is a FEAR? Because we cannot fail GOD when we are seeking HIM, and choosing HIM daily and asking HIM to dwell within us all the more. Could it be however, that because of the deep hurt almost ALL of us have experienced, we shut out the world, and indirectly, shut off God. Like a water valve that gets “shut off,”God is still running behind the scenes. 😉

Asking these questions today because it needs to be addressed that no matter what comes in this world, the choice is ours. Do we RECEIVE or REJECT the LOVE of GOD? I am now 36, and there have been many times where I really thought I would not live to be this age. I did not watch my words, or ask God to speak them, and a lot of death creeped in. Meaning, a lot of negative word curses were spoken, from my very own mouth. Doing so, was indirectly rejecting GOD and what He had made.

Talk about convicting, this one was a doozy. Thankfully our GOD is the best! He is so kind, loving and compassionate as well as patient. He showed me daily that as I would, and we would as a family unite and partner in HIM, use the tools He has given us, there would be peace, safety and BOUNDLESS blessings in the process. Some tools He has led us to use we have already touched on in previous posts. Along with the armor of GOD, we have been led to anoint ourselves daily with oil, do communion daily, pray as a family daily, and separately with hubby as well, and Sarah E when asked one on one. Years ago, we prayed, in fact David prayed, that GOD make our family a House of Prayer. This prayer is being answered, and wow it is humbling. We are grateful.

God is not usually forceful. Feel led to say that more than once. God is not usually forceful. He is overall a God of peace, but when we disobey HIM, and stand in REBELLION, which the word of God says simply is witch craft, He has to discipline us.At that point, He can become a GOD of war, heavenly war. So, here feel led to share this, A relationship in and with GOD is like a garden. Interesting that it began there. 😉 We must go to HIM and let HIM teach, guide, and essentially water our lives. Also, we are required in the process, to be used by HIM to plant other seeds as well. God picks weeds, and He does what is called pruning. Speaking from very personal experience, that can hurt like HELL. But, the only thing burning away is what needs to go. This is what we must remember. Father know’s best, 100% of the time.

God has led us to long seasons and short seasons in friendships. As people who primarily do ministry, it can be a challenge at times to give to the friendships what is needed to sustain them. So, glad we have a GOD who loves us and them as our mediator. His prayer line is always open and available. Would like to encourage some of you who have gotten to a place where it just feels hopeless, to cry out to GOD. His word says He catches every single tear. He answers the cries, and when we complain, waits for us until those seemingly frustrations often bring us to humbling tears. Oh, how He loves us!!!!


So, this day is the 27th, and yesterday something absolutely BEAUTIFUL, GLORIOUS and HUMBLING happened. Our sweet gal, Sarah Elizabeth, rode her first horse. Well, it was a pony, but it was sensational! I am so beyond words thankful that God looks out for us. He had sent me to an event at a local church, and I sensed today would be the day. It was a milestone indeed. I am still in tears just thinking about it. On this day GOD resurrected her JOY. It seemed to be fading for years off and on, and yesterday in an amazingly safe and loving way, GOD restored it!!!! It was ALL over her FACE! I am so glad God led D, my hubby to take a video. This way, I could experience LIVE the JOY that He was blessed to see first hand! Our Father GOD, brother Jesus, and Holy Spirit, are like this, meaning GOD united rejoices every time we receive even a glimpse of JOY.

When we got here, to this place where we are with GOD, both in geographic locale, and otherwise, I asked HIM for JOY. He answered and is answering in abundance. 🙂  We were really going through it, and to some, in fact would say many, some of the choices we were making seemed to not make sense. However, we had to do, and be led to do, what needed to be done. So, we picked up and moved across country. The second time for my husband and I individually, and the first as a couple, yet second move as a family.

This is to show that in a relationship with GOD, we are second. As well we should be, because He makes the BEST choices always. His word says the last shall be first and first shall be last. We could easily fall into bitterness for the battles that have been endured. But, to be really honest, we are simply glad to have survived them, and live to tell about how GOD delivered us. He is indeed MIGHTY to SAVE 100% of the time!


The choice is yours, “whom will you serve this day?” That is a question God asks us in HIS word. Today is the number 27, which means preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Today, we choose GOD, now and forever, to be HIS and for HIM to use us when needed and BE our balance and VISION. Hallelujah that no matter what comes, that one thing REMAINS.

His love never FAILS! The choice is ours receive it or reject it?

Love to you all, always holding you in prayer. He loves YOU so much and so do we!!!

In His Grace,


27 Jan 2013

Word Thought: critical

When I think of being critical I think about times I put others under the microscope and int out thins I think they are doing wrong. The other person doesn’t usually like it. M

Then God showed me that a nuclear reactor going critical is completely different. It’s about to explode.

So when we are criticizing we need to realize that we are making the situation explosive

In His Grace,
– D

25 Jan 2013

Quick Word Thought: Sinister and Minister

quick thought for the day: which do you want to stir today?

sin-i-ster – i stir sin
min-i-ster – i stir men

In His Grace,

– D

23 Jan 2013

Is WARFARE the new dirty word???

The first thing we should do here before, anyone reads this post is implant a prayer. ~

Lord, I know the enemy does not want this information OUT, so we in the name of JESUS Christ of Nazareth bind any spirits trying to infect or cause problems or confusion in any way, and sentence them to the feet of JESUS for judgement!!! Thank you LORD that it is YOU within us that does the work. Thank you that you are so much bigger than ANYTHING and no ONE can ever SLAY you!!! Hallelujah!!!


if anything seems like it runs together on the page. When editing I attempted to fix it, but to no avail, so I give it to GOD and trust He will use the words given to be a blessing. ~

Precious jewels, beautiful, His masterpieces, is this how you see yourselves? Because sharing my heart today, I have often had trouble digesting this about me. But, this is what GOD says, and we know He does not LIE. So, it must be true. 🙂 Still, it is so easy to get to a place where all we do is get influenced by critical spirits. It is so easy to just let evil get not only a foothold, but a whole block of our lives. Because we are NOT trained to fight back.

When God put it upon my spirit to write on WARFARE, my first response was not “Oh GOODY!!!” It was more like, “Come on God, You led me to write books already that greatly cover this, and we both know that the more we speak on it, the more we experience it.” Instantly almost I was convicted in HIS LOVE. Realizing that the reason this topic needed to be talked about is because God desires balance.

The body of Christ has been struggling with balance for many reasons. We believe, because we have lived, learned and been trained in it. OJT as my beautiful sister Audrey calls it! ON the JOB training. It is training that has already had a major COST. After all, for us to receive the LOVE of GOD, Jesus CHRIST God’s only begotten son, died maliciously, horrifically, and in the most painful way possible. Now, bear with me on this, HIS pain was not just physical. I dare to say the spiritual pain may have even hurt more intensely. Consider THIS, absolutely and unequivocally ALL the EVIL that was coming against US, was PUT on HIM.

This means, everything that we could ever do, go through, endure, experience, that was difficult, challenging, terrifying, gut wrenching, and more was LAID on JESUS Christ! The more we are followers of HIM, and LIVE out the plan of GOD, the more many will yell at us in the world CRUCIFY THEM! The toughest part, we still have to LOVE them, because GOD in us, is a compassionate, kind, and giving, among other amazing adjectives. 😉

So, let’s talk abt THIS WAR! It was finished the DAY JESUS died in Calvary. This means in HEAVEN the war was done, but many want to stir it up again. Let’s elaborate some on that. When we give into our own hurts, habits and hang ups that the enemy has put on us, not GOD, we are participating in the reopening of the wounds. Many have said, and we agree, it is like crucifying Christ once again. Thankfully, He does not condemn us and IS in fact a RESURRECTION GOD!!!!!

The warfare definition that God led me to was this..


1. the process of military struggle between two nations or groups of nations; war.
2. armed conflict between two massed enemies, armies, or the like.
3. conflict, especially when vicious and unrelenting, between competitors, political rivals, etc.

All the definitions fit and are accurate 🙂 This is what GOD does to evil!!! He uses HIS ARMY and is building it still!!!
So why is this a DIRTY WORD in the church as a whole?
We have been to churches, where we were led, asked abt classes on warfare and gotten shut down flat. But, GOD’s word clearly states that we live on a battlefield. Come on, look around and you will see a WAR ZONE!
How many times have we had a child, a friend, or even a stranger be used by the enemy to throw us off course? God says watch our words, but do we? Yes, we watch them come out of our mouths. Even today, while even thinking abt this topic things heated up around our house. Someone kept telling me to calm my mind. I thought I can’t. Which is truth. Only GOD can truly calm us. No matter how much I try or you try to fix things, it doesn’t work forever. Only what GOD does and says lasts for eternity!
So, here is the challenge set before us as HIS children. Learning that we have weapons in this war, and working with HIM to put them into action! God’s LOVE is a weapon, surrender to HIM, releasing to HIM, crying out to HIM, Praising HIM, Dancing and singing for JOY in HIM, worshiping HIM, hugging those He has given us to LOVE, speaking LIFE over the BODY of Christ, those we are blessed to interact with and those we only know in our hearts, renewing our mind in HIM and HIS word, asking HIM to cleanse us, Giving HIM our will and asking HIM to guide and direct our steps, these are only a few of the weapons we  have. God speaks also in Ephesians about the Armor of GOD! This is the infamous passage that countless know well.

Ephesians 6:10-18

Amplified Bible (AMP)

10 In conclusion, be strong in the Lord [be empowered through your union with Him]; draw your strength from Him [that strength which His boundless might provides].

11 Put on God’s whole armor [the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil.

12 For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere.

13 Therefore put on God’s complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day [of danger], and, having done all [the crisis demands], to stand [firmly in your place].

14 Stand therefore [hold your ground], having tightened the belt of truth around your loins and having put on the breastplate of integrity and of moral rectitude and right standing with God,

15 And having shod your feet in preparation [to face the enemy with the [a]firm-footed stability, the promptness, and the readiness [b]produced by the good news] of the Gospel of peace.

16 Lift up over all the [covering] shield of [c]saving faith, upon which you can quench all the flaming missiles of the wicked [one].

17 And take the helmet of salvation and the sword that the Spirit [d]wields, which is the Word of God.

18 Pray at all times (on every occasion, in every season) in the Spirit, with all [manner of] prayer and entreaty. To that end keep alert and watch with strong purpose and perseverance, interceding in behalf of all the saints (God’s consecrated people).


But what about this one? Do any of you know abt this one?

Isaiah 59:16-19

Amplified Bible (AMP)

16 And He saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor [no one to intervene on behalf of truth and right]; therefore His own arm brought Him victory, and His own righteousness [having the Spirit without measure] sustained Him.

17 For [the Lord] put on righteousness as a breastplate or coat of mail, and salvation as a helmet upon His head; He put on garments of vengeance for clothing and was clad with zeal [and furious divine jealousy] as a cloak.

18 According as their deeds deserve, so will He repay wrath to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies; on the foreign islands and coastlands He will make compensation.

19 So [as the result of the Messiah’s intervention] they shall [reverently] fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight [for He will come like a rushing stream which the breath of the Lord drives].

Note : This passage speaks of the cloak of zeal and garments of vengeance that the LORD wore, so should not the LORD in us wear them?

Also, think about the garments of PRAISE…


This is a whole PAGE that GOD led us to with scripture JUST on that!

Also, we have begun asking GOD to be our knee padding, for the knees are often the ROOT of PRIDE. Hence humbling ourselves before HIM is even more effective when on our knees. 🙂

He talks about how HE has won the battles, and HE has victory and so do we! This is so TRUE, but there are times when GOD HIMSELF wants to use US, yes US to do HIS work. So instead of complying and complaining we should ask GOD to move in us to defeat those spirits when they are out of control. When He talks about self control, He is referring to us also being in PEACE.  Which incidentally, in A WEAPON as well.

Listen, this should be a glorious word, not a scary one. As our enemy is defeated. WE all know where he ends up. BURNT to a crisp in the lake of FIRE is his destiny. So, why not learn to receive GOD’s love by partnering with HIM. GOD is the best partner ever!!! When we surrender to HIM, He actually does all the work!!! Think of that, HE does it ALL when we are obeying HIM and following HIS Heavenly law. 🙂
Instead of giving into FEAR, which surfaces when we hear words like warfare, deliverance, evil, witch craft, cancer, death, demonic, and inoperable  to name but a few. Let’s say this out loud. There is GREAT power in GOD and in us united, the enemy will back down!!! He will because GOD’s word says so!!!
The LORD overcame the GRAVE and so can we. THIS is our destiny beloved people and children of the KING of KINGS!!!!! WE were made to be WARRIORS in HIM!!!!
Today, go to the LORD in private or with a friend or family member, and say this..
Father God, I may not see myself as a warrior yet. But you are my Redeemer, and you are the LION of JUDAH, and YOU LORD in all your GLORY will not fail! Not even in me, which has always been a fear. I give this to you and ask that by your word, love and GRACE you just posses me and make me who you desire for me to be. I only desire to serve you. Forgive me for giving into ways that do not please you. Wash me white as snow, and may your LOVE multiply through me in ALL areas that you have given me to steward and be used by you. This includes child rearing, work outside the home, marriage, friendships, and anything else unspoken. Today, I choose to receive your love and ask deliverance of all that is in the way of this. Oh, how I love you LORD! You are the best gift I have ever received. I will gladly submit today to be used by you in battle. For it is an honor and privilege  Teach me your ways!!! Holy spirit thank you for moving in me and uniting me with you! What a precious gift we have received in your LOVE!
In the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
Love to you ALL, GOD is on your side, and HE is the BEST friend any of US will ever have!!!!

Romans 12:8

Amplified Bible (AMP)

He who exhorts (encourages), to his exhortation; he who contributes, let him do it in simplicity and liberality; he who gives aid and superintends, with zeal and singleness of mind; he who does acts of mercy, with genuine cheerfulness and joyful eagerness.


In His Grace,

23 Jan 2013