Wanna Be RICH???

It took a few times to get started on this BLOG entry. Anyone know why. πŸ˜‰ Before anyone gets too excited this is NOT about money. This is about God’s definition of RICH. His word says in order to be prosperous we must seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet, look at this world and what it seeks.

Do you want the harvest that lasts?


There is no judgement here intended, because we have been captive to the world and bound by it before. It took the constant LOVE, GRACE and MERCY of God to set us FREE! Whom the SON sets free is free indeed!!!

So many have said to me, and likely to my spouse, “I wish I had that kind of faith.” Great news, you don’t have to wish! We don’t have the kind of faith they see, it is GOD’s. Our faith started small, as a mustard seed, like many of you. God called us to join it with HIM and HIS FAITH.

When we did this, He began to produce orchards of trees with Godly fruit! We have seen visions and many glimpses of what God is doing behind the scenes. Now for those of you who do not understand this, that is OK In the beginning, the only way we knew it was real is GOD would bring them to pass.

Our goal is not to make anyone like us, and our prayer is that God transforms each person in the Body of Christ for HIS purpose and GLORY. Every day we commit to meet people where they are and not judge. To LOVE as JESUS did. Some say that is too nice, but there is a time and season for everything. There are times for every level of HIS LOVE.

In the beginning when the evil arrives, we fight it with LOVE. There may be a time that as God steps in and disciplines in process, it does not look loving. But if you want to be RICH, seek GOD. Ask HIM to rid you of what must GO!

He took 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fish and fed 5,000 people. There is nothing impossible for God. Many have sold their lives and souls to the world. Look around, and you can see it. Many are lying and saying they love GOD. They are rich in money, but not in LOVE. It may look pretty from the outside, but darkness is in charge behind the scenes.

There is absolutely NO PEACE!


So, we ask today Do you want to be RICH??? It is RICH to be FREE, it is RICH to be JOYFUL, it is RICH to be LOVING. The money is a minor part of it. It cannot be forefront. We have been RICH in money before. We lost everything in some people’s eyes. We often had not a dollar to our name. But, we had GOD and still do, and more importantly HE has US!!!!

We were led to walk away from everything we knew. We left everything behind and followed HIS path. It was a HUGE LEAP of FAITH in HIM. The biggest we had ever taken, and consider we have had major supernatural healing happen. This was even more of a challenge, believe it or not, and yet it was such a no brainer. Because we knew that if we stayed, we would be disobeying God.

We have learned the HARD way not to do that! Obedience is better than sacrifice, however at times it IS a sacrifice. Thankful that as we hide in HIM more, it sure doesn’t feel that way. πŸ™‚ So when were we more rich? Was it when we had lots of money in the bank? Or is it now?

Because I believe it is NOW, with what at times seems little to spare, we have PEACE. For almost 8 years we have been bombarding Heaven with our prayers for this. This peace which we have cannot be stolen, and GOD will restore, replenish and resurrect ALL that was. That, we can be certain of.

We forgive our enemies and trust GOD to deal with them. When God calls us to handle something we do, and He doe sit so it succeeds. Perhaps the question “Do you wanna be RICH?” is similar to Do you want to be well? Jesus asked that.

In the Psalms God reminds us that when we look for our enemies, they will have scattered!


So, do we as a BODY desire to do it HIS way on HIS terms? Meaning giving up comforts, and following HIM so He can make us fishers of men? Only He knows for sure. But know this, when your heart is pure and naked before HIM, He honors that.

Yesterday I looked at a tube of toothpaste that we brought with us from WA when we moved. We have had that same tube of tooth paste for months. God has caused it to be brand new every day and sustained us. I know it is a simple thing to us, but not to HIM.

Every little thing is beautiful, an a gift of LOVE that we must treasure. So today, ask yourself do I want to be rich in the world or in God. It is convicting, and yet when we choose HIM FREEDOM eventually comes.

Our prayer if for those willing to be RICH in GOD, that LORD you purify us for your GLORY! Any evil forces that are causing problems we surrender to you and we thank you Father for having your way and Holy Spirit for doing so in LOVE.

In Jesus name and blood,



Definition of RICH. It is NOT about the money in GOD’s KINGDOM!!!!

We all err sometimes but GOD keeps no record of wrongs, so we should not either. Forgive, be FREE and be RICH in GOD’s LOVE!

In His Grace,


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