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    11066525_968046523236018_2138022594946879186_njesus loves me bright“In this world, YOU will have tribulation. But take heart, I have overcome the world.” Could NOT tell you, the exact spot, in the LIFE book, where THIS is found. But, IT is definitely PRESENT, and accounted for.  Smiles. You know what THIS verse has taught me? A lot. First, looking at the definition, of TRIBULATION. It means “Great suffering.” Oh, MY.


Specifically, It states, “A cause of GREAT suffering.” Looking further, at the define, WEBSTER’s states; ” Distress OR suffering resulting from OPPRESSION, or PERSECUTION. ”  This means, WE are guaranteed, TO HAVE TOUGH STUFF, happen. It is actually, A promise, THAT it will.  However, the second part states, “HE has overcome the world, so TAKE HEART. REst in THIS. Have PEACE in THIS. It means, WE cannot MESS up, the plans of GOD. ~~~ ❤️



And, IF we or ANYONE else, ATTEMPTS to try, and MESS with HIS plans; HE will handle it. How many times, have we heard, ” THE battle IS the LORD’s.” I used to SAY this, and still REALLY struggle, in TRUSTING it. But GOd. Even, THIS day, in my OWN flesh, I wanted to choose to disobey. But, oh my, the lesson, of obeying. RIGHT away, when WE must OBEY. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



Not from a place of IMPRISONMENT, or PAIN. But, from a PLACE of HONOR to our KING  . What gift can WE bring? US. He wants ALL of US, to be in agreement, with HIS heart. Even when, it LOOKS like, evil has victory. By, FAITH in JESUS, we must CHOOSE to SEE, with HIS eyes. ~~~ ❤️



The title, of this entry…”Safe and Sound. Love” ❤️


Do WE believe WE are SAFE in HIS care? That HE will provide ALL, of OUR needs, and HEAL us, when we get cut too? I DO, and yet, I am still HEALING, from the MANY betrayals, that have come too. Is that God’s fault? Well, YES and NO. I have learned, to see FAULT and BLAME, a bit different, than I did, once. In 2011, THe Heavenly Father spoke to me. I was in prayer, with my then, prayer partner. God moved so much, back then and NOW 2. And, that day, these WORDS came.  ~~~~~ Keys ~ ❤️


“I am SORRY for ALL of the SUFFERING, YOU have HAD to ENDURE and WILL HAVE to ENDURE. But, know THIS…. IF THERE was ANY other WAY, WE would HAVE TAKEN it, TOGETHER.” Your Heavenly Father ~ ❤️


This WORD, is not JUST for ME. It is for the ENTIRE body of CHrist. I sat in awe, barely able to speak. I looked up to Heaven, then. I thought, “What is He talking about? I have a GREAT life right now.” And to the naked eye, it looked, DARN near perfect. INcluding, to MY eyes, back then. I did not UNDERSTAND then, the depth, of WHAT was to COME.



All I knew, WAS we were in process of having more children, officially. WE had a flourishing, growing restaurant.  My husband had a good, and solid job, OVERALL. God was GREATLY providing, OUR needs, and for MANY others 2. I decided, to EMBRACE the ❤️  LOVE in THESE words, instead of what FELT like a ⚔ sword. I simply, could ONLY muster, “thank you.”



As a child, around age 10 or so, I played softball. Funny to me, that the pastor, mentioned sports. IT brought THIS back, to my memory. When it would STORM, I was absolutely TERRIFIED, to stay on the FIELD. And, hardly anyone, REALLY understood why. I did NOT know why, I was frightened. At least not THEN. I just knew it was like torture, and TORMENT, when those clouds , rolled in. If I saw LIGHTNING, I would literally RUN off the field. So many on my team, would make fun of me.



Yes, I forgive them, of course. Back then, there were SO many things, I saw. And, I did not, often know, what was good, or bad. I just knew how I felt. THat, was ALL I had. ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



And, it was NOT, that I did not know GOD. I came into the world, KNOWING LOve. But, circumstances, came, that brought WAVES. Those waves, were A LOT like ocean  ones. THey were sometimes, beautiful and calm. But, THAT was RARE. Most, often, they were the WAVES, of “YOU should NOT CARE.” And I would, say that, aloud. In fact, I would say it, in PROUD too. ~~~~~ Forgive me Lord. Help me, forgive myself too. ❤️



I just WANTED to WIN, the game. Everytime, WE Lost, the coach seemed SO defeated. It was like, HE would take it personally. Yet, somehow, I knew, it was just a game. It was also, a METAPHOR, for something more. As was and IS the lightning too. For, JESUS, is electricity. In essense, the FEAR, of GOD would hit me. AND, I did NOT understand, when HE shows UP, WE are STILL SAFE. What does it TAKE to comprehend THAT? ❤️



For EVERYONE, it is quite different. But, it TAKES, what it TAKES, for HIS Glory, to shine. ✨ I try, so hard, not to get BOGGED down, by appearances, my OWN included. It takes JESUS to clean up, LIFE messes. It just DOES. It takes HIM, to bring JUSTICE too. ONLY, He can do what WE cannot. THank HEAVEN’s WE are NOT GOd. Forgive us LORD, for anytime we have TRIED to do your job. Thank you for LOVING us, out of the SHEOLS (Hells) of this world. ~~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



Here, I thought, ” I am not gonna write, for a bit.” Well, I guess HE had other plans. YES. And oh MY, do HIS plans, supercede MINE. His, MINE and OURS. That is also a FILM, ” HIS, Mine and OURS.” It is a GREAT one, about a blended FAMILY. You see, WE have had many, IN house, and OUTSide. Family , that WORD has been like a comfort, and a thorn. ~~~



But, the FAMILY, of GOD will always keep. YOU are safe and SOUND. In HIS ❤️ LOVE , is where THIS family is found. NOthing, will BIND you in a way of BAD, when you EMBRACE, the Heavenly FAMILY of GOd. The Heavenly Father, Holy SPirit, and JESUS. For the 3rd, is the KEY, to ALL. Grace Grace, be unto US. ~~~ In Jesus Name. ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



A favorite MOVIE line, is from “Runaway BRide.” ~ It is first said, by Richard Gere, and later by Julia Roberts  “” I guarantee WE will HAVE TOUGH times. I guarantee, that at one time, ONE or both of us, is gonna want OUT of this. But, I also know, if I don’t ASK YOU to BE MINE, I will regret IT for the REST of MY LIFE.””  When she says THIS to HIM, she is submitting. And, OH MY, is it a beautiful SCENE. The one right AFTER is a STUNNING wedding, on HORSEBACK. So beautiful. LOVE. ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



There is a SONG that plays, on my favorite Pandora station, Once in a while, it plays. It is called, “The KING is ENTHRALLED with your beauty.” The definition of enthrall, is ” Capture the fascinated attention OF.” One definition says, “SPELLBOUND, or To HOLD in or REDUCE to SLAVERY.” That is the WEBSTer’s definition again. SMiles. Leave it to JESUS, to be drawn IN by US. Adoration, ❤️ LOVE , TReasured, WE are to HIM. He SEES us, as PERFECT. That is a word, I used to HATE. And yet, I have NO hate in ME. But, that word, in so MANY ways, was just the BAIN of my Xistence.



I was taught, by the behaviors of others, to STRIVE for perfection. I was not taught then, that to JESUS, I am perfect, JUST as I am. Maybe no ONE knew that either. I cannot say for sure. I am just grateful, that at the RIGHT time, I did learn. It IS a LOT to process. And, to be honest, I am still learning, , and growing. ~~~ Yet, there is much COMFORT, in KNOWING deep within, I AM SAFE. ~~~ ❤️



YOU are SAFE, and sound, in HIS ❤️ LOVE . Even those who are NOT choosing GOd, WE have scene HIM give grace to. It is by GRACE we have been SAVED. SOmetimes, the Grace is to stay HERE, and be part of LIFE. Othertimes, the GRACE is to go HOME. I have had MANY visits HOME. And, as I spoke of b4, one of those, was ALMOST permanent. But God. ❤️



I got to choose, because though WE are slaves to ❤️  LOVE, it is a CHOICE. I was honestly, in SHOCK, when HE said, ” I need your answer. Do you want to STAY or GO?” That question, there was NO easy answer, or was there? I guess the easy, would have been 2 stay. Yet, I looked DOWn, into the RIVER of LIFE. As I did, I saw a photograph, of my sweet Husband. He had, a TEAR frozen on His face. For His wife, had just died. He was crying in his SLEEP. ANd right then, I knew, “The JOURNEY was NOT complete. ~~~


So, I said, ” I so want to stay. THIS is my HOME. But, i made a promise to YOU, before I went there. I promised, to STAY, until the work was done. ANd it is NOT. So, I cannot come HOME to stay.” And He thanked ME, and showered me with LOVE and adoration. Every compliment YOU could EVER fathom. To name a FEW, ” My beautiful, My everything, My princess, My queen, My friend, My LOVE, My preciousness.” So much MORE, just GLORIOUS ADORING. He said, “Thank you, for counting the COST. Most of my children just, say YES. I sat in AWE and complete REVERENCE. ~~~ I then asked, “Sire , I have ONE request. I NEEEEEEEED to be MADE whole. Because, THEY need to SEE it. I need to SEE it too. But, THEY REALLY DO. ”  He looked at me, and then, bopped me on the head. And, He said, “Done.”  Then, He sent me back, to MY earthly HOME ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



There is MUCH more to THIS part of the STORY. No clue what act, or SCENE we are ON. Probably 3. 🙂 Because, that NUMBER, means SO MUCH to ME. LOVE. Redemption, of what WAS. Yes, that is taking place. Not as I pictured it, either. But God. Forgiveness, YES. By His Grace, in ways, some OTHERS might think ODD. But, we are FREE to be US. That is for SURE. There is JOY that comes in the morning, and MOurning as well. There is sorrow, that pops in, from time to time. But God. His Love will, continue, to ERASE and rewind. Now, when I enter storms, physical, or otherwise; THERE is a PEACE.❤️



IT is ONE that is often, tough to describe in WORDS. PEACE. SHALOM. In the hebrew language, “AHAVA” means LOVE. I believe that is correct. SMiles. His LOVE keeps us SAFE and SOUND. His LOVE abounds, into the DARKEST places. ~~~ His LOVE, and HIS Graces as well as MERCIES, fuel our LIVES. ~~~ ❤️


This day of VICTORY, and NEW BEGINNINGS too, TRUST in HIM to be your SAFE place. May HIS Grace, be ever sufficient for YOU. May it BE for US too, a shield and fortress. His LOVE to anchor US, in EVERY single storm. For, EVEN “the winds and waves, OBEY HIM.” At His command, the storm will cease. Yet, NOT till HE desires it to BE. ~~~ ❤️



Father give us your strength, keep us STEADY in the storms. Be our RESCUE. Holy SPirit, be our sail, and teacher too. Nurture us with every need and wisdom. Jesus be our BEST friend, and our brother too. Because, UNITED there is a STAND and it is beautiful. From, the moment time began, your LOVE has been. A WATERFALL of Heaven, YES. Truly sparkling, and refreshing. Like RAIN, FALL over us, to EASE every SINGLE pain. In Jesus name. WE come, once again, with hearts, repentant and laying down SORROW. Thank you for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Thank you that WE are SAFE and SOUND, by your GRACE. Your Mercy and LOVE, Parental, we thank YOU. We praise you too. In Jesus name and BLOOD. Amen. ~~~ ❤️




His Lion Cub ,


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