Receiving the Call ~#5 ❤️ 💫💣

As I woke today, feeling the pull to write.  I must admit I fought ,throughout the night.  But God.  Tears already falling.  There’s just something ,about this day.  Part if me dreaded the arrival.  Most of me celebrates.  Because, inside, that’s who I am.  No matter, what I’m a joy child.


As I listen to the lyrics on… It says, “In the morning, when I rise.  Give me Jesus.  You can have ALL this world, but give ME Jesus. ” (Jeremy Camp)  More ➕ tears fall.  #meinanutshell ❤️



It’s sometimes, hard to hear Him.  Not everyone likes His plans, or wants His Love ❤️ .  And when He instructs you, to step back, or walk away sometimes, you must.  As the song, “Be still and Know” comes on again.  Tears


This morning, I was sitting in, a familiar room with Jesus.  I asked , “Why are we here?  ” .You’d think it’d be my childhood house.  But, it wasn’t . it was her last place.  The Hospital room.  I looked around .. .Everything looked the same.  Even the rainbow butterfly light.  I was so sad, I never got a picture of . But I have a forever picture.


He looks at me, I look at Him.  I start to get upset.  “Why are WE HERE! ! !”.  He takes a breath, then says. ” Because , it’s time.  ” .  So I say,  “Time for what?  Aren’t we doing what we’re supposed to do, following instruction.  “. He says simply , ” Breathe.  It is time for new ,to come.  But, you must, release ALL the old.  ” .  Tears fall.  I want Him to hug me.  But, I’m feeling so much.  He opens His arms says,  “Come. I remember. Let’s feel together.  I can take it.  Give it to me.  I love you.  ❤️ ”



It was about midnight, when we got the call .  The doctors said, “She’s in trouble .If she codes again, we won’t be able to do anything.  ” .  My sweet husband, heard those words. I know his heart was hurting.  Yet, he barely showed a weakness.  I saw Jesus, in a new light.  There was strength, might, authority . It was incredible.  But pain… That makes it tough to breathe.  Even still, some days.  But the Grace. Thank Heaven’s for the Grace.  Just to continue …



As the song… “I can Only Imagine ” ( mercy me)   plays.   There are many things, we don’t have to imagine.  We have lived them.  We live them daily.  #lifeofloveandgrace ❤️


“That call, was not just about Sarah.  Nor, is that room…  As my tears continue flowing…  He speaks to me…   Every resurrection, has a tomb.  It’s time for yours.  In this room.  Many dreams died.  I am bringing them, back to life! ”




I tell Him, ” I’m so sorry. I feel I failed, in so many ways.  But, I know you have not.  That, you never will.  I truly, am grateful that, you are making me new.  Thank you. ” .


He says,  “Look up, into the light.  And do you see the bed, where she was?  Go lay on it.  ” As I do, I see this light ,come from the rainbow light.  It’s a swirl of rainbow.  Looks like a light show.  Then, I see Jesus direct it.  I hear Him say, “New Life begins.  The Old   is Gone.  Now!   Hit swirling light hits me.   And ALL the pain… Is gone!  My body electrified, by His Love.  ❤️


And then…. He looks at me, and says, “That question you have. I’m working it out.  It will multiply. You’ll see.  My Love ❤️ won’t fail.  My Grace will carry… ALL of you. #unitedbymyheart ❤️ ”

I stay..  In His embrace.  As He transforms into the lion .  Smiles from me.  My favorite #Hislionkid ❤️


He knows ,there are a few heart questions.  But one, that must be surrendered daily. #Heknows ❤️


Today, I pray for the many families… Dealing with Loss.  Yes, our loss is His Gain.  But, He knows the pain.  Heavenly Father, comfort their hearts .  Bring them special presents ,that only you can.  Holy spirit nurture and heal the wounds, as often a mom, looks over the children.  So delicate and beautiful .And brother Jesus, walk with US, into this new place of healing.  We come, with repentant hearts, and receive.

In Jesus name,




There is a time for EVERYTHING. And for EVERYTHING a season.  ( Ephesians)

As the Last 🌜 song… Playing is “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. ”


In His Grace,


Elea Grace

#foreveramomofmanyangels ❤️








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