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I really had to ASK about the title, this morning. Sometimes, there is just a hecticness, or a chaos in the air around, the atmosphere. But, thank GOD the Grace. I have learned, over the years, that often, HE is in the midst of THIS working diligently. He is many times, performing GREAT and mighty miracles, and healings. FOR He, is a WONDERFUL and LOVING GOd. The years end, of the calendar year, always just appears more crazy. As a child, I used to love the wonder, of holidays. But, quite frankly, they have just changed. But, JESUS has not changed. Thank GOD for THAT!.



This morning, I came upon HIM, and though usually I see HIm in the garden, Yes, it was the garden, but there was another surprise, for me. My best friend, giving me MORE LOVE. πŸ™‚ SNOW!!!!!!!! Do you recall the blog, not that long ago, on snow? It was called, LET it SNow! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚Β  Well, in the garden today, there is SNOW, EVERYWHERE!!!! I do MEAN EVERYWHERE! It LOOKS like a WINTERWONDERLAND!Β  And Jesus looks at Me and He says, “Hi beautiful!! How are you this fine day? Remember your DREAM? ”Β  I smile. Instantly knowing to what He refers. And I say, “He did not miss the snow, and neither did I. Tears of JOY Fall! Just as HE promised πŸ™‚ WE both laugh with Glee. “That’s right,” He says. Smile. “Wanna play in the SNOW together ?” He Continues.Β  As the song, You are my Hiding place, Comes on….


Tears….Β  He says, “There is ALWAYS Healing HERE. My arms, ARE never COLD. THis world, is ALWAYS warm for YOU. It is ALWAYS HOME. My GOAL and JOB is to LOVE you. YOur JOB is to receive that LOVE. Also to let me use you, share and give it out. So proud of you. Both of you. ALL of you. ”


Tears Fall. I tell Him, “I am laying it ALL down, sometimes, EVERY single moment. With every breath. It is not just her, I miss. But, I refuse to focus on that. I choose YOU. Because, YOU deserve that. Thank you for the Grace to heal, Be real, be broken, grieve, just be me, cry, forgive, live, joy, pain, sunshine, rain, storms, and everything.”


All the Sudden, I am hit with a Snowball. Such JOY….. I laugh out loud. Quite literall, and LOUD. Can’t get mad. πŸ™‚ Okay, I get it…. More JOY. I love you Jesus. #Mybestfriend πŸ™‚ LOVE. Your LOVE, really, does…ALWAYS win.

The scene changes, and I suddenly view, JESUS and ME. WE are sledding down, a HILL. It is covered with rainbow SNOW. Wow, what a beautiful sight!!!! Sparkling with a bright light. Everything here, sparkles and shines. As the sing HERE plays GLORIA… YES. IN effort to Praise HIM. Yes. πŸ™‚ Beautiful. In an effort to Praise HIM. πŸ™‚ THis is as AWESOME adventure….NOTHING is impossible for GOD… NOTHING. and EVERYTHING is an AMAZING adventure! πŸ™‚








Do you BELIEVE you are LOVED? If so, who do you believe, LOVES you?



THis SEASON, I encourage YOU, seek GOD on THIS. To TRULY examine HIM on this topic. My husband mentioned yesterday, that when we moved to, this state, He read the bible. FOR the VERY first time, HE read it cover to COVER. I mean, HE had read a FEW verses. But, He actually sat down, and READ the entire THING, EVERY single BOOK. It took A LOT of dedication. I marvelled at it ALL. To ME, it showed HIS dedication to GOD. When Sarah went HOME to Jesus, He did not read it, for a while, to be honest. So, I was quite glad, HE did that. It was like, HE had it stored up, for a winter of discontent. And, GOD knew. Because, as my husband likes to say, “God shops at Costco. wink . He give you the tools you need. For the trials, you are going through. smile.



Faith. Hope. Love.



The absolute GREATEST will ALWAYS BE LOVE….. NO matter what. ALWAYS show LOVE. ALWAYS. ~



IN His Grace,



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