Beauty 4 ASHEAS ~ ❤️ 💐🌸🌺🌻

20131223_013742 (2)10307200_10152921095957785_5214134257696538820_nlarge778863_10151673469177785_890606283_o10502079_720790414681909_4910546880540562579_n816e6e642d8b65a15137333cbf5ed23010584071_10153041342612785_1766653364807497367_n10274071_10154554801292785_1555357345691557540_n-jpg1I went to Sleep thinking it was for, a FULL night’s sleep. However, God had different plan’s in mind, and THIS is NOT uncommon in MY LIFe. Though, TONIGHT, I did NOT get a HUGE heads UP. I woke, seeing, The song, “In Better Hands,” by the Artist Natalie Grant on Pandora . It was on the screen. I smiled, and yet, my heart kind of ached, a bit. Because my heart well, it Longs to BE fully HOME.~~~



The song currently ON… YES. Um. It is Francesca Batastelli. ” Born in ME. ” For Those of you, who have read, more than ONE entry, YOU know, that SONG is a VERY HARD ONE, and YET a VERY SPECIAL ONE. TEARS. OH, how I LOVE it. BUT, HOW IT HURTS. WE sang IT EVERY single DAY , FOR a YEAR, with OUR SARAH angel butterfly. ~~~ THEN, RIGHT before MY birthday, WE recorded IT. ~ THE LAST SONG. ~  Such a GIFT. ~ ❤️ 💞  💔



This YEAR, coming UP, is YEAR #5….. SINCE our BEAUTIFUL baby👼 GIRL’s FINAL FLIGHT HOME ~  And, WE are going 2 open UP, HER Ashes. A dear friend, and BROTher, GAVE us, this beautiful golden container, to house them in. And we have kept them there. But, IT is coming time, that those ashes start,  to be spread soon. Because, ASHES are not about death. He has shown US, She is about LIFE… And her LIFE should be Celebrated. So we ARe GOING to do JUST THAT. He has a BEAUTIFUL plan. But, that does NOT mean, it is ALWAYS an EASY plan. WE are children of the KING!!!! He has OVERCOME the GRAVE! He DIED for US 🙂 He CONQUERED EVERYTHING BY HIS ❤️  LOVE! NOTHING COULD STOP HIM… NOT RELIGION. NO ENEMY…NOTHING!




The song right NOW 🙂 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

LYRIC… ” WHOM THE SON SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED , I’M A CHILD OF GOD, YES I AM!” (Who You Say I AM – Hillsong worship- It goes on to say… “I am CHOSEn not FORSAKEn I am WHO YOU SAY I AM. You are 4 ME not AGAINST ME, I am WHO you SAY I AM” THESe are VERY important WORDS are TRUTHS!!!! It also says “In my FATHER’s HOUSE THERE is A PLACE 4 ME” 🙂 SUCH LOVE and SUCH TRUTH of HEAVEN 🙂 THANK YOU JESUS 🙂 ❤️




I remmeber, another song, I think also similar that was played at the CELEbration of LIFE in FLorida ~ it was HOSANNa . Every single TIME, I hear it, to THIS day, I remember THAt day. By God’s Grace, I remember to BREATHe. …  Life HERE will FEEL cold. Sometimes, it may be warm, by HIS Grace. There will be TIMES, of response from young, and others from old. So many say to me….you are wise. But, sometimes, I just want to crawl, under the covers, and just be a KID. And, it seems like, those days, don’t exist. But, yet they do still…..~~~~~ ❤️




As, the song on now… “What Do I Know Of Holy” ……. Such a GREAT question…. LOVE the LYRICS to this SONG… in one of my other BLOGS… NO clue what ONE… IT is quoted some where. LOVE…..❤️

Listening… JESUS…. Love❤️



YOU know ME…. YOU know MY inner THOughts… MY Heart… YOu knew ME from MY womb… The depth of MY workings…. Thank YOU that YOU know EVERY DETAIL…. TEACH ME…..   ~~~~~~~~~ ❤️

Yesterday….My beautiful SIs…. spoke about  love❤️


LOVE….and how She desired to know… MORE about LOVE… and I just adore HER heart. And she is SO ACCURATE. There is so MUCH MORE to LEARn. Because, WE have to LOVE ONE another, and it HAS to be FULLY through HIS LOVE. So, FATHER GOD , LOVE through US. for LOVE comes, THROUGH YOU. WE bring the ASHES of the PAIn today to YOU. FORGIVE us oh GOD. Oh, WE REpent before YOU, and ASk, that YOU Create in US a clean 💞  HEARt. Renew a right spirit within us. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for NEVER failing. For stripping away, EVERY ounce of pride in our LIFE. Thank you for healing every every of strife. You are so beautiful. We are so grateful. ❤️




Help us, to put you FIRSt, above ALL…. because YOU deserve that position and HONOR. We trust you LOrd. You are the ROCk and salvation. Without YOU, nothing can STAND. Let Wisdom, build the house in the foundation of LOVE. Thank you JESUS, for LOVINg us so VERY deeply. Thank you HOLY spirit, for NURTURING us, and Father GOD, for standing IN AUThority OVER us. Mighty FAMILY of GOd, HOW YOU FIGHT for US. THERE is NO FAMILY BETTER. SO Grateful. So FAITHFUL. So FAITHFUL. ALL OF HEAVEN is FOR US. Thank YOU JESUS. by the BLOOD of JESUS , WE ARE COVERED. on THIS day of GRACE, thank you LORD. ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️







It is so interesting to ME….that something that COULD



be…so DEVASTATing… JESUS turns into…JOYFUL. THAT is JUST LIKE HIM… SMILES ~ I am not saying it is EASY… FAR from IT. Because, it sure is NOt. But, I am in AWE of the JOY, and MIRACLES happening in the HEALING. When He says, what was MEANT 2 HARm YOU, I will USE for YOUR GOOD, He MEANS THAT. I have So LIVED that OUT. I still DO! ❤️




It is just so CRAZY beautiful…Sometimes kinda AWFUL too…but mostly just KINDA Awesome….BY HIS Grace….Because, He is MAKING Everything NEW…and I DO mean EVERYTHING…. AND it is OVERWHELMING…and Beautiful, and it takes a MOMENT to stop and regroup, and step BACK and just go… WOW…. A LOT…. because there are MANY…. of what I call…. ” CLOUDY with a CHANCE of MEATBALL JOY MOMENTS”  ~~~~ ❤️


I am gonna EXPLAIN that NOw —– In that FILM they MAKE Food with a WEATHER Machine. And it REMINDS Me of the Promised LAND. Because in the Promised LAnd there is this AMAZING FOOD! SO, The people SEE this FOOD and the LOOK on their faces is just AWE struck. It is like PURE LIKE WOW. And to Me, IT is AMAZEMENT, SHOCK and AWE, and JOY… YES, I have MANY, MOMENTS, LIKE THAT with JESUS! ESPECIALLY LATELY !!!! LOVE 🙂  THAT lovie, in FACt both of those movies, are special, because we saw them, with Sarah. The second, one, the LAST movie, we officialy saw, as a family. ~ ❤️




NOt EASY things to speak ON, but THEY have to be SPOken ON, because THEY ARE, part of the BEAUTY 4 ASHES. LOVE ~~~ And HE deserves to have that 🙂 He reminds me, that because I honor Him, I honor her too. LOve. 🙂 ❤️



The Song that was just on…. ” Joyfully” (Kari Jobe) Yes , That Describes my Heart  for the most part. with this one , lightning bolt. And that gets ignited, ONLY at Jesus’s choosing. I am so VERy grateful, FOR the MERCY of GOD. YES, the LOVE of GOD. What would WE DO without it? We truly could not exist, without it…. That is TRUE. Yet, WE still have ONLY GLIMPSED the depth of the LOVE. Because, we NEED even MORE, of IT. But, it TAKES so MUCH to RECEIVE it, and TO GIVE it. ❤️



There is a HYmnn… that keeps coming to me… and it says… “OH for GRACe 2 LOVE YOU MORE”. ❤️

I remember Singing THIS as a CHILD…but NOT knowing WHAT this MEANT then….

as… I hear the words on the RADio ” CHRIST ALONE CORNERSTONE ” (hillsong)



As a Child, I sat in the church Pew….and my Biological Father constantly said, “be still” every Sunday to me. I always thought it meant be quiet. And in some ways it did. But, it meant So much more than that. It would be years, till I learned what THAT REALLy meant. To DATE, that is NOW, one of MY favorite, PLACES in the LIFE BOOK. “BE STILL and KNOW.” (Psalm 46:10)  I used to write , on the bulletin with my mom, and draw, and color. Jesus is reminding me of the good. The kindness. The LOVE.



I am so GRATEFUL for the LOVE!!!!! ❤️

And I pray for Everyone who did , NOT get it, that they CAN…have OPPOrtunities to RECieve it, by HIS Grace. Because, it is NOT too LATE. He has a PLAN. And I know, His plans are GOOD. He has PLANs to prosper US not to HARm US, PLans for hope and a FUTure, and a beautiful FUTURE. (Jeremiah 29:11) May everyone have the Destiny, that Heaven has designed. In Jesus Name. 🙂

Love You ALL ~~~~ ❤️


In His Grace, Mercy, and Peace,


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