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Sunset from Morton Overlook, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Sunset from Morton Overlook, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee


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Smoky-MountainsMy favorite NUMBER is 333. It is NOT an easy number to BE part of. Let’s break it down some. #3 represents Glory, and the Heaven made UNITED trinity. #33 represents the AGE Jesus was, when HE did HIS ministry on EARTH. According to a site, called “bible Numbers for LIFE” it means A SIGN from GOD.  Love❤️ There are so MANY beautiful , MEANINGS of this ONE number!!!! Here I sit, in AWE of the redemption, of what WAS. It has already COME. Yes, it HAS. Yet, to US, we often only SEE, a portion, of WHAT has been. So many reasons why. There could be BLINDERS on our eyes. Pain, Stress, strife, old wounds, can contribute to PERCEPTION. Not to mention, how they can affect, OUR directions 2. ~~~ ❤️



There are SOME who, because of their DESTINY, are called to have MORE suffering than others. NOt to compare, or contrast, anyone. It is JUST a fact of life. Funny, THAT is where He is going with this. Back to TV again. 🙂 The THEME song, of the TV show , “The FACTS of LIFE” says so MUCH. Lyrics are, that I recall. ..” You take the good, you take the bad. You take em’ ALL, and their you have the facts of LIFE. the Facts of LIFE.”  Love❤️ The whole song, has hidden beauty, truth and wisdom of Heaven. 🙂 That show, was a favorite of mine, as a KID. Back then, I wanted to laugh. Because, from such a young age, I was practically um, FORCED to CRY. And, sometimes, I just COULD NOT keep it inside. Even now, there are moments, I will JUST burst into TEARS. THIS is how, my healing has happened here. Not, the ONLY way, but ONE. By God’s grace, ALONE. ~~~~~~ ❤️



I remember now, SOMEONE, told me, “YOU hold the secrets of heaven inside.” I thought, ” SO do you.” WE ALL, whom have chosen JESUS, have the KEYS. 🔑 🔑  Yet, do WE use them? I am speaking to ME too. LOrd knows, I am FAR from perfect. I admit THIS daily. But, MY GOD who made me, and make ME OVER daily, IS PERFECT!!!!! His timing IS, HIs  Love❤️ LOVE is, HIs HEART is. EVERYTHING about JESUS, is TRUE PERFECTION! In this world, WE will have TROUBLE, at time. Funds, may not seem to be, what they should. A child may be going through the valley of DEATH. You might barely, be functioning.  But GOD, is SOVEREIGN. HIS LOVE is healing. Love❤️



The number #1 SECRET of Heaven, is simple. CHOOSE Jesus. ❤️  That does not SEEM like a secret. IT seems, like it SHOULD be a NO brainer. Yet, when trials come, and GO. Who are we looking to, for HELP? ARe we choosing HIS LOVE, above ALL else? ~~~~ ❤️



I will JOYFULLY admit, that I struggle, at TIMES, with HIS plans. Let me be CLEAR here, I do not purposefully, FIGHT His plans. But, there are times, in MY own strength, that I have made some MAJOR foul ups. And, oh am I, thankful for GRACE. ❤️  His Grace covers ME and US. It brings FREEDOM, that is TOUgh to put into words. SOME think it is absurd. BUT, it still IS there. Love❤️



There is a PEACE, because of HIS GRace, that bad is gonna NOT overtake. There is JOY, in the mourning process too. Why? Because, He set it up that way. He chose for JOY and sorrow, to be married together. One cannot exist, without the other. And, as WE trust in HIS ways, and plans, there is JOY, immeasureable, in ALL things! I am NOT saying, you will always FEEL happy or JOYFUL. But, you CAN be, rooted in the JOY of Jesus. I am LIVING proof, that IT will be your strength. ~~~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



Joy, in feeling neglected, and at times unprotected too. I have so been there. I still battle, the NOTHINGNESS, that surfaces, in THIS world. But God. ~~~ ❤️



Secret #2, YOU cannot mess HIS plan UP, and neither can ANYONE else. YOu do not have to FIX things around you. Yes, you have a ROLE to play. That is TRUE. However, HE is GOD with and without US. WE can REST in HIS doing what HE does. HE will bring VICTORY, as WE REST in HIS LOve. ❤️  I remember the first TIME, I learned THIS…



It was when Sarah was born. That very day, at 6:30am. I looked down, at this precious angel. Angel😇 butterfly👐 With FEAR and TREMBLING, and reverence for GOd really, I would find. Years later, the intimacy and ❤️ LOVE , would become EVIDENT. But, there was this whisper, as I looked into HER eyes. Yes, to my surprise, just for me, just for a moment, she LOOKED at me. I remember, others around, saying, “That is IMPOSSIBLE.” And, I said, “I promise SHE DID.” And in those eyes, Heavenly whispers, EVEN then. Love❤️ Saying, “YOU CANNOT mess THIS up. ” Telling me, even if I were to try to, HE had a plan for that too. 🙂 ❤️



It is NOT easy, LIVINg LIFE, like this. Even people JESUs chooses , have often persecuted and slandered US. Yet, we DO count it ALL joy. Because, WE are HIS kids!!!! Love❤️ He does NOT Fail. No matter, how it SEEMS. He will RESTORE broken DREAMS. I trust HIM. How about you? Whom and what shall WE Fear? Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, is Greater, than HIS LOVE. ❤️  And, HIS LOVE is HERE, for US. ~~~~



That brings us to secret #3. HIS LOVE will HEAL you, as you allow HIM to have COMPLETE access to EVERYTHING. #HisLOVEHEALS . ~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



These principals, and secrets SEEM so simple, right? Yet applying them, 2 LIFE takes tremendous GRACE. More each day, in SOME ways. And when more Grace is given, well the FIRE turns up. Lyrics, “The heat is on. It’s on the streets” Remember that Song? The FIRE of His ❤️ LOVE , is greater than that, of the enemy. It will feel cold, sometimes in THIS world. But, it will NOT go out! It will BURN, until ETERNITY!!!!




Love❤️ Not everyone will LOVE, what Jesus gives you. That is, so okay. YOu just let HIM LOVE you, ANYWAY. The job, of the CHILDREN of God, is to LOVE. To Forgive, and to STAND in HIS Heavenly Essence. YES. We are often, beautifully broken. But, it does NOT always FEEL good. I can testify to THIS too. WE can. However, HIS LOVE is worth, the suffering. There is NOTHING better, not on earth, or HEAVEN, than the LOVE of GOD. ~~~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



As we approach the 5 year MARK, I remember she was and IS, and always will BE. A Grace child, a mirror of HIS beauty. Yet, still voices and lies, of the world try to TAKE away, from the GOOD and wonder. As the song, “CHILD of the ONE true KING.” (C Tomlin) comes on. We REFUSE to be conformed to THIS world. He commands, “BE transformed, by the renewing of OUR minds.” This is in the LIFE book. Not certain of where. But, it is THERE. Love❤️



To be quite transparent, THIS has not been, an EASY 5 years. There has been pain,  shouting, at times as WELL as CRYING, and not as obvious JOY. But, HIS LOVE has sustained us. It preserves US, each and every single day. And as many spew hate, WE now can smile. Not to mock, or anything bad. But just because JESUS has it covered. FRom dawn to dust, and vice versa, HE will fight for YOU. ” Be still and know, that HE is GOD.” (psalm 46) ~~~ ❤️



Secret #4 The LORD wants a willing child, with a heart of repentance and surrender. THIS way, the LOVE of God, can penetrate, through the PAIN. His heavenly RAIN will appear. It may NOT always feel, like Heaven to us. But, it IS. Grace Grace. ~~~ love❤️




And #5 SECRET – Through HIS eyes, ANYONE is LOVED. You can LOVE your enemies, through the EYES of Jesus. His heart , is that NONE should perish. ~~~ Thus, it should be OUR heart. Yet, WE cannot choose FEAR….. and try and manipulate circumstances, around us. Forgive us LORD. Many are still choosing Fear, over FAITH in His ways. But God. He stays the SAME. always. Thank GOD for Grace. love. ❤️



Also, choose THIS day, whom you serve. ONLY He knows, for SURE. Do you serve the ONE who saved you then and NOW? Because, IF YOU DO, He asks one thing. LET HIM LOVE YOU!!!! This day, of Delieverance, choose to say YES to HIS heart. He will take those torn apart pieves, and pieces too. HE will HEAL YOU. It is finished. YOU will see it. WE are proof, of HIs LOVE. 🙂 ❤️


Father in HEAVEN, mutiply your ❤️ LOVE,  in this land. Thank you in advance. Holy Spirit blow away the bad and the yuck. Jesus thank you, for being the 🔑 KEY, to more than WE need. We praise you, and give you honor, ALWAYS. Most, of all, we come with repentant hearts. And, we TRUST you, to rewind and bring HEALING. To restore, like never b4, and erase when necessary. You are EVERYTHING to US. We receive your LOVE, with JOY, this day!!!! in Jesus name and BLOOD, we pray. Amen. ~ ❤️



#JUSTKEEPLOVING – the secret that has NO number 🙂 IT is infinite. 🙂 Jesus 🙂 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



In His Grace,


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