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~Heavenheart ~ ❤️

10274071_10154554801292785_1555357345691557540_n-jpg111129685_656792487797902_6048249048155838229_n19693_491506860886978_1220456359_n1024_1069125859787707_7567550745995162315_nFor a few days now, I’ve been reflecting on what to write about.  I asked for a sign ➗ . It had to be one, that ONLY made senses to ME.  Because, that’s just how Jesus and I are.  We walk together and talk together.  Always.  It’s like this constant dialogue, never ceasing.  And, most of the time, it’s awesome .  But, sometimes, it can be challenging. I’ll explain a bit more ➕ on that.  ❤️



Everyone has things, God gives them, that are gifts .  In fact, today in Sunday school , that was a hot topic.  The main discussion was on service.  The question at hand, simple.  Are we, natural servants?  Then, Are we serving for God?  I’d hope the answer is… Yes.  But, honestly, it depends… where WE are… with God.  ~~~



One thing I have learned, about Grace is…. Everyone who is in Christ can be at the same place, because of Christ’ s Love.  Yet, also, AT very different places , because of the individual walk with Christ.  Jesus is truly, Grace personified. ❤️  And when WE take the time, to sit with Him, and get to know Him, it changes us, and His heart unites with ours.  It is a B E A utiful thing!!! ! ❤️ ~~~



Now, it is NOT however, ALWAYS, a super EASY thing, to do.  It takes consistently, making a choice… Daily.  In fact, moment to moment, for His ways and plans.  I want, the music of Heaven, instead of this world.  This world is way more chaotic.  Whereas that of Heaven is melodical and just precious, in every way.  But, not always simple to listen to.  Sometimes hurts my ears , and I have to press pause, on occasion. ❤️



Our job, is to Love.  ❤️  It seems like, a simple thing…




Today… Under the rainbow ☂ I sat, with my King. My favorite Lion. I could lay, with Him forever.  He makes Me Brave. Strong . He reminds me, to be silly. . Yet, astounds ME still, ALWAYS. This warrior, ⚔ is His child . Surrounded, by angels .  I can come HERE, broken feeling, beyond repair.  And, He says, “You are So perfect. ”




I’m looking ✉️ up at Him, like… “Huh? !!?! ? I sure don’t feel like I , AM perfect… In Soooooooo many ways… I have Never felt More messed up.”




Buckets of   tears   fall…. He catches them… ALL.  Yes, it could definitely, make a river, dear friends.  I wonder will they end. Grace.




He tilts my face up, and He says, “My idea of Perfect is You being YOU.  And YOU, are a PERFECT, YOU. Oh, how I LOVE ❤️ You.  Thank you, for being You. ”




Wow.  The precious and pure. Love ❤️ of Jesus.

To Him, We are perfect, just AS we are.  ❤️





We come, as always with repentant hearts , choosing to receive the Love ❤️, with Joy .  Thank you, Family of God.  Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit, and Beautiful Jesus, for Loving us, so much.  ❤️  We so appreciate you.  Grateful for wisdom, guidance, strength and everything we are given, in this journey.  We love ❤️ you.  In Jesus name, and blood. Amen.  ~~~



jesus face


The Greatest of these IS Love ❤️


In His Grace,

E ~





04 Nov 2018

Blood type C ➕ (GomustWE)

  1. 551976_356879881087543_1016047998_nimages12166887_10207993635856946_547456957_n11108861_1132512883430491_1931539974716697360_n184414_10151642914512863_1045860989_n10527370_10152605851838879_2057460581450348634_nResizeImageHandlerWhen I was a child… I was not super great, at math. At best, if i worked really hard, i might get a b ➕. On a test, with tutors, if i got an A, or an A ➕, it was, completely… 100% God. Because, yeah a math scholar, not my natural gift. If it was an English test, or Literature. Yes!! !!  ❤️ ~



Then, we fast forward to MANY years later…. When I meet my… Phenomenal Genius, husband. Yes, He is ✅ check..  an Aspergian Superman, by the Grace of God. He is Funny, and beyond infinitly smart. Stupidly smart, I might add. ❤️ To someone, like ME, that can bring challenges. But God… ~




You SEE. My blood type, is C ➕. It is Christ, ➕ the Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit. ❤️ I have Heaven, in my DNA. I am divinely made, to BE. So is my David, and WE are united, to be together, in unity, by Grace. ❤️ Beautiful. Yes. ❤️ Easy. Not always. My husband thinks, quite different 👑 than me. Yet, by God’s grace, WE can find 🔍 the same page.  ❤️




Today, the hot topic, was mission fields. And, we were reminded, that it is simple. Everwhere is, a field of mission. Because, everywhere needs, Love. ❤️ And that, mission begins, when WE open 👐 our eyes, each day.  ~


“We must Go “~~~ to quote Tim Hughes ” Live to feed the hungry, stand beside the broken. We must go. Stepping forward… Keep us from just singing, move us into action, WE must go. ” ~




A few years ago, at WMC, (Westminster Chapel) we did a project with Sarah. It was to make a piggy bank. It was a green one. Like a tourquoisy, green. I have a picture of her and me. We used glitter paints, and had a blast making it. It was to put coins in. We filled it, and gave it to the church. The purpose, for families, who needed food. I believe maybe, a food bank. ~~~




#beautifulmemories ❤️




This is what Jesus, does for US. He fills US, when we allow, Him to. My prayer that WE release the yuck, to Him. Today, WE receive the new. In Jesus name. I could use some good? How bout you?




We come asking, for something better. Choosing to give up, the bad. With repentant hearts. Heal us Lord. By your grace. In Jesus name. ❤️




In His Heart,




28 Oct 2018

Child of Wonder ~ 💫💌👓💫

19693_491506860886978_1220456359_njesus loves me brightarticle-0-18F3722200000578-71_634x360Where to begin today. Well, let’s start with this? Did you ever WONDER…if YOU…are WORTHY of LOVE?!?!? Because, for whatever REASON…I have much time to WONDER. Call it reflection, call it, really whatever word you like, in kind. Smile. Because, the simple FACT is…JESUS is ALWAYS on my MIND….



And, that means ❤️  LOVE is…. YET… I have TRULY battled, with THIS question. And, NOT just for myself….either. Grace needed. And, ” A little patience please.” To quote my FAV film, from this year… “THE SHACK.”




The SONG on …. “When I’m back on MY FEET (Michael Bolton) again” YES…that. TEARS. Not from sorrow. BUT … JOY. It is VERY SURREAL, to LIVE this LIFE. At times, it is hard to explain. Almost constant FIRE and ICE, it seems. YET… GRACE remains. Smile . I am…a CHILD at HEART. I am HIS child of WONDER, and hers too. How bout you? What do YOU wonder about?





Do YOU wonder about SILLY things…or BIG ones? Are you dreaming BIG or SMALL? The song, now…. ” YOU WERE MY EVERYTHING.”  (Jodie Watley) And I sit before my KING…listening to HIM…sing …and I sing… we sing…together. LOVE #singingwithJESUS ❤️





Sometimes in LIFE….it FEELS like the RUG gets pulled OUT. It FEELS like YOU are DOWN, for the COUNT. YOU are at a LOSS. Total. GRace comes in. ☂ Rain  comes down. Somehow….YOU are YOU again, when THEY said, it COULD NEVER BE. His LOVE….comes through again… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



” Do you Remember” (Phil Collins) So loved THIS song…. Sang it over many. Always with a desire, for OTHERS to HEAL. Never knowing, the depths, of WHAT would come. For ME or THEM. Tears. The NEVERENDING STORY, of Heaven’s LOVE. The gift, goes on. .. ❤️





Grace Grace. Such GRACE in THIS place. To HEAL, to imagine, to create. Grace to get it right and wrong, in the SAME breath it seems. Grace to SEE our DREAMS come true. . Because, they are HIS DREAMS too!!!!! ” Don’t know MUCh, but I know I love YOU.” (Linda Rondstadt, and Aaron Neville) Exactly that…. I sing to JESUS. The song of my HEART, is He. My heartbeat too. NOt just a word, unto me. Soooooooooooo much MORE!!!!!!








Next song … ” I wanna TELL the WHOLE Wide World About YOU” (A’me Lorain) ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

THIS is how I FEEL about HIS LOVE!!!! I say THIS to HIM.



Picture this…



On the Bench. Rainbows  in the sky. Stars bursting ✨  ALL around. The bench is pink. It has green legs. I’m just sitting there, chatting with MY LOVE. ❤️  ANd, we are practicing singing too. There is HEALING taking place. He embraces ME. These words, with HIS eyes. His GAZE…a Mezmorize.





“HOLD ON” ~ ” TO ME….beautiful ONE. I have got YOU. and, YOU are doing so GREAT. Breathe. Rest. Recieve. Let my LOVE be YOUR waterfall. LOve ME…I will LOVE YOU. Just as WE always have. Different, but same. You know this refrain. LOve, beautiful one. Oh, how I LOVE you. Smile. lightning strikes , the ground beside me. I will fight for YOU. Be still.” ~~~ ❤️





Like a SCENE…from the  LION KING. I am in AWE and wonder again. Oh my BESTESET  friend EVER!!!!! GIves me a NEW day every day. LOVE. His ways, so WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYA!!!!!!!Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️



In His Grace,


24 Oct 2018

Strength Meter ~ ⌛️ 🕐 💞 💔 🚆

19693_491506860886978_1220456359_nil_570xN.453547725_r07x13933360_10155100327842785_752944123_nfighting-parentslarge816e6e642d8b65a15137333cbf5ed2301024_1069125859787707_7567550745995162315_n184414_10151642914512863_1045860989_n10629809_10153111053447785_7211140165111379869_n (1)Hello.  Just in case, you are NEW.  I’d like 💗 to introduce myself.  I am…. Elea Grace.  I am 42 years old.  It is VERY nice to meet you.  ❤️ Welcome to Redemption. The purpose here, is to find 🔍 some hope. My goal, for all who visit, is that something, you read 📘, can bring some healing, to you.  Because , I TRULY believe the world needs more Love. There is lots ,of pain.  And, together, when we Love on each other, that pain, gets better. Only… By God’s Grace.  😊




Today… I’m writing about, a tough topic, for me.  Strength.  People, are always saying, “You are Soooooooo strong. ” And my reply, ” I don’t Feel strong. ” So what is the strength meter?  What is yours?  I mean… Life throws Lots… At US.  As A kid, I’d look up… And think… ” Can’t WE catch a BREAK?! !?! ” As an adult that became a MUCH more ➕ angry. . Thought.   And EVENTUALLY… I would begin to 🎓 the critical lesson, of the IMPORTANCE of SURRENDER.




Oh that WORD SURRENDER ,cuts… Like a knife 🔪 for so many.  And honestly, still can for me.  But God….




What kind of challenges, and trials, can WE endure???

Health challenges…

Check ✅



Spouses health challenges

Healed of Many Diseases.  Just diagnosed with Aspergers, and yet, doing amazingly well.



Check ✅

Children health challenges…



Check ✅

Sarah… Healed from AML Leukemia… And yet…

Jesus still chose to take her Home.  Because, it was Time 🕐  We know this.  But does it stop the pain.  No.




Parental Health Challenges…

Check ✅

Both… Went Home to Jesus..



Sibling Health Challenges…



Do you see a pattern?

But God…



As the song… Oh my Soul… Comes on..

And the Lyric… “you’re not alone”

Plays ❤️




Life is Really tough…

And that… Is putting it mildly…

It is MEANT to Challenge US….



It is MEANT to BE an EDUCATION. I used to wonder, if I was born into, the correct family.  The right one.  It is FULL of teachers.  I mean, EVERY single 🌹 GEnErAtion has at least, 1 or more.  Usually many… Teachers. And so, I didn’t want to. I was pretty much, kinda hell beant against it. And I rebelled against it, for a VERY long time. Until one day, I remembered something. My precious Mama Sarah, who gave birth to me, said to me, “Katy, You teach in everything you do.  Your Life is your testimony. ” I will NEVER forget those words. In so many ways, they sort of, haunted me, for a while….




But, now. They truly, strengthen me. What is my strength?  Love. What is that name? Jesus. I’m not trying to convince others. I’m just telling you, I’ve been in really dark places.  He is the only rescue.  Period.  And, did I find out, the hard way.  But God.~~~




Last night. On the three year anniversary ,of my heart 💞 stopping for five 🕠 minutes ,we opened up, our sweet butterfly 👐 👼 angel’s ashes for the very, first time.  What I felt… Peace.  We had the tools.  There was quiet music, in the background.  Interesting to me, my husband, chose to sprinkle a bit, over a plant in the yard, that was dying.




I believe in New Life. I believe in New Growth. These ashes are about love, life, and so much more.  It was time, to do this.  We both knew it.  And, somehow, WE had the strength, and tools needed.  Did it feel good?  Well… It felt right.  We always said, “She’s His first and ours… Second. ” We truly never dreamed, we would be tested ,on that. Yet somewhere WE probably knew…




There’s another song…

“One boy… One girl.. 2 hearts beating wildly, to put it mildly, it was Love at first Sight.  He smiled She smiled.  They knew right away.  This was a love they had waited for all their lives.  And for a moment, the whole world, revolved, around one boy, and one girl.  ” ( Colin Raye)




We want to Thank Everyone… For ALL the LOVE and Support ❤️

It REALLY matters to US…

We have REALLY felt it…

We know WE are not perfect… And have definitely been VERY emotional. Please Forgive US, for ANY offenses that may have occurred… Known or Unknown.  We LOVE you ALL, so MUCH.  And,  WE so desire, the mending of Fences, with the Love, and compassion and understanding. ❤️

Faith.. Hope.. And Love… 🔑 🔑 🔑




The Greatest of these… Love… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


In His Grace,


E ~







19 Oct 2018

The JESUS show 📺 ❤️ 😇 💐🐛

happily-ever-after-wood-printjesus-in-heaven-jesus-26448207-480-38312166887_10207993635856946_547456957_n29caf0651dd94f57758d9befcb449fc810527370_10152605851838879_2057460581450348634_n12933147_1006662052755725_309458154322036022_n184414_10151642914512863_1045860989_nEvery single day, I spend with Jesus.  I spend it, with His loving hand, guiding me.  Because, of this, I am so honored to have, a Heavenly Father. Plus, a truly wonderous Holy Spirit too.  There is NOTHING like, or better than, the Family of God.  ❤️

My favorite place, to sit with Jesus is… The Garden.  ~~~


Picture this : A 12 year  ~ old me, with my hair in ponytail.  I’ve been outside playing, climbing trees and jumping rope.  My body is tired, but resilent,  as most children ‍‍‍ are.  My clothes are dirty and grungy. And I walk in, to His garden.  I’m feeling like, I really should have, come under the waterfall.  You know, to clean off.

Then… I SEE Jesus.  And suddenly , EVERYTHING is CLEAR, and CLEAN.  I look down at my clothes.  Suddenly, I have this, beautiful dress on.  And, my old clothes are, being washed by “local angels. ”  I’m in AWE as, I see NEW clothes.

It’s like a scene, from Cinderella. You know the one, where the fairy godmother, gives HER New clothes.  But, the difference is, the NEW clothes Jesus gives, STICK.  So as I feel my hair, drawn up in this beautiful bun, like a ballerina.  I realize it’s TIME 4 Jesus Talk.  ❤️

Miraculously , I can hear Jesus.  Not just in quiet, but in noise too.  Because, the world gets quite ramboncious. I sit down, next to Jesus.  As He motions for me, and pats his hand on the bench.  Hmmm the bench.  I’m feeling a few nerves inside, like butterflies.

Without words, being spoken.  Jesus just looked my direction ↘️, and my clothes changed.  I got a NEW outfit, just from a glance.  The power in His eyes.  The LOVE ❤️ that resides there. ~~~



He begins to say,

“I know you’re feeling MANY emotions.  But, remember that surrender is KEY.  Rest dearone. Choose to wait but not, be weighted down, by the challenges around you. My Love is bursting through, EVERY barrier.  Remember , that I will NOT fail, you or ANY of my children.  You will NOT be dropped.  You are a treasure, unto ME.  You matter.  I’ve chosen you.  I call you by NAME. You are MINE. Choosing MY path, in FULL is a process.  You are doing well, and I see, every detail.  I hold your heart.  It is united with mine.  I am bringing healing, restoration and Freedom.  Receive, my beautiful one.  ”


I sit before my King.  I touch my crown.    I feel the rainbow sparkles, and it strengthens me.  His promises.  I cry, yet my Heavenly makeup does not smudge.  He holds me.  He reaches out, a jar to catch my tears.  He smiles….  ❤️


He looks up at me, after gently tilting my face towards Him.  And, then He takes a DEEP breath.  He blows, tenderly in my face.  And says,  “Refreshment, my beautiful. ” ❤️


He continues to say, “I have made promises, and I will keep them.  Because, I Love ❤️ you.  You will NOT ,mess this up, my beloved.  ”

I start to hand Him, my crown.  And He says, “No precious.  The crown must stay.  There is a beauty, for the ashes ⚱ coming forth.  Humility. The sparkle and ✨ shine, of MY Love. You are worthy, simply because I, say so.  I, the Lord have Spoken.  ”


I’m so Lovestruck, by every ounce, of His heart.

Today, the story changed a bit.  Yet, to He who holds, EVERY chapter, it is, THE SAME.  ~~~


Grace Grace… Unto princess Elea, from my King.  As He prepares me for a NEW birthday.   ~~~


My God shall supply ALL our needs.  Mine, Yours and ALL of ours, who belong to the King.  Thank you Jesus, Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit.  You are Love. ❤️ Through you, WE are LOVE.  Thank you for healing hearts, minds, and bodies.  Only YOU can. We come with repentant hearts, receiving.  With JOY, we celebrate you.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


In Jesus Love,

~E ~


01 Oct 2018

Betrayed BY God?!? ~ 🙁 ❤️ 💔 🚒 🚨

10906241_603447309799087_6353916573394658360_n11250155_10153643998796223_3692579556315771082_n11702785_10200801803564457_8496415044547532650_n10274071_10154554801292785_1555357345691557540_n-jpg1god-of-the-broken-home-cc-image_october_2013184414_10151642914512863_1045860989_n11108861_1132512883430491_1931539974716697360_nOver the last week, I have been noticing, a lot of posts about betrayal. Most have been uplifting, and encouraging. Having said that, the topic of betrayal, is not an EASY one. Although, everyone ON this planet, has experienced, SOME form of betrayal. The definition of this word, is somewhat simple. One defintion, from WEBSTERS, says this : “Violation of a person’s TRUST or confidence.” ~~~



Have YOU every had this happen? Would venture, to say, EVERYONE would say YES. If you are a CHILD of GOd, you are guaranteed, to experience THIS.  In Fact, YOU are promised, THAT you will encounter THIS, numerous times. Because, HOW many times was Jesus betrayed? LOTS. ~



But does GOD ever BETRAY us? I have asked this question, SO many times. ANd, the answer, I have, is NO. Yet, it often FEELS, like HE does. But, feelings, when NOT surrendered to God, are like swords. They can stab, and hurt. This is true, when WE react or respond to others.~~~~~



But, it is ALSO true, in our relationship, with GOD. We are often persecuted. SOme think, that those in the BODY of Christ, know nothing, about that word. But, you SEE that is simply wrong. MANY in the body , KNOW that definition, VERY deeply. One defintition, is ” TReat with hostility, and ill treatment, because of what ONE believes.”  Another meaning, from WEBSTERS is, ” Condition of being harrassed or annoyed.” ~

❤️ ❤️ ❤️


THERE are MANY who are LIVING this life, and know the DEPTH of this. Not just in FOREIGN nations, IS this happening. For, THIS is happening, ALL over the world. And it was promised, that it would. BUT, does that make it EASIER? No, not really. HIs GRace, makes it MORE bearable. Because, that gift and Heaven given weapon, is given, to soften the blow. His mercy, and HIs LOVE, married together, HELP US, to ENDURE and to go forth. ~~~




When, WE often struggle. How many times, do YOU want to quit? Just give up, and be DONE? This is something, THAT WE surrrender daily. Because, EVEN when Jesus is, doing the GOOD, and the beautiful, through you; IT does not ALWAYS feel great. Our BODIES go through, crucifixtions, And, THOSE are often, very challenging. Because, there is ANGUISH, and AGONY, in the process. NOt to mention, the GREAT suffering, that comes. 💔 ❤️ 💔



How many times, do WE ask GOD, to make things STOP? There is such GRACE for that. And often, in HIS tender mercies, HE slows things down. There is a place, in the LIFE book, where it speaks of TIME, and how HE shortens the days. I am definitely GRATEFUL, for HIS fighting for US. This morning, #24, I am reminded, THAT WE are ROYAL. WE are KINGS, and QUEENS, and PRINCESSES and PRINCES, of the HEAVENLY court. THAT is NOT a SMALL title. IT comes, with GREAT responsibility. ANd, it comes with TREMENDOUS ❤️ LOVE . WE are so beyond BLESSED to sit at the right hand, of GOD. To REIGN, with the KING of KINGS, is an HONOR and beyond.






To GO BOLDLY, where FEW go….IS TRULY a gift. LOVE. Because, WE go THERE with HIM. ~~~

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



Today, HE is speaking in the quiet, and in the STORMS. There are literal storms, and LESS obvious ones. But, the KEY is, that JESUS is the HEAVENLY EYE. He does NOT sleep or SLUMBER. WE can TRUST in HIM, and HIS ways. YES. WE can. Despite the MANY challenges, in THIS world;THERE is nothing, that HE cannot HEAL. His POWER is VERY REAL, and it WILL undo EVERYthing, that NEEDS undoing. ~~~ ❤️

TRUST in the LORD, with ALL your HEART, and LEAN NOT on your UNDERSTANDING. In ALL your WAYS aknowledge HIM. ANd, HE will make your PATH straight. Prov 3: 5-6. THIS, WE still stand ON daily. THen, in the hospital, with our BUTTERFLY, we stood. We Rested, WE fought, WE laughed, We cried. And, No matter who, THINKS otherwise, JESUS won. That is the TRUTH. The THunder roars, and the lightning still, strikes. BUT GOD. His LOVE love❤️ ALWAYS wins. ~



FEAR NOT. Because, HE promises, HE will NOT drop us. Take the TIME today, to praise HIM. Because, the difficulties, and challenges, are HERE to help. He will and DOES, keep the FAITHFUL, from ALL harm. Ask Him to strip ANY yuck, away.  Because nothing, is MORE powerful, than His Love.  Love❤️ Thanks be to GOD. ~~~



WE LOVE love❤️ you LORD, and WE thank YOU for, YOU. Thank you for DOING what YOU DO. Because, YOU are GOD. YOu undo the ties, that are unholy. YOu smooth out every mountain. THank you for LOVING us. THank you for TRUSTING us. WE forgive, once AGAIN, because YOU deserve that. WE choose to LEAN not, on our OWN understanding, because YOUR ❤️  LOVE is GReater. GIve us a heart, of Heavenmade LOVE, and compassion. Holy SPirirt, come with your rushing wind, and nurture us to healing. Help us see through your eyes. With your MIND, we choose your ways. IN the storm, we come, with repentant hearts, for our own imperfections, and missteps. THank you for your REDEMPTION. In Jesus name, and BLOOD. Amen. ❤️



In His Grace, LOVE, and Mercy,

His Daughter Elea


24 Sep 2018

Safe & Sound ~ Love ❤️

  1. New Beginngs ~~~ Love❤️ 12239719_10153428949738579_1494682980063883186_nWeerlig_oor_Pretoria10274071_10154554801292785_1555357345691557540_n-jpg1



    11066525_968046523236018_2138022594946879186_njesus loves me bright“In this world, YOU will have tribulation. But take heart, I have overcome the world.” Could NOT tell you, the exact spot, in the LIFE book, where THIS is found. But, IT is definitely PRESENT, and accounted for.  Smiles. You know what THIS verse has taught me? A lot. First, looking at the definition, of TRIBULATION. It means “Great suffering.” Oh, MY.


Specifically, It states, “A cause of GREAT suffering.” Looking further, at the define, WEBSTER’s states; ” Distress OR suffering resulting from OPPRESSION, or PERSECUTION. ”  This means, WE are guaranteed, TO HAVE TOUGH STUFF, happen. It is actually, A promise, THAT it will.  However, the second part states, “HE has overcome the world, so TAKE HEART. REst in THIS. Have PEACE in THIS. It means, WE cannot MESS up, the plans of GOD. ~~~ ❤️



And, IF we or ANYONE else, ATTEMPTS to try, and MESS with HIS plans; HE will handle it. How many times, have we heard, ” THE battle IS the LORD’s.” I used to SAY this, and still REALLY struggle, in TRUSTING it. But GOd. Even, THIS day, in my OWN flesh, I wanted to choose to disobey. But, oh my, the lesson, of obeying. RIGHT away, when WE must OBEY. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



Not from a place of IMPRISONMENT, or PAIN. But, from a PLACE of HONOR to our KING  . What gift can WE bring? US. He wants ALL of US, to be in agreement, with HIS heart. Even when, it LOOKS like, evil has victory. By, FAITH in JESUS, we must CHOOSE to SEE, with HIS eyes. ~~~ ❤️



The title, of this entry…”Safe and Sound. Love” ❤️


Do WE believe WE are SAFE in HIS care? That HE will provide ALL, of OUR needs, and HEAL us, when we get cut too? I DO, and yet, I am still HEALING, from the MANY betrayals, that have come too. Is that God’s fault? Well, YES and NO. I have learned, to see FAULT and BLAME, a bit different, than I did, once. In 2011, THe Heavenly Father spoke to me. I was in prayer, with my then, prayer partner. God moved so much, back then and NOW 2. And, that day, these WORDS came.  ~~~~~ Keys ~ ❤️


“I am SORRY for ALL of the SUFFERING, YOU have HAD to ENDURE and WILL HAVE to ENDURE. But, know THIS…. IF THERE was ANY other WAY, WE would HAVE TAKEN it, TOGETHER.” Your Heavenly Father ~ ❤️


This WORD, is not JUST for ME. It is for the ENTIRE body of CHrist. I sat in awe, barely able to speak. I looked up to Heaven, then. I thought, “What is He talking about? I have a GREAT life right now.” And to the naked eye, it looked, DARN near perfect. INcluding, to MY eyes, back then. I did not UNDERSTAND then, the depth, of WHAT was to COME.



All I knew, WAS we were in process of having more children, officially. WE had a flourishing, growing restaurant.  My husband had a good, and solid job, OVERALL. God was GREATLY providing, OUR needs, and for MANY others 2. I decided, to EMBRACE the ❤️  LOVE in THESE words, instead of what FELT like a ⚔ sword. I simply, could ONLY muster, “thank you.”



As a child, around age 10 or so, I played softball. Funny to me, that the pastor, mentioned sports. IT brought THIS back, to my memory. When it would STORM, I was absolutely TERRIFIED, to stay on the FIELD. And, hardly anyone, REALLY understood why. I did NOT know why, I was frightened. At least not THEN. I just knew it was like torture, and TORMENT, when those clouds , rolled in. If I saw LIGHTNING, I would literally RUN off the field. So many on my team, would make fun of me.



Yes, I forgive them, of course. Back then, there were SO many things, I saw. And, I did not, often know, what was good, or bad. I just knew how I felt. THat, was ALL I had. ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



And, it was NOT, that I did not know GOD. I came into the world, KNOWING LOve. But, circumstances, came, that brought WAVES. Those waves, were A LOT like ocean  ones. THey were sometimes, beautiful and calm. But, THAT was RARE. Most, often, they were the WAVES, of “YOU should NOT CARE.” And I would, say that, aloud. In fact, I would say it, in PROUD too. ~~~~~ Forgive me Lord. Help me, forgive myself too. ❤️



I just WANTED to WIN, the game. Everytime, WE Lost, the coach seemed SO defeated. It was like, HE would take it personally. Yet, somehow, I knew, it was just a game. It was also, a METAPHOR, for something more. As was and IS the lightning too. For, JESUS, is electricity. In essense, the FEAR, of GOD would hit me. AND, I did NOT understand, when HE shows UP, WE are STILL SAFE. What does it TAKE to comprehend THAT? ❤️



For EVERYONE, it is quite different. But, it TAKES, what it TAKES, for HIS Glory, to shine. ✨ I try, so hard, not to get BOGGED down, by appearances, my OWN included. It takes JESUS to clean up, LIFE messes. It just DOES. It takes HIM, to bring JUSTICE too. ONLY, He can do what WE cannot. THank HEAVEN’s WE are NOT GOd. Forgive us LORD, for anytime we have TRIED to do your job. Thank you for LOVING us, out of the SHEOLS (Hells) of this world. ~~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



Here, I thought, ” I am not gonna write, for a bit.” Well, I guess HE had other plans. YES. And oh MY, do HIS plans, supercede MINE. His, MINE and OURS. That is also a FILM, ” HIS, Mine and OURS.” It is a GREAT one, about a blended FAMILY. You see, WE have had many, IN house, and OUTSide. Family , that WORD has been like a comfort, and a thorn. ~~~



But, the FAMILY, of GOD will always keep. YOU are safe and SOUND. In HIS ❤️ LOVE , is where THIS family is found. NOthing, will BIND you in a way of BAD, when you EMBRACE, the Heavenly FAMILY of GOd. The Heavenly Father, Holy SPirit, and JESUS. For the 3rd, is the KEY, to ALL. Grace Grace, be unto US. ~~~ In Jesus Name. ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



A favorite MOVIE line, is from “Runaway BRide.” ~ It is first said, by Richard Gere, and later by Julia Roberts  “” I guarantee WE will HAVE TOUGH times. I guarantee, that at one time, ONE or both of us, is gonna want OUT of this. But, I also know, if I don’t ASK YOU to BE MINE, I will regret IT for the REST of MY LIFE.””  When she says THIS to HIM, she is submitting. And, OH MY, is it a beautiful SCENE. The one right AFTER is a STUNNING wedding, on HORSEBACK. So beautiful. LOVE. ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



There is a SONG that plays, on my favorite Pandora station, Once in a while, it plays. It is called, “The KING is ENTHRALLED with your beauty.” The definition of enthrall, is ” Capture the fascinated attention OF.” One definition says, “SPELLBOUND, or To HOLD in or REDUCE to SLAVERY.” That is the WEBSTer’s definition again. SMiles. Leave it to JESUS, to be drawn IN by US. Adoration, ❤️ LOVE , TReasured, WE are to HIM. He SEES us, as PERFECT. That is a word, I used to HATE. And yet, I have NO hate in ME. But, that word, in so MANY ways, was just the BAIN of my Xistence.



I was taught, by the behaviors of others, to STRIVE for perfection. I was not taught then, that to JESUS, I am perfect, JUST as I am. Maybe no ONE knew that either. I cannot say for sure. I am just grateful, that at the RIGHT time, I did learn. It IS a LOT to process. And, to be honest, I am still learning, , and growing. ~~~ Yet, there is much COMFORT, in KNOWING deep within, I AM SAFE. ~~~ ❤️



YOU are SAFE, and sound, in HIS ❤️ LOVE . Even those who are NOT choosing GOd, WE have scene HIM give grace to. It is by GRACE we have been SAVED. SOmetimes, the Grace is to stay HERE, and be part of LIFE. Othertimes, the GRACE is to go HOME. I have had MANY visits HOME. And, as I spoke of b4, one of those, was ALMOST permanent. But God. ❤️



I got to choose, because though WE are slaves to ❤️  LOVE, it is a CHOICE. I was honestly, in SHOCK, when HE said, ” I need your answer. Do you want to STAY or GO?” That question, there was NO easy answer, or was there? I guess the easy, would have been 2 stay. Yet, I looked DOWn, into the RIVER of LIFE. As I did, I saw a photograph, of my sweet Husband. He had, a TEAR frozen on His face. For His wife, had just died. He was crying in his SLEEP. ANd right then, I knew, “The JOURNEY was NOT complete. ~~~


So, I said, ” I so want to stay. THIS is my HOME. But, i made a promise to YOU, before I went there. I promised, to STAY, until the work was done. ANd it is NOT. So, I cannot come HOME to stay.” And He thanked ME, and showered me with LOVE and adoration. Every compliment YOU could EVER fathom. To name a FEW, ” My beautiful, My everything, My princess, My queen, My friend, My LOVE, My preciousness.” So much MORE, just GLORIOUS ADORING. He said, “Thank you, for counting the COST. Most of my children just, say YES. I sat in AWE and complete REVERENCE. ~~~ I then asked, “Sire , I have ONE request. I NEEEEEEEED to be MADE whole. Because, THEY need to SEE it. I need to SEE it too. But, THEY REALLY DO. ”  He looked at me, and then, bopped me on the head. And, He said, “Done.”  Then, He sent me back, to MY earthly HOME ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



There is MUCH more to THIS part of the STORY. No clue what act, or SCENE we are ON. Probably 3. 🙂 Because, that NUMBER, means SO MUCH to ME. LOVE. Redemption, of what WAS. Yes, that is taking place. Not as I pictured it, either. But God. Forgiveness, YES. By His Grace, in ways, some OTHERS might think ODD. But, we are FREE to be US. That is for SURE. There is JOY that comes in the morning, and MOurning as well. There is sorrow, that pops in, from time to time. But God. His Love will, continue, to ERASE and rewind. Now, when I enter storms, physical, or otherwise; THERE is a PEACE.❤️



IT is ONE that is often, tough to describe in WORDS. PEACE. SHALOM. In the hebrew language, “AHAVA” means LOVE. I believe that is correct. SMiles. His LOVE keeps us SAFE and SOUND. His LOVE abounds, into the DARKEST places. ~~~ His LOVE, and HIS Graces as well as MERCIES, fuel our LIVES. ~~~ ❤️


This day of VICTORY, and NEW BEGINNINGS too, TRUST in HIM to be your SAFE place. May HIS Grace, be ever sufficient for YOU. May it BE for US too, a shield and fortress. His LOVE to anchor US, in EVERY single storm. For, EVEN “the winds and waves, OBEY HIM.” At His command, the storm will cease. Yet, NOT till HE desires it to BE. ~~~ ❤️



Father give us your strength, keep us STEADY in the storms. Be our RESCUE. Holy SPirit, be our sail, and teacher too. Nurture us with every need and wisdom. Jesus be our BEST friend, and our brother too. Because, UNITED there is a STAND and it is beautiful. From, the moment time began, your LOVE has been. A WATERFALL of Heaven, YES. Truly sparkling, and refreshing. Like RAIN, FALL over us, to EASE every SINGLE pain. In Jesus name. WE come, once again, with hearts, repentant and laying down SORROW. Thank you for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Thank you that WE are SAFE and SOUND, by your GRACE. Your Mercy and LOVE, Parental, we thank YOU. We praise you too. In Jesus name and BLOOD. Amen. ~~~ ❤️




His Lion Cub ,


17 Sep 2018

GOOD KNIGHT SweetHeart ~ ❤️

1794740_10202793062767651_1849597989958784677_n12166887_10207993635856946_547456957_nfighting-parentsimages10356327_797736560298840_800842292463146719_n816e6e642d8b65a15137333cbf5ed2301024_1069125859787707_7567550745995162315_n778863_10151673469177785_890606283_oI woke up this morning, early. As a child, I became an EARLY riser, not exactly by choice. But, NOW, there is definitely redemption. I used to KICK hard against the goads. Meaning, I often wanted MY way.  Ultimately, THAT also means, I would fight God’s plans, for my life. I was NEVER really against God. The desire was NEVER, on purpose rebellion.  I was more, just CURIOUS then, if I could exert MY will. Oh My, was I a strong willed child. I admit, at times, that came out badly.  I could, quite frankly, be a BRAT. There were so MANY factors, that played into that.~~~ ❤️ 💔 💧




But, what I remember most, is NOT feeling heard. Because, back then, and NOW,  God would show me things.  I would get excited, and want to share.  So, I would try.  They key word, in that senstence is “I. ” It was often me, and not God. Not, that I was consciously, aware of this, because I was NOT.  All I knew was,  I wanted others to Love ❤️ Jesus.  And, back then, I wanted them, to love ❤️ and accept me too.  ~~~~



When my “family” or my “friends” did not LISTEN, to me, it hurt. 🙁  And, I, in my own IGNORANCE, often repaid evil for Evil.  The people themselves, most of them were just, trying to exist.  And, each one had pain, and wounds too.  The old adage, so true; “hurt people hurt people. ” I did NOT understand, how MUCH God desired ME. ~~~~ 💔 ❤️ 💔




To be REALLY honest, I’m still learning 🎓  about this.   I wanted to know MORE, so I would visit churches. ALL my close friends, were ONE specific denomination. And, I found that interesting. It doesn’t really matter, what one.  Because , God has purpose in ALL things.  And we’ve scene Him, use EVERY section, of the church. ⛪️ ~~~ ❤️



I tried to make FRIENDS in my own church. But, those friendships, did NOT seem to last. I think it is fascinating, how God would send me, to these other places. I would come home, asking my Mother then, ALL kinds of questions. And usually, her most common answer was simple. “We don’t believe that way,” She’d say. And I would say, “Well, what do WE believe?”  I often felt VERY confused and anxious, about the responses.  Sad🙁 Inside, I was thinking, “should I not choose for myself, what I believe? Should it be FIXED already? How is that fair?” ~~~



On very RARE occasions, I would be BRAVE enough to ask her, about that. The fairness answer, I’m sure you know well.  I would often hear,  “Life is NOT fair. ” And I would think, “It should be. ”  My oldest Sarah, (mother) was a FIGHTER in my life. Oh, MY did she fight for her kids, friends, and Family👪. I suspect, she still does, though quite different now. ~ ❤️ 💔 🌼🌻🌺💐🌸🌹🏵🌳🌲🌱💮💐



She was ALWAYS taking up for me. And, in a lot of ways, I am very grateful for that. But, I cannot say, I super appreciated it, THEN. ~~~ Especially, because she often, would say, ” I do not have ALL,  the answers.” That would terrify me. I would THINK, “but you are the one, who’s taking care of me. If you don’t have them, how do I get them?”  ~ More to the point, I’d wonder,  “Am I safe here, if you don’t know, or can’t help? ”



What frustrated ME as a CHILD, was I could hear, SEE, smell, sense and experience things. So, I would say these things aloud, and no one believed me. It was like Joseph, in the BIBLE. He had dreams, visions, and got insights. And He would try and share them, with THOSE He loved. He would tell his “family and friends.” And, his brother’s threw him into a PIT. He was sold into slavery. I so relate to this. Everyone around me, was always saying things, that just were crucifying. ~~~ 💔



Things, like, ” I forgot, it is ALWAYS, about Katy. The whole WORLD revolves around HER.” Those words, were like DAGGERS and swords⚔ to my heart, and soul. Even writing about it, is NOT easy for ME. But, it is spoken of, not to remind of the bad. It is for one reason, today. Those words then, might have caused ONE reaction, and led to infractions. But, NOW they heal ME. By God’s Grace, there is freedom, that comes in them. There is a humbling. ~~~~~ I had to come, to the END, of myself. Oh boy, does THAT happen daily 2. Because, once it begins, it does NOT exactly stop. And what it has TAKEN to get me, to that place, has been RATHER painful. But God. ~ ❤️ 💔 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



“In THIS world, YOU will have tribulation, and TROUBLE. But, take HEART, because I have overcome the world. “THIS is what Jesus says, to US. This is US. Oh, so that is where, He is taking THIS. 🙂 Back to the show📺. TV again. The transformative VICTORY. It started out, as a temporary one. BUT GOD. As a child, there were 3 main channels on TV. I am not saying, other channels were not present. I am saying, there were 3 of them, that broadcasted at highest frequency. These were ABC, NBC and CBS. Each one, had a line-up. THis is still true, today. The shows, have been switched out, but each one, has a section of shows. I have found, each STATION, has many shows that are helpful, fun and unique. But, what I noticed, as a KID, is the compete that happens. For example, there is always a competition, with Ratings, to see who can outdo the other. That never made sense to me. But, I just accepted it, because who was I, to know? !?






As I got older, and REALLY would lean into JESUS more, I would learn, competition is NOT a great plan long term. However, like EVERYTHING, it has a purpose. In the case of these stations, they better themselves, by competing with each other. So, as a young girl, there was a FRIDAY night family thing, on ABC. I think it was called, TGIF. They used those letters to mean, something else I am certain. BUt, I always heard, “Thank GOd IT IS Friday.” It was my favorite time of the week. ❤️  🎉  ❤️



I loved the block of shows, they would choose. THEY always made me laugh. 😄 😄 😄  Many of those shows, I still watch in reruns. Because, MOST of them, then were full of CLEAN humor. That, can be a BIT tougher to find, now. NBC had a Thursday, line up then. And, CBS, had a Saturday one, I believe. Memory still healing, with these things. But, the KEY point, is, I would look for FUNNY shows. Rarely, would I look for DRAMAs. Because, there was ENOUGH of that, in just day to day life. I desperately wanted laughter and JOY. In some ways, I wanted a distraction, from ALL the yuck, I saw. Sometimes, it worked, and other times, well, NOT at all. ~~~




So, now fast forwarding Some, because, we have set the scene. We come to, ONE of the newest shows, on TV. Yes, I had to have a minute, to build, to THIS. When this show, premiered, I thought, “That looks good….but.” It was like, I knew, it would be TOUGH to watch. And in some ways, it HAS been, VERY challenging, to SEE. But God. I say that a LOT.~~~ 💔



“THIS is US,” is the show,  on NBC, and it has a stellar cast. THe first episode, was tough for me. I admit, I cried a lot. SO many reasons why. The biggest, parallels in MY own life. I often watch the show, and PRAY. Because, God has promised healing in my “Family.” There is so much , that show has been used to teach me. The dad, is so much like my dad, who is NOW with Jesus. There were 3 of us kids, in the house. One difference, is that these “KIDS” are close, because they came together, in solidarity. I so want that. God willing, one day, it will BE. ~~~ ❤️ 💔 ❤️



But, the relationship, with the MOM, and the daughter. Oh yes, I so relate. She even has, part of my name. No mistake there. SHe battles weight. Yes, I did that too.  It is still something, i give to Him daily.  Self image.  Wow, no words.  Just learning to SEE myself, through His eyes of Love❤️. And eventhough she has a twin, not even he, gets her ALWAYS.~~~



But, she is determinded to LOVE. ❤️  Yes, THAT, i understand, so well. Even when life, just throws, HELL at you. That is ME, to a TEE. I am one, who will LOVE, at ALL cost. Especially, when it is undeserved. Because, I have learned, the hard way, it is NEEDED most then. And, I ask JESUS to LOVE through me, NOW. Because, back then, I did not know, I could. Everything about the show, “THIS is US,” resonates with me. I have been amazed how similar it is, to the life I have had. In life, we either embrace similarities, or RUN from them. You run to HELP. or away. ~ ❤️ 💔 ❤️



And, for ME, it takes JESUS to get me through each day. ANd, NO contrary to popular belief, there is NO impure religion in me. I simply LOVE ❤️  Him most. When the storms of this LIFE come, YOU must TRUST the captain, creator and director of THOSE storms. I mean, this quite literally. IF you do NOT trust in HIS help, you will struggle more. But, when YOU do, you are guaranteed to have more PEACE. ~~~ love❤️



That, is the beauty of HIS ❤️ LOVE . It is a union and partnership 2. 🙂 He promises to take CARE of you, and ALL you ❤️  LOVE 2. There is such COMFORT in this. If YOU never receive an apology, for being mistreated, kicked, bullied, thrown away; HIS LOVE love Love❤️, will FREE you. It is what it DOES. He loves you ANYWAY, there is NOTHING that can seperate YOU, from HIS LOVE. He is the Heavenly white KNIGHT. ANd HE is a GOOD KNIGHT. There is NOTHING that is BAD, that resides in JESUS. So, sweetheart, EMBRACE His hugs and kisses. LAY down, your feelings of shame and inadequacies. Be not insecure, about HIS guardianship, of YOU. You are SAFE in HIS loving arms. ~~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



I will write MORE about that TV show later. Becuase, it has been a great refrence, in the HEALING process. But, the one THING, that REALLY jumps out, from my memory of it, is simple. The doctor came in, after one of the babies, had died. He spoke to the dad character. I believe his name is Jack. What He told him, is such wisdom, and just fact. He said, ” if you can take the sourest of LEMON, and somehow, make LEMONADE; you have done well.” I may have misquoted it a bit. But, here is what it made me think of. “WELL DONE THY GOOD and FAITHFUL SERVANT.” Some think we have to wait, till our life ends, to hear these words. But, that is NOT so, you can hear them often; by God’s Grace. 🙂 ❤️ 💔 ❤️ 💧 😭



I rememeber, when WE had to make tough choices, my husband and I. Not, that we don’t have to anymore, because sometimes , WE DO. But, in the beginning, WE had some whoppers. We had to decide, whether to give CHEMO, to our daughter. My husband and I prayed, and fasted too. Before WE even knew completely, what THAT meant. Most of ALL, we sought peace. We said to JEsus, “She belongs to you. What do YOU want?” The asnwer we received, was a simple answer. Yet, it was PROFOUND too. He asked us a question, “What takes more faith, for you to do it the EASY way, or the one, that takes TRUST completely?” Love❤️



We decided, HE wanted a balance for our girl. And, she GOT that. For 5.5 months she was in the hospital. Rarely did WE leave, unless directed. She shined her LIGHT of ❤️ LOVE , so VERY brightly. SO many came to know JESUS’s LOVE because of her, willingness to endure. ~ This is still happening , because of His Grace.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



So many STILL are being FREED by the SEEDS of LOVE, planted. Grateful for that. It is what MAKES the journey, worth it! We chose to TRUST God, in ways we could not fathom. I would pray for our marriage, and JESUS began changing ME. I needed healing, because how could I be an example of ❤️ LOVE ? I sure did NOT know how to 🔦  shine it, like SOME. But GOd, He would patiently and delicately show me. And as this happened, there WAS healing that would come. THAT amazed me. Sarah was healed, in the hospital. ❤️  IN fact, God healed her numerous times. The doctors, were in awE of ALL the miracles. I still AM. Not, because of the miracles, themselves, but just because of how powerful, HIS LOVE is. #HisLOVEHEALSUS ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



My husband was HEALED in our HOme. Love❤️ And healing, Lasts, by the GRACE of God. Yes, that seems ODD to some. But, it is TRUE. You can have and by HIS Grace, do HAVE divine healing. It is your JOB, to receive it. It is your JOB to believe it. And, when you cannot, you MUST rely on JESUS to do it. Because, HE absolutely WILL. There is NO question about that. HIS ❤️ LOVE  will strengthen, heal, reveal and save. It will make, even YOUR enemies, LIVE at peace with you. His ❤️ LOVE  will do, what nothing else, can DO. It will MAKE you WHOLE. ~~~ ❤️


So today, CHOOSE this day, whom you serve. Do you SERVE the rescuer & GOOD KNIGHT?


For HE is a GOD of GREAT and BIG ❤️ LOVE !!!!!!! And one day, THIS world will END. and, when it does, it is BEST to be allied, with HIM. Because, anything else, will DESTROY. Grace Grace. ~



Heavenly FATHER, thank you for returning memories, so tenderly. Jesus thank you for standing for and with US. Holy Spirit, thank you for nurturing us, and replenishing every NEED. There is a HUMBLING happening, in the BODY. Grace be unto US and them. THank you for your LOVE. We come with repentant hearts, JOYFULLY willing to receive, ALL you have to give. WE praise you in advance. You are so FAITHFUL. Thank you for closing all doors, not devoted to YOU. For opening up, 2 the Gates of Heaven, for your KIDS. WE praise YOU, and give you HONOR. In Jesus name and BLOOD. AMen ~ ❤️















15 Sep 2018

SEcreTS of HEAVEN ~~~

Sunset from Morton Overlook, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Sunset from Morton Overlook, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee


jesus face







Smoky-MountainsMy favorite NUMBER is 333. It is NOT an easy number to BE part of. Let’s break it down some. #3 represents Glory, and the Heaven made UNITED trinity. #33 represents the AGE Jesus was, when HE did HIS ministry on EARTH. According to a site, called “bible Numbers for LIFE” it means A SIGN from GOD.  Love❤️ There are so MANY beautiful , MEANINGS of this ONE number!!!! Here I sit, in AWE of the redemption, of what WAS. It has already COME. Yes, it HAS. Yet, to US, we often only SEE, a portion, of WHAT has been. So many reasons why. There could be BLINDERS on our eyes. Pain, Stress, strife, old wounds, can contribute to PERCEPTION. Not to mention, how they can affect, OUR directions 2. ~~~ ❤️



There are SOME who, because of their DESTINY, are called to have MORE suffering than others. NOt to compare, or contrast, anyone. It is JUST a fact of life. Funny, THAT is where He is going with this. Back to TV again. 🙂 The THEME song, of the TV show , “The FACTS of LIFE” says so MUCH. Lyrics are, that I recall. ..” You take the good, you take the bad. You take em’ ALL, and their you have the facts of LIFE. the Facts of LIFE.”  Love❤️ The whole song, has hidden beauty, truth and wisdom of Heaven. 🙂 That show, was a favorite of mine, as a KID. Back then, I wanted to laugh. Because, from such a young age, I was practically um, FORCED to CRY. And, sometimes, I just COULD NOT keep it inside. Even now, there are moments, I will JUST burst into TEARS. THIS is how, my healing has happened here. Not, the ONLY way, but ONE. By God’s grace, ALONE. ~~~~~~ ❤️



I remember now, SOMEONE, told me, “YOU hold the secrets of heaven inside.” I thought, ” SO do you.” WE ALL, whom have chosen JESUS, have the KEYS. 🔑 🔑  Yet, do WE use them? I am speaking to ME too. LOrd knows, I am FAR from perfect. I admit THIS daily. But, MY GOD who made me, and make ME OVER daily, IS PERFECT!!!!! His timing IS, HIs  Love❤️ LOVE is, HIs HEART is. EVERYTHING about JESUS, is TRUE PERFECTION! In this world, WE will have TROUBLE, at time. Funds, may not seem to be, what they should. A child may be going through the valley of DEATH. You might barely, be functioning.  But GOD, is SOVEREIGN. HIS LOVE is healing. Love❤️



The number #1 SECRET of Heaven, is simple. CHOOSE Jesus. ❤️  That does not SEEM like a secret. IT seems, like it SHOULD be a NO brainer. Yet, when trials come, and GO. Who are we looking to, for HELP? ARe we choosing HIS LOVE, above ALL else? ~~~~ ❤️



I will JOYFULLY admit, that I struggle, at TIMES, with HIS plans. Let me be CLEAR here, I do not purposefully, FIGHT His plans. But, there are times, in MY own strength, that I have made some MAJOR foul ups. And, oh am I, thankful for GRACE. ❤️  His Grace covers ME and US. It brings FREEDOM, that is TOUgh to put into words. SOME think it is absurd. BUT, it still IS there. Love❤️



There is a PEACE, because of HIS GRace, that bad is gonna NOT overtake. There is JOY, in the mourning process too. Why? Because, He set it up that way. He chose for JOY and sorrow, to be married together. One cannot exist, without the other. And, as WE trust in HIS ways, and plans, there is JOY, immeasureable, in ALL things! I am NOT saying, you will always FEEL happy or JOYFUL. But, you CAN be, rooted in the JOY of Jesus. I am LIVING proof, that IT will be your strength. ~~~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



Joy, in feeling neglected, and at times unprotected too. I have so been there. I still battle, the NOTHINGNESS, that surfaces, in THIS world. But God. ~~~ ❤️



Secret #2, YOU cannot mess HIS plan UP, and neither can ANYONE else. YOu do not have to FIX things around you. Yes, you have a ROLE to play. That is TRUE. However, HE is GOD with and without US. WE can REST in HIS doing what HE does. HE will bring VICTORY, as WE REST in HIS LOve. ❤️  I remember the first TIME, I learned THIS…



It was when Sarah was born. That very day, at 6:30am. I looked down, at this precious angel. Angel😇 butterfly👐 With FEAR and TREMBLING, and reverence for GOd really, I would find. Years later, the intimacy and ❤️ LOVE , would become EVIDENT. But, there was this whisper, as I looked into HER eyes. Yes, to my surprise, just for me, just for a moment, she LOOKED at me. I remember, others around, saying, “That is IMPOSSIBLE.” And, I said, “I promise SHE DID.” And in those eyes, Heavenly whispers, EVEN then. Love❤️ Saying, “YOU CANNOT mess THIS up. ” Telling me, even if I were to try to, HE had a plan for that too. 🙂 ❤️



It is NOT easy, LIVINg LIFE, like this. Even people JESUs chooses , have often persecuted and slandered US. Yet, we DO count it ALL joy. Because, WE are HIS kids!!!! Love❤️ He does NOT Fail. No matter, how it SEEMS. He will RESTORE broken DREAMS. I trust HIM. How about you? Whom and what shall WE Fear? Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, is Greater, than HIS LOVE. ❤️  And, HIS LOVE is HERE, for US. ~~~~



That brings us to secret #3. HIS LOVE will HEAL you, as you allow HIM to have COMPLETE access to EVERYTHING. #HisLOVEHEALS . ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



These principals, and secrets SEEM so simple, right? Yet applying them, 2 LIFE takes tremendous GRACE. More each day, in SOME ways. And when more Grace is given, well the FIRE turns up. Lyrics, “The heat is on. It’s on the streets” Remember that Song? The FIRE of His ❤️ LOVE , is greater than that, of the enemy. It will feel cold, sometimes in THIS world. But, it will NOT go out! It will BURN, until ETERNITY!!!!




Love❤️ Not everyone will LOVE, what Jesus gives you. That is, so okay. YOu just let HIM LOVE you, ANYWAY. The job, of the CHILDREN of God, is to LOVE. To Forgive, and to STAND in HIS Heavenly Essence. YES. We are often, beautifully broken. But, it does NOT always FEEL good. I can testify to THIS too. WE can. However, HIS LOVE is worth, the suffering. There is NOTHING better, not on earth, or HEAVEN, than the LOVE of GOD. ~~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



As we approach the 5 year MARK, I remember she was and IS, and always will BE. A Grace child, a mirror of HIS beauty. Yet, still voices and lies, of the world try to TAKE away, from the GOOD and wonder. As the song, “CHILD of the ONE true KING.” (C Tomlin) comes on. We REFUSE to be conformed to THIS world. He commands, “BE transformed, by the renewing of OUR minds.” This is in the LIFE book. Not certain of where. But, it is THERE. Love❤️



To be quite transparent, THIS has not been, an EASY 5 years. There has been pain,  shouting, at times as WELL as CRYING, and not as obvious JOY. But, HIS LOVE has sustained us. It preserves US, each and every single day. And as many spew hate, WE now can smile. Not to mock, or anything bad. But just because JESUS has it covered. FRom dawn to dust, and vice versa, HE will fight for YOU. ” Be still and know, that HE is GOD.” (psalm 46) ~~~ ❤️



Secret #4 The LORD wants a willing child, with a heart of repentance and surrender. THIS way, the LOVE of God, can penetrate, through the PAIN. His heavenly RAIN will appear. It may NOT always feel, like Heaven to us. But, it IS. Grace Grace. ~~~ love❤️




And #5 SECRET – Through HIS eyes, ANYONE is LOVED. You can LOVE your enemies, through the EYES of Jesus. His heart , is that NONE should perish. ~~~ Thus, it should be OUR heart. Yet, WE cannot choose FEAR….. and try and manipulate circumstances, around us. Forgive us LORD. Many are still choosing Fear, over FAITH in His ways. But God. He stays the SAME. always. Thank GOD for Grace. love. ❤️



Also, choose THIS day, whom you serve. ONLY He knows, for SURE. Do you serve the ONE who saved you then and NOW? Because, IF YOU DO, He asks one thing. LET HIM LOVE YOU!!!! This day, of Delieverance, choose to say YES to HIS heart. He will take those torn apart pieves, and pieces too. HE will HEAL YOU. It is finished. YOU will see it. WE are proof, of HIs LOVE. 🙂 ❤️


Father in HEAVEN, mutiply your ❤️ LOVE,  in this land. Thank you in advance. Holy Spirit blow away the bad and the yuck. Jesus thank you, for being the 🔑 KEY, to more than WE need. We praise you, and give you honor, ALWAYS. Most, of all, we come with repentant hearts. And, we TRUST you, to rewind and bring HEALING. To restore, like never b4, and erase when necessary. You are EVERYTHING to US. We receive your LOVE, with JOY, this day!!!! in Jesus name and BLOOD, we pray. Amen. ~ ❤️



#JUSTKEEPLOVING – the secret that has NO number 🙂 IT is infinite. 🙂 Jesus 🙂 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



In His Grace,


14 Sep 2018

PERseVerE ~ #EveryTeAR 💧 ❤️ 🌻🌸 🚆

  1. 10527370_10152605851838879_2057460581450348634_n12166887_10207993635856946_547456957_n13933360_10155100327842785_752944123_nfighting-parentslarge29caf0651dd94f57758d9befcb449fc8184414_10151642914512863_1045860989_nWhen the LORD awoke ME, knowing current conditions, today….I said “YES Lord.” Yet, my physical BODY wanted more SLEEP. Somedays, it SEEEMS so little to ME. But, as someone  love❤️ ❤️ ❤️ lovingly reminded me, “It TAKES what it TAKEs.” It definitely DOEs…do THAT. I asked HIM what to SPEAK on, today with written WORDS. And, one word CAME. SURRENDER. That WORD…oh MY. Has been a culprit, and connection to SO many lies, HERE. But, by HIS Grace, may THAT be NOW overturned. In Jesus NAME.  Love❤️ Everything is CONNECTED. Some days, I would LIKE that NOT to BE. But, it IS. It is a SIMPLE fact, and it does NOT have to SCARE ME. And it does not have to BRING fear 2 YOU, either. By HIS Grace, FREEDOM can come in it’s place. ~~~ ❤️



So, Act 2 SCENE 3, it seems…



“JUST BREATHE”, i hear my Jesus say. ~~~  The song ON – “I will RISE” (CTomlin) ❤️



“”I will RISE when HE calls MY NAME. No MORE SORROW, NO MORE PAIN.”” That lyric. WOW . Just that one. NOt to mention the WHOLE SONG. Manna HERE. NO need 4 trying to be perfect. JESUs knows, everything I naturally SEE as flaws. To HIM, that MAKES His design, MORE beautiful, at the CROSS. And by HIS Grace, ME too. ~~~~ ❤️




So, in THIS scene picture THIS… a child in her bed. Age 9. Sound asleep, and dreaming in peace. Then, in SUDDEN SHOCk, her Momma comes IN. The MOMMA is in a PANIC. Because, this CHILD’s ROOM has just been ASSAULTED. There were ROCKS thrown, through the WINDOWS. 2, at LEAST that I recall there. One, in at least another ROOM in the house. The MOMMA is completely FREAKING out. The husband, and Daddy trying to comfort her. But, NOT knowing what to say. And that CHILD, for a LOOOOOOOOng time, could NOT sleep peaceful, after that DAY. While this is happening, her brother, middle and his friend, were watching TV in the “play room.”  That room, was the ONE in the home, where FRIENDS, would come and fellowship. ~~~



Also, same NIGHT the mail box OUTSIDE, made of RUBBER then. To our surprise, after assesment, by AUTHORITIES….bashed IN. Yet, by God’s Grace, WE remained SAFE. ❤️  My middle brother again, in the scene, directed by my Momma was told to get a movie. Specifically, ONE for ME. I can ONLY imagine now, if HE had the thought, “her needs first again.” I pray and hope NOT. Only Heaven knows, for sure. I know I pray, for healing of wounds, that CAME from years of neglect and abuse. I say THAT in respect to MY life, and OTHERS 2. I ask forgiveness b4 God, about these times in LIFE. Because, NOW so much SEEMS lost. The TEARS, starting to FORM. I have to believe HE HAS what is LOST. Because, He is indeed, KING of the LOST and Found. ~~~~~ ❤️ ❤️


In Reflection, I am grateful, for the MOVIe. But, OH did THAT FILM, tell a lot that night. YET no one spoke of it. THEN. It was my FAVORITE, at that TIME. It was my SARAH Bear’s favorite. That was her Name here. One of MANY, from endearance and LOVE. I am grateful, for my brother… who stayed with ME, then. I was shaking like a LEAF. I was more frightened, of the FEAR, i saw on my mother’s FACE. The whole EVENT, did not shake me, NEARLY as much, as seeing HER distress. I cannot speak for my brother, on this topic. Nor, will I try. Perhaps, ONE day He will chime IN, In kind. I would welcome THAT. Just emphasis on the KIND, part needed. He has always shown me kindness. Even at TIMES, he did not understand, or had his own stuff going on. My brother’s heart, has always had  love❤️ LOVE for me. In some ways, true of them BOTH. I repent, and ask forgiveness, for NOT believing THAT long ago. ~~~




The song… ‘Once and for ALL’  – (Lauren Diagle) “Help me to LAY it down. Oh Lord, I lay it DOWn. Oh let THIS BE, where I die. My LORD with THEE, crucified. Be lifted HIGH, as MY KINGDOMS Fall. Once and for ALL. Once and for ALL.” This MUSIC — ALL music HAS so MUCH meaning, even MORE than b4. EVERYTHING does. People, places, things, mean A LOT. Let me be VERY clear HERE…they will NEVER mean more, no EVER than JESUS. Yet, thank God for the GRACE to appreciate the GIFTS . “EVERYGOOD and PERFECT GIFT, COMES from ABOVE.”  Yes That is in the LIFE BOOK. Address, not sure yet. But have learned, google is often a friend. 🙂 ~~~ ❤️



I want my Family, in particular my BRothers, to know. That is they ever had a NEED, no matter how small or BIG…. IF WE, could help, WE would. THAT is a promise. Because, you are SO LOVED. Love love❤️ I know, THAT as a sister, I have Royally MESSED up, A LOT. I truly PRAY that forgiveness will COME, in EVERY degree. LISTEN 2 MY HEART, I so want my FAMILY, NOT RIPPED apart. And, I forgive the HANDS, and mouths that have been, instruments to that MESS. But, please SEE the last paragraph, and crucifixtion of SELF. This is PART of that. Oh Heaven, hear the YELP. ~~~


It is LIKE animals, CAUGHT in a SNARE. All the while, often entertaining angels , unaware. That is what happens HERE on earth. This scene, this ACT. I am not the writer, director, of even greatest actor, or showperson. That TITLE is FAR greater than, I am. It belongs to the HOLY Lamb of God. And only HE can set captives FREE. I include myself in THIS too. He sets me FREE daily. And if I do NOT agree, I go RIGHT back into, OLD captivities. In a snap, that can happen to me. It could happen to ANYONE. The ONLY one it cannot happen to, is JESUS. Because Jesus never FELL. ~~~ ❤️



Back to the SCENE…this LIFE MOVIE. Wow.  As soon as the INVADERS left our HOME, it seemed the next TARGET was the school. It was the HIGHSCHOOL , my mother taught. She taught there for 35 Years. Actually, it would be 36 if you count the prep year, before official. Whoa, that is NEW today. “He makes ALL things NEW.” Indeed. They destroyed the CHOIR room and BAND room. And, they EVEN threw a PIANO, off the Stage in a theater. I believe it was the MAIN theater. They took spray paint and tagged walls, and just brought CHAOS. I do NOT recall if they were drinking, or involved with drugs. But, none of that would shock me. I’m not naming the NAMES of their family, or MINE, because discretion protects. Jesus is the director HERE, not I. Thank GOD for that. Lyrics on – ” Everyone needs compassion…the kindness of a SAVIOR.” (Mighty to Save” – Hillsong United )Yes, EVERYONE deserves Grace, LOVE and kindness. EVERYONE. Even those who TRIED to RUIN everything. THEY deserve it too. ~~~ ❤️



FADE into the NEXT day. I was exhausted, and trying to just breathe. My mom, trying to act like everything was FINE. Reminds me of another MOVIE. Um, it is called, “THe Prince of Tides.” I will come back to THAT though. The kid, the boy and leader of the pack then, came to see MOMma. She was Sooooooooo ANGRY. Yet, she was a God Fearing woman. She did the BEST she could, in that respect. He asked her, to forgive him. I heard her tell this story. Back then, to probably her BEST friend. My Momma said, ” NO!”  I overheard, and was like, What? You said No????!!!!???? I don’t understand. Yet again, I am told… “Katy, THIS is an ADULT conversation. YOU would NOT understand.” But, I DID understand, MORE than they KNEW. I kept thinking, “does he not deserve mercy?” ~~~



I was ANGRY, and not being able to BE HEARD. That clouded, a LOT in so many WAYS. But God. She never SAW me, CRY because I was rejected. I ALWAYS felt, I had to FIGHT for every words. Sometimes, from Momma’s mouth there were be a mock. Example, at dinner….I would try to be kind, show respect. And, instead of LOVE I got, ” It is TIME for KAty’s words.” Looking back, I forgive that, because there was, WAY more going on, than I knew ALL about. But, they refused to TELL me. And, THAT made me SHOUT and ROAR. Constant rejection, eventually opened that DOOR, to CUTTING and self HARM. No ones Fault or Blame. It is JUST how it went down. And everything that GOES down, by God’s Grace comes UP again. I pray it COMES up, in a healing WAY, 4 US ALL. ❤️ ~



WE cannot CHANGE the past. But, I would LOVE a fresh start. Especially with my BROTHERS. In some ways, there is NO Greater, desire of my HEART. In our own WAYS, WE have been RIPPED to SHREDS, TOO MANY times, too count. WE are better together. For some Reason, I rembeer, hearing THAT, as a kid. I watched a group last night, on AGT. It was a SISTEr and her Brother’s in a BAND. And, the most beautiful SONG too. Sadly, the Judges did NOT fully get it. But, Heaven will make ways for those 3. And I am believeing GOD, that HE will do that for ME 2. Because HIS Love does that, NO matter HOW it SEEMS. ~~~~~ ❤️


I truly do BELIEVE, that b4 my Momma left this earth, she chose to FORGIVE all THOSe involved that day. And despite attempts to DESTROY….I still officially CHOSE Jesus THAT year. Because not just ONE thing works, for those who LOVE God, but ALL things. The curtain closed, ON my LIFE here, for 5 minutes. But, that Curtain, OPENED UP again. Resurrection HAPPENED. It happens STILL. Every DAY new MIRACLES. Grace. Love. Mercy. Peace. Rest. Completeness. WHOLENESS. THIS is what HE promised THEn, and NOW. ~ But oh WOW, the JOURNEY along the WAY. ~~~ ❤️



  1. I pray for RESTORATION of OLd friendships, that fell by the wayside. I pray forgiveness BE FOREFRONT, as WE abide under the shadow, of the ALMIGHTY. By His Grace, may we NOT FEAR. By His Grace, may HIS LOVE conquer HERE. Help us, be STILL and KNOW, that you are GOD. Especially when others, think it is ODD. Have your way, mighty KING. We praise YOU. Help us PERSEVERE. Like ain’t always EASY here. Catch every TEAR that falls, and help us get up and RISE in your LOVE. We surrender ALL once and for ALL. ~ In Jesus name and BLOOD. Amen. ~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




In His Grace,








12 Sep 2018

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