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Sweet like Candy. Yes, that is what Home, should taste like? Right? But, there ARE many types of candy. And some are pretty bitter tasting. And when you grew up, being the “problem” child; HOME is not a word that makes you smile. UNTIL…Jesus knocks, that is. As if, right on cue…. the song, “Right here waiting for YOU.” (Richard Marx) comes on. The lyrics I hear, in a BRAND NEW way. Just me and JESUS hear. I see JESUS listen, and play with him too. #beautiful LOVE.

REdemption of a hard memory…… #HeremembersforMEandholdsALLMYmemories

I hear JESUS…. The new BLOG Extension. Yes. Tears. I do too. Always. Every moment, and in EVERYTHING, I hear HIM. And, HE hears ME too. And, HE hears YOU. He sees YOU….He feels you. You know the 5 senses? THEY are from GRACE. Is that not just AWESOME!!!!! The song on now…. “Let’s hear it for the BOY!” Definitely…. Let’s Hear it for JESUS!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Okay, now I am doing cartwheels,,,,with Jesus, and backhandsprings, as He spots me. It looks like a scene, in “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” He knows, I love the dance scenes in that film. Smiles. You SEE Jesus, knows, EVERY single detail about ME. He knows, EVERY hair on my head. Every pain, EVERY single wound, and ounce of brokenness, HE knows. He knows this about ALL of US!!!! AND the BEST THING is, HE will NEVER EVER EVER USE THIS INFORMATION to HURT YOU or ME! HE is ALWAYS 100% SAFE! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

So, He says, back to thinking about, how you “grew up.” I look up at HIM, and say, “Do we have to?” He says, “Beautiful fun is great, but you have to heal. You know this. THERE is ALWAYS more healing, that can come. ANd the healing and love multiples. That is how it works here. In your permanent HOME. ” I sigh, and say, “Okay, then afterwards, more JOY.” He says, “You got it dude!” He was referencing a show Sarah loved. (Full House), to make me smile. I bust out laughing, even in the natural. As something hysterical, just happened. Oh how i LOOOOOOOOOVE HIM!

So He says, What about the smells? Do you remember good smells? I had closed my eyes, feelining like I was in therapy. #Jesustherapyoflove. (seasons change on the radio) I said, “My mom always cooked. That always smelled good. Probably why I like cooking. Hmmm, I see where you are going with this. wink. And now, He says, “What did you hear? I shudder. He gets a blanket. He wraps me up. I instantly warm up, to perfect temperature. Well, It was kind of a loud and proud house. But… behind closed doors. And I was always trying to get everyone to talk openly. But no one would listen to me. And when you gave me thing, they just dismissed me. It was scary. I felt very unsafe.

He says, okay. And you felt, you did not fit in, right. “YES!!!!!” I cry. “I never did. I still don’t. Eventhough, everyone says they love me. You know. You get it. I just want us ALL, to get along. I always have. Is that too much to ask?!?! ”  He looks at me, and says, No. But, that can’t fully happen, until EVERYONE forgives. And that happens, in each individual’s own time. Remember, your job, is to love, no matter what. I created YOU to LOVE, and BE LOVE. TRy to remember, the way they act towards you, is more about ME, than you. They mght not understand that, but it is true. ”


He looks at me, and says, “Is this helping precious?” I look up, and say, “Yes sir. Thank you. The other stuff, why does it keep coming back, to frighten me? He said, “Ah childhood fears and shadows. Yes dear. They simply pop up sometimes. Remember, the popcorn, we talked about. But, it will be alright. We will process together. I will ALWAYS be HERE for YOU. I will NEVER let YOU down.


When you pass through the waters, I will be with YOU; And through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. when you walk through fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you.


#everywaterishealingwater LOVE


In His Grace,


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