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19693_491506860886978_1220456359_nil_570xN.453547725_r07x13933360_10155100327842785_752944123_nfighting-parentslarge816e6e642d8b65a15137333cbf5ed2301024_1069125859787707_7567550745995162315_n184414_10151642914512863_1045860989_n10629809_10153111053447785_7211140165111379869_n (1)Hello.  Just in case, you are NEW.  I’d like 💗 to introduce myself.  I am…. Elea Grace.  I am 42 years old.  It is VERY nice to meet you.  ❤️ Welcome to Redemption. The purpose here, is to find 🔍 some hope. My goal, for all who visit, is that something, you read 📘, can bring some healing, to you.  Because , I TRULY believe the world needs more Love. There is lots ,of pain.  And, together, when we Love on each other, that pain, gets better. Only… By God’s Grace.  😊




Today… I’m writing about, a tough topic, for me.  Strength.  People, are always saying, “You are Soooooooo strong. ” And my reply, ” I don’t Feel strong. ” So what is the strength meter?  What is yours?  I mean… Life throws Lots… At US.  As A kid, I’d look up… And think… ” Can’t WE catch a BREAK?! !?! ” As an adult that became a MUCH more ➕ angry. . Thought.   And EVENTUALLY… I would begin to 🎓 the critical lesson, of the IMPORTANCE of SURRENDER.




Oh that WORD SURRENDER ,cuts… Like a knife 🔪 for so many.  And honestly, still can for me.  But God….




What kind of challenges, and trials, can WE endure???

Health challenges…

Check ✅



Spouses health challenges

Healed of Many Diseases.  Just diagnosed with Aspergers, and yet, doing amazingly well.



Check ✅

Children health challenges…



Check ✅

Sarah… Healed from AML Leukemia… And yet…

Jesus still chose to take her Home.  Because, it was Time 🕐  We know this.  But does it stop the pain.  No.




Parental Health Challenges…

Check ✅

Both… Went Home to Jesus..



Sibling Health Challenges…



Do you see a pattern?

But God…



As the song… Oh my Soul… Comes on..

And the Lyric… “you’re not alone”

Plays ❤️




Life is Really tough…

And that… Is putting it mildly…

It is MEANT to Challenge US….



It is MEANT to BE an EDUCATION. I used to wonder, if I was born into, the correct family.  The right one.  It is FULL of teachers.  I mean, EVERY single 🌹 GEnErAtion has at least, 1 or more.  Usually many… Teachers. And so, I didn’t want to. I was pretty much, kinda hell beant against it. And I rebelled against it, for a VERY long time. Until one day, I remembered something. My precious Mama Sarah, who gave birth to me, said to me, “Katy, You teach in everything you do.  Your Life is your testimony. ” I will NEVER forget those words. In so many ways, they sort of, haunted me, for a while….




But, now. They truly, strengthen me. What is my strength?  Love. What is that name? Jesus. I’m not trying to convince others. I’m just telling you, I’ve been in really dark places.  He is the only rescue.  Period.  And, did I find out, the hard way.  But God.~~~




Last night. On the three year anniversary ,of my heart 💞 stopping for five 🕠 minutes ,we opened up, our sweet butterfly 👐 👼 angel’s ashes for the very, first time.  What I felt… Peace.  We had the tools.  There was quiet music, in the background.  Interesting to me, my husband, chose to sprinkle a bit, over a plant in the yard, that was dying.




I believe in New Life. I believe in New Growth. These ashes are about love, life, and so much more.  It was time, to do this.  We both knew it.  And, somehow, WE had the strength, and tools needed.  Did it feel good?  Well… It felt right.  We always said, “She’s His first and ours… Second. ” We truly never dreamed, we would be tested ,on that. Yet somewhere WE probably knew…




There’s another song…

“One boy… One girl.. 2 hearts beating wildly, to put it mildly, it was Love at first Sight.  He smiled She smiled.  They knew right away.  This was a love they had waited for all their lives.  And for a moment, the whole world, revolved, around one boy, and one girl.  ” ( Colin Raye)




We want to Thank Everyone… For ALL the LOVE and Support ❤️

It REALLY matters to US…

We have REALLY felt it…

We know WE are not perfect… And have definitely been VERY emotional. Please Forgive US, for ANY offenses that may have occurred… Known or Unknown.  We LOVE you ALL, so MUCH.  And,  WE so desire, the mending of Fences, with the Love, and compassion and understanding. ❤️

Faith.. Hope.. And Love… 🔑 🔑 🔑




The Greatest of these… Love… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


In His Grace,


E ~







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