WHO are WE to JUDGE???

Today, when I was woken up I felt strongly led to write on this topic. The topic of judgement. It is not a really fun topic like LOVE, JOY, PEACE etc…but it is a needed one. The word of God says we are to be fruit inspectors. It says we will know people by their fruit. Now, there have been some times in my life where I had majorly rotten fruit, literally. Let’s talk about that. It smelled, it had gnats, it got moldy. Can anyone relate?


This picture is a reminder that when we choose LOVE, the FEAR dies, and so does the rotten fruit!!!

Yesterday, I was making a smoothie, and partially because we live in hot climate, bugs are more obvious. As I was getting the fruit, I began to think about the power that had been given to those bugs. Meaning, that they have irritated the dickens out of me before. I used to get so annoyed, and I used to try hard to make them leave. 

But, here is the point, those bugs have a purpose. Why did that purpose bother me? I felt led to stop the purpose. Now, this is likely because THAT is how I was originally trained. I grew up in a household where a LOT of FEAR was present. Not to say FAITH was never there, but when the major challenges arose. It was not often the candidate in office. 

This is likely because that is how my parents were trained, and their parents before them, and so forth and so on. I remember when I was young someone saying to me, ” you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” This because the vinegar kills the bugs. I never understood this then. But, thankfully now have an understanding about HIS Grace.

God’s grace is sufficient, enough so for us to pay attention to the FRUIT of our lives, and that of others. To judge from a place of HIS LOVE, not from a place of a judgmental spirit. Because doing the latter will only produce rotten fruit.  

We, as a family have many friends and family members with rotten fruit. But, we also have many that have beautiful, sweet fruit! You become who you surround yourself with, and also WHAT you surround yourself with. That is just a fact. One of the things we have had to repent for is accepting the rotten fruit in our lives. 

People have this defeatist attitude at times. We have all been there, where we are like, “well, there’s nothing I can do about such and such.” Saying out loud, “it is the way it is.” Well, it does NOT have to be the way it seems! Am here to say YOU have, by God’s authority, been given the ability to say, ” NO! I will not accept the ROTTEN fruit!” 


Now, let’s elaborate a bit. That does not mean we don’t accept hurting people, or people who have tough circumstances. I had someone say to me once that because we were so focused on where something came from, we were missing ministering to the people  the compassion of it all. I believe that can be true, we CAN miss that. But, saying NO to rotten fruit is more about rejecting the stuff, not the people. Meaning, rejecting the BAD like sickness, pain, etc, and honoring the good.

So, who are we to judge? I cannot count on both hands the amount of times I have heard someone say this, ” don’t be judgmental.” It is like a broken record, even from my mother, God rest her soul. I 100% agree we should not be that. However, I do think there is a fine line between observation and judgement.

Whatever people think of us, GOD loves us. Because of this, we are honored to receive that LOVE and work for HIM. It means we have more FREE time, and we can enjoy way more time together as a family in HIM. there is way more PEACE, JOY, HOPE, REST, and LOVE in our lives now. Because we starting seeing the fruit of GOD’s LOVE. Not only seeing it, but working with GOD to help others see it too. 🙂

As God’s children, we are HIS mouth pieces. He does not have to use us to share HIS LOVE, but He chooses to. We were created for many purposes. But, the number one purpose was to LOVE!!! 

Today, on Valentine’s Day, who are we to judge? Well, we are God’s babies, that is who!

He said in Genesis that we were given dominion over the earth!!! That is the ability to speak to it, as He did. For it is HE in US that does so!

So are you all tired of getting judged and criticized. Waking up irritated and empty? I am 36 years old, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I was, and not nearly as much learning who GOD was, or wanted me to be. Thankfully, He reached out to me and showed me HIS LOVE and that it was safe there, and always will be. 


God bless you ALL, we are praying for you daily. If anyone has a request feel free to FB me, or comment. 

Happy Day of LOVE! When we inspect the fruit and surrender the rotten stuff to GOD, He makes it luscious and beautiful!!!! Let HIM transform your fruit!

In His Grace,



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