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happily-ever-after-wood-printjesus-in-heaven-jesus-26448207-480-38312166887_10207993635856946_547456957_n29caf0651dd94f57758d9befcb449fc810527370_10152605851838879_2057460581450348634_n12933147_1006662052755725_309458154322036022_n184414_10151642914512863_1045860989_nEvery single day, I spend with Jesus.  I spend it, with His loving hand, guiding me.  Because, of this, I am so honored to have, a Heavenly Father. Plus, a truly wonderous Holy Spirit too.  There is NOTHING like, or better than, the Family of God.  ❤️

My favorite place, to sit with Jesus is… The Garden.  ~~~


Picture this : A 12 year  ~ old me, with my hair in ponytail.  I’ve been outside playing, climbing trees and jumping rope.  My body is tired, but resilent,  as most children ‍‍‍ are.  My clothes are dirty and grungy. And I walk in, to His garden.  I’m feeling like, I really should have, come under the waterfall.  You know, to clean off.

Then… I SEE Jesus.  And suddenly , EVERYTHING is CLEAR, and CLEAN.  I look down at my clothes.  Suddenly, I have this, beautiful dress on.  And, my old clothes are, being washed by “local angels. ”  I’m in AWE as, I see NEW clothes.

It’s like a scene, from Cinderella. You know the one, where the fairy godmother, gives HER New clothes.  But, the difference is, the NEW clothes Jesus gives, STICK.  So as I feel my hair, drawn up in this beautiful bun, like a ballerina.  I realize it’s TIME 4 Jesus Talk.  ❤️

Miraculously , I can hear Jesus.  Not just in quiet, but in noise too.  Because, the world gets quite ramboncious. I sit down, next to Jesus.  As He motions for me, and pats his hand on the bench.  Hmmm the bench.  I’m feeling a few nerves inside, like butterflies.

Without words, being spoken.  Jesus just looked my direction ↘️, and my clothes changed.  I got a NEW outfit, just from a glance.  The power in His eyes.  The LOVE ❤️ that resides there. ~~~



He begins to say,

“I know you’re feeling MANY emotions.  But, remember that surrender is KEY.  Rest dearone. Choose to wait but not, be weighted down, by the challenges around you. My Love is bursting through, EVERY barrier.  Remember , that I will NOT fail, you or ANY of my children.  You will NOT be dropped.  You are a treasure, unto ME.  You matter.  I’ve chosen you.  I call you by NAME. You are MINE. Choosing MY path, in FULL is a process.  You are doing well, and I see, every detail.  I hold your heart.  It is united with mine.  I am bringing healing, restoration and Freedom.  Receive, my beautiful one.  ”


I sit before my King.  I touch my crown.    I feel the rainbow sparkles, and it strengthens me.  His promises.  I cry, yet my Heavenly makeup does not smudge.  He holds me.  He reaches out, a jar to catch my tears.  He smiles….  ❤️


He looks up at me, after gently tilting my face towards Him.  And, then He takes a DEEP breath.  He blows, tenderly in my face.  And says,  “Refreshment, my beautiful. ” ❤️


He continues to say, “I have made promises, and I will keep them.  Because, I Love ❤️ you.  You will NOT ,mess this up, my beloved.  ”

I start to hand Him, my crown.  And He says, “No precious.  The crown must stay.  There is a beauty, for the ashes ⚱ coming forth.  Humility. The sparkle and ✨ shine, of MY Love. You are worthy, simply because I, say so.  I, the Lord have Spoken.  ”


I’m so Lovestruck, by every ounce, of His heart.

Today, the story changed a bit.  Yet, to He who holds, EVERY chapter, it is, THE SAME.  ~~~


Grace Grace… Unto princess Elea, from my King.  As He prepares me for a NEW birthday.   ~~~


My God shall supply ALL our needs.  Mine, Yours and ALL of ours, who belong to the King.  Thank you Jesus, Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit.  You are Love. ❤️ Through you, WE are LOVE.  Thank you for healing hearts, minds, and bodies.  Only YOU can. We come with repentant hearts, receiving.  With JOY, we celebrate you.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


In Jesus Love,

~E ~


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