Now, seriously for me to say this at um 3 :25am is totally GOD. To say with smiles and JOY, yes…it is JESUS. LOVE. Been up and awake, for about an hour. Just getting into a space, where I could AWAKE. It is RARE that I get a DEEP night sleep. SO, when I do, it is a MAJOR gift. YOu can imagine my excitement, when Jesus woke me, saying, “I need you.” There was this teeny tiny part of me, that JUST wanted to sleep. Can YOU relate. I would bet you can. It is totally NORMAL. As our first response, for us, to want extra time, or extra grace, is okay. JESUS knows, we need that. HE is a merciful GOD. Hence, why the writing, did not begin, the moment I tumbled out of bed. Giggles.


There is this song, called “Angels” that keeps playing on the radio. “Darkness cannot reach us, let the angels tech us. ONLY LOVE remains.” As if on cue, I look up and I see, and hear Jesus. Yes. Guess where He is. He is in like, a carpentry shed today. I said, “Funny you have been coming to me lately. And I did hear you call me. Well you and our Heavenly Papa. And here today, you brought me to you. ” I smile. I continue. “It reminds me of that scene from the movie, “Back to the Future. ” That awesome line, that George Mcfly has. Yes. “DEstiny has popped me to you.” Jesus laughs. I love that one! Great movie. 🙂 WE both sit, and reflect. I look over, and observe, what He is making. My eyes get REALLY big! And i say, “YOU are making TOYS!!!!!!”

He says, “I sure AM! That is NOT ALL I AM making though. 🙂  I sit and listen, and He says, “I am making, tools. Tools to help many. They will help to rebuild. THEY will bring much JOY to the nations. I am so excited, for all these TOOLS will be USED to accomplish. MUch healing will come to the LAND. Redemption, in the most beautiful way. ” I am still just, in awe, and enamored by the toys, HE is making Each design, so intricate. He has NOT even added the color. Yet, I see it beginning to peek through. THat is how, amazing HE is, . I watch and listen. JUst hanging, on EVERY single word, He says.

I hear music. I smile. He says,” I want to pause a moment. Beautiful…Can I have this dance?” I blush, and say, “Of course.”  We begin to dance. The song is from a movie called , Hope Floats. The song….”To Make You Feel My Love.” I was struggling with memory. I was getting frustated. He said, “Breathe. Let me hold you. I am ALWAYS safe. Listen to MY music. I am YOURS. YOU are mine. ALWAYS. Forever. Heaven’s design.”

I start to just CRY in HIS arms… He says…”Just release it precious.”  I say, “THis is so hard. They think I am so strong . Yet I….You know. My voice trails off. But you. ” He looks up at me, tilts my face up, and kisses my forhead. He says, ” I know, and I have got you. We are in THIS together. ALWAYS.  As I am listening to that song… LIVE in the natural. And an AGT/Britian’s got Talent video comes on…on UTUBE. Yeah. #JESUSSPEAKS

The woman is singing about people being lost. Wow. They are telling her, to be more emotional. Wow. Bless her heart. Jesus says, “Preparation, beautiful one. WE always prepare….together. I smile. I cry. I cry some more. Jesus is moving, in this child. And, wow. My heart is smiling. I so get this. Because, wow, every lyric…holy heaven….just WOW!

“Every place…I want to be, I want to see you there…. and you took MY life with YOU.” WOW….yes THAT. ”


He says, “See that. I say, “Yes sir. I am gonna do that….but even MORE. And my heart just pounds. He said, “I have so much GOOD in store!” It is time to say “GOOD MORNING WORLD!!!!!!”  “It is TIME to LOVE in a whole NEW way. MY HEART…. and no way, you will mess up. Because, I do NOT fail. I am already making ways for you. ENJOY the ride. Enjoy EVERY single dance. I LOVE YOU so. THIS is OUR ROMANCE.”

“Time to say GOODBYE to the bad, and HELLO to the GOOD, and you will SEE….my PLANS arrive. Smile. Laugh, and RECEIVE.”


in Song of Songs…. it is expressed in ch 4… the observation of beauty.



How VERY Beautiful!

Your Eyes behind your veil, are like those of a Dove








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