Highway to Heaven

What matters MOST… “Faith Hope and LOVE.” These are the LYRICS. on today. Especially LOVE it emphasizes. “Are WE LOVING each other LOVING our brother? ” This Lyric continues. Next song on…. “Beyond Justice to Mercy” Oh MY this SONG hits ME HARD. Jesus knows. I recall singing it DEEPLY. As He comes knocking on my MUSIC studio. Knowing, I am still, a tiny bit saddened, bout the broken string. He says, “it is okay. It has purpose. ” Because, at this point, I have happily opened the door and let HIM in. To the house, that is my Cabin. It is my safe place. And, He says, I know beautiful one, in a perfect world, things would NEVER break. But, remember humpty dumpty. All the kings horses and ALL the kings men, could not put him togethere again. But, good news. I CAN!!!!!. I can do ANYTHING!!!! Nothing is impossible for ME!”

Smiles from me. As the song in my music studio….plays on the radio. Gloria….. In an effort to praise YOU…. I look UP and say, ” YOU know JUST what to say to ME, ALWAYS.” Thank you for travelling with me. In every single vehicle you choose. It is such an, ENJOYABLE journey. True, it is NOT always EASY, but you and our FAMILY, are so VERY faithful. Truly, it is beautiful. Fresh, and new. Thank you, for loving me, and allowing me, and us, the gift to love you too. And to share that LOVE.

He looks up, and says, ” I am so PROUD of you!”  YOU did so great, and YOU are doing so WELL! You are truly living the life, you are supposed to now. He smiles. It is just going to get better. You will see.


Continuing On…  ( 12/ 13/18 ) Yesterday, I heard this Song…. “Id Sure Hate To Break Down Here.” It is a country song. And, I am such a cowgirl at heart. Smiles. Jesus knows. Today, I so am at this RANCH in the Heavenlies. One of my VERY favorite places. “Rainbow Ranch. AKA, Promises. I actually LOVE to break down here. So, as that song plays. I look at Jesus, and say, Opposite day HUH? He smiles. He knows, YESTERDAY was seriously ROUGH on me. And, that I need THIS to recoupourate.  I have this DEAR friend, who has a blog, called “I SEE Jesus. ” And, like a child playing the game I spy, I giggle. He literally has a spare TIRE. I say, what is THAT for? He says, come HERE…. I want to show you something. So, I go out to the barn. The most colorful barn. It is ALL paint spattered. Rainbow. And there is a specific car there. And He says, look at the tires. there are 4. One is shredded. I said, how did that happen? He said, It does not matter. It needs fixin’. Let’s work together to replace it. We could actually literally fix it, and make it work. But it is better to replace it, with LOVE. Yes. In this case, WE will replace it, with LOVE. and it will SUSTAIN through. LOVE sustains. I start to cry. He says, why are you crying. I say, ” I tried to do it again. I fell into that old dumb trap of trying to fix EVERYTHING my self, again. I thought I was done with that. I am so VERY sorry. When will I be finished with that? Seriously, what is wrong with ME?” That song plays quietly again… UGH…that song. Jesus smiles. “You didn’t do anything bad. ” “I didn’T?????” NO!” He says. ” I am not a GOD of guilt and CONDEMNATION. I am a GOD of LOVE and ADORATION. You know that precious. No need for you to beat yourself up. Receive the GRACE. It is OKAY, to break down. Completely OKAY. ”






As the song, “You are MY Hiding Place ” Plays 🙂


He says, “You wanna play Hide and Seek?” I say, YES! I LOVE that game!!!!! I have not played it in AGES. Who goes first? He says, “Your choice. So, I think about it, for a minute, and I say, “You go first, because, YOU will know, where I am hiding. Giggles. So He agrees. And, then goes to hide. And, we play. Next thing I know, we begin to play. And He begins, to kinda, say… ” You are getting warmer, or colder. I giggle. Loving the hints. Oh, our merciful and childlike, amazing JESUS!!!!! As, the song, “LIFTED UP ON ANGELS” Comes ON . YES.  #HEAVENSPEAKS


“Darkness cannot reach us, let the angels teach us, ONLY LOVE REMAINS. Lifted UP on ANGELS. ”  (ashton,becker dente)



THERE WILL BE HEALING, RESTORATION and RENEWAL. THESE ARE PROMISES HE MAKES TO US. HE does NOT LIE. WE are ON HEAVEN’s HIGHWAY. It just HAPPEN’s TO BE on EARTH. But, IF YOU look for IT, you will SEE it, HERE. It is HIDDEn, and yet NOT. It takes GRACE to see it, that is for CERTAIN. Often, it feels like it is concealed behind a curtain, or a veil. Yet the veil is torn.



Years ago, there literally was a tv show, called “Highway to Heaven. ” It was a VERY significant show. BROKE through MANY barriers. To this day, if you watch it, you can still learn quite a lot. Truly, we have watched it a few times, and kind of been in awe, of what is still present, and true. The number one theme is that LOVE wins, and humility is key.



“You have a WAY of turning winter to spring. Making something beautiful, from ALL this suffering. here, I am one again, in need of resurrection. YES. a beautiful. representation. Make me whole again. Take the pieces. make me whole again. ” (Margaret Becker)


All that Glitters is NOT always GOLD ~~~ But HIS Heart makes us BOLD #JOY in JESUS # WALKONBYTHEYUCK


Now the song….Let your LIGHT SHINE DOWN on ME …LOVE this song 🙂 …so SIMPLE yet so profound. I look UP at JESUS.

With my EYES of WONDER. Before I can speak, He takes His hands, and touches my head. He says, RENEWAL of your MIND. For I know you feel so weary, beautiful one. Then, He touches, my heart, and says, strengthening here. And a guard to be set here, of protection. I smile. I sit still and quiet, as the master physician, takes great care of ME. Yes, Dr, Mc Jesus . Smiles. Oh, how I love LOVE THEE. Let ME count the ways. I stand in AWE of your LOVE and GRACE. Truly, you take me out of every ounce of grey, I have every had. THANK you, does not seem sufficient. Even the song now, says, “How can WE thank you?”   So WE sing unto YOU . Love you so much.



May you be encouraged THIS day to come to the ONE who LOVES you most, and give HIM, your ALL in ALL. You will NOT regret it. #LIVINGPROOF. Be the miracle. IT could truly, save a life. You absolutely can DO ALL things, through CHRIST who GIVES you, strength. ALL things.





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