The Hope Tree

Funny that, I would be awakened. At 316. Isn’t is John 3:16 who says, “God so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only son. So that whoseoever believes in HIM, shall not perish, but have eternal LIFE? I’m fairly certain of that address. It is pretty engrained in my memory. I remember, seeing PILLARS as a child that houses this verse. There was a tornado, in my “home” town. Clarksville, TN is where I grew up. Such a beautiful place. But yeah, as a kid, I sure did NOT appreciate that. I mean, sometimes I saw it. But, you get it. I remember thinking when those pillars remained, how significant. One has the Lord’s Prayer. The other, houses John 3:16. The whole Sanctuary, is just BEAUTIFUL, because of these 2 pillars. To me, it is like a mom and dad. Those that HOLD us, and GROUND us, and root us, in LOVE.




The scene Begins Here…..


Jesus is sitting under this HEAVEN made TREE. I have never scene anything like it. It has rainbow leaves. Yet, because, I do spend quite a lot of time HERE, it just FEELS like HOME. And I think, THIS looks familiar. So Jesus says, “YOU have scene it! Then He laughs with PURE Joy. He said, YOU have scene it, just NOT on EARTH yet. ” wink .  I can’t help but say, “OH, that’s it!!!!.” Just like Him, I am in full JOY mode. 🙂  So I sat down, as He patted for me to. I asked Jesus, what do you want me to write about. He said, “Your style is going to change some.” So I am thinking, “My writing style?” He can read my thoughts, so He just smiles at me. LOVE .  Yes, THIS is what REAL LOVE looks like. The best brother, I could EVER have. He knows the deep desire for connection. He placed it, within me. WE ALL have this. But circumstances, often shadow it, and twist and turn it. Only He can undo those tangiles.



He says to Me, As He sees my TEARS…. “It is okay to LET it GO. This is a SAFE place,” He continues. “I am NOT looking for perfect my precious child. This is where, HEALING continues. HOPE is renewed. Burdens are lifted. FREEDOM comes. JOY surfaces. THIS is HOME. My arms, are ALWAYS YOUR HOME. ”



MORE tears FALL. Night time, is the hardest for me. I try not to complain. But, it JUST is. I very RARELY sleep through the night. I wake up, and I just crawl into HIS arms. BECAUSE, it is my SECURITY. It is my HOPE TREE. And in our lives, it sure has felt, like hope deferred. But feelings can just lie, to US.



And He looks up, at me, and says, “I know THIS is not comfortable, in so many ways. But, in others, YOU know, it is right. Let me explain. The discomfort, will fade, because, the truth is, YOU know, what must BE. You know where your HOPE is. That by our Father’s Grace, I must be the KEY to EVERYTHING.  There is such beauty, in HIS eyes. I truly get LOST in them. Just as Debbie Gibson said, as a kid, I would listen and sing. As would I to Susan Ashton, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant and countless others. I listened and sang to ALL kinds of artists. Even artists now, I listen, sing and pray for them. LOVE. This is how WE can LOVE. A phrase keeps coming to me. “Be the Miracle.”



Jesus sees me, thinking, and He says, “YOU are. JUST by being YOU. WE created YOU ALL, as miracles, and with many miracles within. ” He smiles. He says, There is such beautiful POWER in you ALL. It just has to be pointed, in the right direction. It works BEST, when you ALL work together.” But, even 2 of YOU, make a BIG difference. Suddenly, I see this beautiful familiar face. Jesus smiles. SURPRISE!!!!!! I hear her say, “Hi Momma!” I am so glad, you came to the garden today! Tears. She says,” I know Mamma.”  She goes on to say, but hey guess what, THINGS are GREAT here!!!!! Classes are AMAZING. It is quite busy, in the most beautiful way. So much is coming FULL CIRCLE.” She says, I only had a minute to come by. But, I wanted to come, and give you a hug and a kiss. I LOVE YOU. And, I LOVE daddy David too. Remember THAT. Good things, are coming. WONDERFUL ones. And just like Jesus taught us, He will get you through the tough stuff.”



So I look at Jesus, and say, “That was HIS idea huh? ” He says, “Actually it was Mama and Papa. LOVE But, YES.” WE laugh out loud. Smiles.



Then WE talk about a song. The first one that was playing as I sat down. it is called “Ball and Chain.” The lyrics that stand out to me are these….

“ALL of US have a HEARTACHE. ALL of US, have been STAINED. ALL of US, YEARN for FREEDOM, but THERE’s ONLY one WHO can BREAK, THIS BALL and CHAIN.” (Susan Ashton)

He says, “It is TRUE you know. I AM the ONLY one who can BREAK, EVERY single CHAIN. AND, they WILL fall to the ground, MY LOVE wins. Remember that. As you SHOW, and SHARE my LOVE, GRACE and MERCY, you will see. There is NO DARK, I cannot go, and shine the LIGHT. WE can GO together, and YOU will be SAFE, within ME. YOU’ll SEE.  You don’t have to SUFFER in Silence. ”



That song comes on “Suffer in Silence” (Susan Ashton)  “You don’t have to suffer, Suffer in Silence. I know that the pain can seem like an ocean, but I’m just a word away. ”   So MANY years, I did just THAT. I suffered in silence, YET, HE never left my side. He patiently waited for ME. In fact, HE Never TOOK HIS hands  off my LIFE. I will never forget, the day, WE began to speak again. I was about to be pregnant with Sarah. But, I did not know that. I just knew, I needed HIM. I had become such an ANGRY and bitter child. My heart aches, just thinking of that time. Father, forgive me. Help ME, forgive ME. I was entitled, and quite selfish. And, I had a lot of unforgiveness in my heart. I left the place, where, I was officially born. Because quite frankly, I was TIRED of EVERYTHING there. There were things I loved, and people too. But, I desperately NEEDED something different. And, I sure did FIND it. And how….but GOD.



Who sent ME on that JOURNEY? One word. JESUS. But, I did NOT know then. I just knew, I had to GO. Everyone, tried to talk me OUT of it. I do MEAN EVERYONE. But, I was determined. In some ways, I was just kind of hell bent. But, REALLY I wanted to learn to BEND towards HEAVEN. Because, I knew, if I could do that, things would BE BETTER. Somewhere inside, I had this spark, that just refused to go out. It sure did flicker, and man, it seemed DULL at times, the flame, but it never stopped. Some call it a LIFE force. But, I know, it is HIS LOVE. I know it, because, my heart has stopped before. It is the ONLY time, that the flame, actually did not burn. And it was just for 5 minutes. Grace. Oh my the Grace.. I still carry that scar. But God. His LOVE has marked me.



Jesus says to ME, as I reflect and REMEMBER…. “Memories can be hard to handle. A rollercoaster for you. So let’s so THIS my way. A little at a time. Like taking a bandage off, of a wound.” He touches my heart. JOY, AWESTRUCK WONDER and LIFE fill me, with HEAVENLY electricity and charge. FORGIVE again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, and LIVE again. MORE Grace be upon you. I look up in the sky, and I see shooting stars, and rainbows, and butterflies. I look to the right in the garden, and I see Safari animals. Jesus says, “You know what THIS is about.” I smile. “I keep my promises,” He says.



There was this one situation, weighing on my heart. He knows, I do not like confrontation, or stirring up trouble. But sometimes, it is just inevitable. So, He assures ME, and REassures ME, it is ALL good. “I will give you the words to say. She knows your heart, and mine. It will ALL work out fine. BREATHE.”   I sigh, in relief. And before I can ask HIm. He says, “And those other things, just a matter of timing.”

#comingVERYsoon .  LOVE.


Again, the SONG “Be still and KNOW” comes on. This seems to be a theme. LOVE  He listens with ME. He says, “In the stillness, there is renewal. There is reflection. there is Grace. There is Peace. I am HERE MOST, in the still ness. All the things, you NEVER got to do, can happen, HERE. ALL the wonderful, beautiful, just GLORIOUS adventures, happen HERE. REST in ME, beautiful ONE. I have so GOT this covered. YOU will NOT FAIL.


Psalm 46:10 BE STILL and KNOW, HE is GOD !!!!!!!

In His Grace,






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