A Freight-train of FAITH ~ 🏆❤️ 🎯🏅🏁

551976_356879881087543_1016047998_n19693_491506860886978_1220456359_n11702785_10200801803564457_8496415044547532650_n10409591_555950121178295_2491996567656324842_nthankyouDivine-Intervention-Wordle1459750_1000080833353916_2915999975910128314_n10551057_10153035975977785_1329849181222001721_n08154f27097b4bd8e2015d15d9717ea210392289_10202777217343969_1020048498025419797_nshutterstock_93326353When I WOKE UP today, I FELT like saying, “GOOD MORNING…VIETNAM!” I Hope that Made YOU Laugh. 🙂 love❤️ I say This, Partialially because, it is um 4 something in the morning. PART, TRIBUTE, to the AMAZING actor, Robin Williams. And, also, Because, When I SIT with JESus, WELL , I AM just IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. Yet, STILL in THIS ONE too. 🙂 THE AWESOME WONDER, of GOD and HIS ❤️  LOVE. Tears. Beauty. Surrender,  of ALL FEARS. Human FRAILTIES.




THE SONG… ” YOU SAY” ( Lauren DAIGLE) “YOU SAY,  I AM LOVED, WHEN I CAN”T FEEL A THING…You say I am Strong, When I think I am WEAK. ” Yes Oh, HOW… THese… words register, with ME right now… because CERTain FEARS, have been, TRYINg so HARD, to GET the BEST of ME. And there,  is a SItuation/Circumstance,  THAT at face VALUE…  looks just AWFUL. To be honest, a FEW. It TAKES complete FAITH, in JESUS alone. And, in that, WE often, FEEL, ALONE. ~~~ 💔 😭




In the MIDST of these TIMES and SPACES, there is BEAUTIFUL, intimacy with the LORD. ❤️  THAT is simply PRECIOUS. Yet, WE long, to SHARE this, with OTHERS too. And, PRAY that ONE day, that CAN BE. HE knows, what the DESIRES, of our HEARTS are. And WE TRUST HIM, to KEEP the HOME FIRES, BURNING. Oh, BY HIS GRace, Are WE LEARNING.




There are these VERY simple PRINCIPLES…WE have been GIVEN… on the FREIGHT TRAIn of FAITH 🙂



  2. Surrender Everything to Him – This is Not an easy Process. Begin by asking HIM everything  that has been a problem, or seeming to hinder you, from moving forward. Ultimately, what is sticking around, that should not be- to simplify it. ( Keep it Simple sweetheart — Leave it with a KISS 🙂 )

3.   Repentance is KEY to being able to FORGIVE. They go hand in hand. I used to think REPENTANCE was a religious word. But, it really is NOT. It is a HEART word. He wants a PURE heart. And, FRUIT, speaks FOR itself…. So, not matter how much people who, are involved with BAD stuff try and LIE. JESUS will REVEAL, the TRUTH. of THAT you can be CERTAIN. Just YESTERDAY, IT was brought to memory, Ananais and Saphaira. They tried to LIE to GOd. It did NOT go well. So. we have to stay REPENTANT, before our KING…because HE wants us to be able to continue to FLY FREE. And, FORGIVENESS, is NOT a ONE time, THING. He says, 70 x 7.

4. Life is So…. NOT PERFECT.   BUT… JESUS… IS ❤️ 😉 ❤️ And, His LOVE ❤️ is PERFECT.  ThE LOVE of GOD as A WHOLE is PERFECT.  IT is JUST not, ALWAYS, EASY TO, RECIEVE. ❤️


And….JUST a REMINDER ~~~~~ THOSE involved with the YUCK ~~~ are NOT coming against YOU~~~ they are COMING against JESUS in YOU ~~~

JUST the other DAY, I said to Someone… I used to be ABLE to forgive…LIKE Breathing…..It USED to BE so EASY ~~~~ WHY IS it SUDDENLY SO HARD….. And I HAD ANOTHEr SWEEt SIS AGREE 2…. We sat wondering…asking GOD… Why…is This…so Tough Now… It Did not used to be…~~~~~

We asked. ” Is it, because THIS GARBAGE JUST GETS OLD?” or ” ARE WE MAKING THIS ABOUT US”  “ARE WE DOING SOMETHING WRONG?” You know HE hears, this Question a lot. wink. And YET it FELT like THere were FEW answers, to the questions. AND THAT made it tougher. Because the teacher, is often quiet, during the TESTING. Right!  Thank GOD, for the GRACe to talk to HIM, and not to question, because we doubt, but, because we WONDER. Because, we DESIRE to know what is NEXT, in HIS plan. And not, from FEAR. But, because, as HIS children, We LIKE to prepare.~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



I remember, as a child/KID I was in choir. I SANG, BEFORE I could SPEAK truly. And, one of my favorite songs, was the song, “Prepare the WAY of the LORD. WE had the sweetest directors. It was a couple. They worked so dilligently. Right now, The Song on, “Oh My Soul” (Casting Crowns) Tears I love JESUS so much. He knows, how my heart, is healing. How much, I am missing. The lyric, just said. “There’s a place…Where FEAR has to FACE the GOD you KNOW” ~ ❤️




My FRIENDS ~  I LIVE in that PLACE . TEARS. It is called HEAVEn on EARTH. The next LYRIC. “ONE MORE DAY, HE will MAKE A WAY. LET HIM SHOW YOU HOW. YOU CAN LAY it DOWN. CAUSE YOU”RE NOT ALONE.” (Casting CRowns)  We met them in person, not long after our Butterfly’s final flight. I remember, that the drummer has a son. Sarah prayed for his heart. Shortly, before she went HOME…she came in, to our bedroom then. Had such JOY, on her FACE. Said, momma, baby Silas is gonna be just FINE! I said, Who? And then, she preceeded to tell me, ALL about him. And, after, her FINAL flight, WE got to tell Silas’s daddy. 🙂 BY, God’s GRACE, did THAT happen. ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




The next song…. “In the EYE of the STORM” (Ryan Stevenson) 5:28 Grace-Eternal Life  hmmm ~~~ Appropriate. A Grace Baby. And She was in the Hospital 28 days….The Last Times. And, oh my…does it take GRACE to write…. YES…. ❤️



I have to TRUST GOD that….EVERYTHING is HIS. Every CHILD He has EVER given US to LOVE. Every Memory, Every Friend, Every thought, Every home, Every item, every detail, Every business. We have ALWAYS said…. HE owns the CATTLE on A THOUSAND HILLS…AND HE OWNS the HILLS as WELL!!!! So, HE CAN’t BE SOVEREIGN and NOT BE…. ❤️



Someone, i LOVE deeply, a precious FAMILY member said, “Your faith is so strong.” But, I pray that others SEE….My FAITH belongs NOT to ME. THERE are SO MANY times I struggle TOO. Just yesterday, I confess, I went to MY Jesus, with a MESS. I said, I need these THINGS, to FALL down. I know you say it is DONE. Make this END please. And, I felt HIM say, HOLD on sweet girl. I sat…on my KNEES. YES LORD. Though you SLay Me, I will TRUST YOU. ALWAYS. ALWAYS ALWAYS. ❤️ 💔 ❤️













My Husband, was speaking to me, about a movie, Jesus had me reference recently in a video. And it was interesting, because he mentioned the timeline, in His life. And, I just kept thinking, about how God does things. I could not help but smile. 🙂  He even said, “We should watch it together soon, I want to show you something.”  Now, THAT is big for my husband. 🙂 My JESUS is a healer! ❤️



In the LIFE book…the BIBLE… it speaks of a 3 chord strand. It says that one is not EASILY broken. My most FAVORIte is FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. But, another one is Grace WISDOM and STRENGTH and that one is the one that I FEEL we have been holding onto lately. BECAUSE that 3 chord STRAND is anchored in the PERFECT LOVE of JESUS. And, no matter the WAVES it sometimes, gets tossed into. IT always comes out, more BEAUTIFUL. And, THAT JUST TRULY AMAZES ME. ~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




I will CLOSE with THIS… When my HUsband and I got together… WE were connected with, these beautiful 😇 Angel in Disguise… Her name…. Henrietta. I adored her. She is now with Jesus. I don’t usually cry about that. BUt, today…TEARS seem to be falling. I am so grateful. Jesus used her, to TEACH me, and LOVE on ME. Without HER taking the TIME, to LOVE on ME… I would NOT know JESUS the way I do. And I remember, she made this promise to me. She said, one day I would have an amazing marriage. And now, by HIS Grace, I do. It takes JESUS. That is the TRUTH. But, by HIS GRACE. It is made BEAUTIFUL. ~~~~ And the GIFT  gift🎁 goes ON. ~~~




I just want to pray for the marriages —– Father GOD ~~~ I ask for Restoration of Broken marriages. Heal hearts. Heal minds. Heal bodies. Help US, BE MARRIED 2 You FIRST JESUS!!!! YOU DESERVE our WHOLE HEART….. What you have put together, let no man tear assunder. Grace Grace. There has been such pain, in the world Lord. Help your children, release the pain to you. Help it not stick like glue, but be like baloons, going up into the sky. May those baloons, come and give you hugs, and kisses Jesus. Holy Spirit Nurture us, Like a Mother does a Child. Strengthen us too. Because, many of us. are really strugling with feeling weary from battling. Not that we are trying, to handle things alone. WE come, with repentant hearts, asking forgiveness for any areas known or unknown, where we may be faltering. LORD, have your will and way in our lives. Bring HEAVEn to EARTh, as ONLY you CAN. THANK you in ADVANCE. WE LOVE you. Covered in the BLOOD over JESUS, AMEN. ~ ❤️







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