Who me??? Yes YOU! But, I don’t NEED to change!!!

Today, on the 16th of this month, the biblical number of LOVE it is impressed upon me how important change is. Yet, how often do we fight it tooth and nail, and kicking and screaming? Change can be a GREAT thing, but it can also feel unbearable and crushing at times. One thing we know for absolute certain NOTHING happens without it.


It is inevitable that LIFE and our world is constantly changing. with TV, we change channels when we don’t like something. When we have families, change happens when more children are added to the mix. In school, change happens from year to year as we graduate from grade to grade.

So why is it, that we as people are quick to point out changes in others, and not so much in ourselves? Well, we have a theory on that. Could it be because pointing out what needs to happen in others is easier? I mean this world is all about doing things the easy way right?

There is even a store with an EASY button. Here is the conundrum though, God says it is NOT supposed to be easy. We are NOT supposed to get comfortable in a place and stay there. We are, on the contrary, called to push through the comfort and seek HIM even more.


Not that we should never enjoy God and what He does in our lives. We absolutely should!!!! But, only enjoying it, and not sharing it, is not what we are asked to do. Our family has had a lot of stuff, and less stuff. The less we have, the more grateful we become!

Yesterday, we made a purchase, one we were not 100% sure of. It was not hugely expensive, and that is why we made it. We got home, and it did not work for the purpose it was designed for. So, the natural thing to do is to take it back.

Praying about whether to do so, or pass it on? Or, should we hold on to it for later. HIS timing is perfect, ours is NOT. He never makes mistakes, or poor choices, but WE do. Thank GOD for GRACE! His grace truly is sufficient and we are grateful that it is perfected in our weakness, NOT our strength.

Case in point, my wonderful husband faithfully was up all night with GOD again, till 7am. We have a tradition of Saturday morning brunch. He usually cooks it. So, I was led to wake him lovingly. and ask if he was willing to do so. He dealt with it in humor, and I am grateful. He now trusts that God will give him strength to carry out the task!!!

Now, for those of you who do not know our testimony, THIS is amazing!!!  It is truly God’s love in action! Now, had He said no, that would have been ok. Because God gives us grace to learn. His heart is for God’s ways and HIS purposes. For that reason, it is a blessing to be married to him. 🙂

If we are NOT prepared to change, it is going to come anyway, and ultimately the more we fight it, the more forced it will be. So why not just submit? Bad changes happen, but we have the choice and privilege of standing on God’s word and promises. What a beautiful gift and treasure!!!

God says where our heart is, our treasure will be also. So, is your treasure in change? Cause I am learning to LOVE change!!!! God makes changes for HIS purpose and our good. He works according to a measure of FAITH.

Are you willing and ready for GOD to change you? Because THAT is the way circumstances begin to change as well. This is something we have lived and walk out daily. Years ago, I prayed for God to please change my spouse. Someone in wisdom said, he will change you first. He did, and it was hard. In some ways, like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. He is faithful though, and getting out of the comfort zone was and IS so worth it!!!

People say often to us, I wish I had that kind of faith. Our response, we have faith in GOD, not US or anyone else. He does NOT FAIL! He does not LIE! He can use anything and anyone for HIS purposes! HIS LOVE is eternal! You can too! Anyone can have faith in HIM, all it takes is a beginning. We began with faith the size of a mustard seed!


So today, as a family, we encourage you to seek GOD for what changes need to happen. You will be amazed what He reveals. Change is good, effective and fruitful! Be transformed today!!!! Love to you ALL!

It is coming one way or another, it HAS to! So choose to embrace it and GOD who brings it!

In His Grace,


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