#50 JuBUilEE 4 ~ Me FREE ~ love❤️ 🎉 🎉 🎉

10356327_797736560298840_800842292463146719_n612wpFrT0WL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_10906241_603447309799087_6353916573394658360_noriginal12717331_10154565145562785_6794794654758014875_nWell, I did NOT know I was going to be writing THIS MORNING. At least, NOT, for CERTAIN until I got up, and HIS ❤️  LOVE stirred. THAT is what HAPPENS with ME. But, might, I just TAKE a moment, ONCE again, to SAY, LIVINg this way…NOT ALWAYS EASY. Beautiful…YES. Wonderful…BY HIS GRACE. Full of BLessings, that HE can ONLY bring. But, oh MY the TESTS. SOmetimes, the TEST, will FEEL like, they LEAVE you in a MESS.  To be REALLY, frank… You may feel just ⛵ Shipwrecked, at Times.



I have to so…BREATHE, as I TYPE that. Because, there is INTERCEDE going ON. TEARS just FALL, some FROM my OWN aches, but NOT ALWAYS. AND, daily it TAKES, a process… SURRENDER, of ALL. Because, SOMETIMES things, appear to GET stolen, or taken. AND, WE appear to BE forsaken. BUt, I refuse to BELIEVe the LIEs, that MY GOD, is NOT Victorious. Or, that He would EVER, LEAVE us ALONE, or let US BE , swallowed UP by the DARK. NO!!!!! HIS ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  LOVE is GREATER! THis is the TRUTH, in WHICH WE CAN STAND. Yet, it is the TRUTH, that Ignites, our  heart💞 HEARt too. You See?




So, to EXPLAIn , the TITLE this DAY. 50 is JUBILEE in the LIFE BOOK. ( the Bible ) It’s meaning THERE. So, it IS, the MEANING Here 2. 🙂 ❤️   Then, 4 is CREATIVE MIRACLES. I am ONE of THOSE, and SO are YOU!!! Then, “ME FREE” That is not just about MY FREEDOM. But, it is about, yours too. It is about, ALL of our FREEDOM.   I was HEARING, the cries, of children today. And, I am a CHILD 2. YES, I am technical, by age, an adult. Even Spiritually, no clue the AGE official, but it does NOT always FEEL young. That one, I believe can change, as WE walk with JESUS. AND that, is beautiful. Yet, I believe, that it is SAFE…to COMe to HIM as a child. Because, it is IN THAT place ….WHERE WE are HEALED. ~ It is WHAT I DID, and DO. ~ We are Held there.  ❤️




I NEED to be VERY transparent, and SAY, “It is super EASY for ME to fall back into OLD patterns” It takes JESUS to STOP me! I used to be horrible, about beating myself UP, I mean awful…. AND He showed me, I could NOT do THAT! Because HE created Me, with the HEavenly FATher, and Holy Spirit. Meaning, WE ALL were CREATED…in the IMAGE of GOD. And, HERE I was ripping myself to SHREDS. ME….NOT others. ME. I repented. I do again today. Because, yesterday…some challenges CAME. Yet, God’s faithfulness REMAINS. But, I had trouble, holding FAST, and laying myself down. Because, I am still QUITE broken. I say that not in justify. It is simple…TRUTH.



And, there is SUCH DEEP…HEALING happening. Yet, in the midst of THAT, it is required, to STILL tell the STORY. We have not REALLY stopped, and the STORY, not easy to SPEAK. But, by HIS Grace, the SEEDS of LOVE, go FORTH. And He continues, to bring Heaven.  😇  And, WE see more miracles, each DAY.  It is beautiful ,by the way.  ❤️ By, His Grace…. ~~~~~




Despite the ARROWs that FLY, and the other YUCK. WE PRAISE HIM!!! He is STILL WORTHY!!! The SONG Lyric ” CHAINS BE BROKEN LIVES BE HEALED. EYES BE OPENED. CHRIST IS REVEALED.” ( You’ll Come- Hillsong United)  By HIS Grace, I sang THIS on Worship Team, YEARS ago. More to the POINT, JESUS used ME to SING it. 🙂 Plus, the FIRST time, I heard it, I will NEVER forget. WE, were at a JOYCE MEYER conference. Darlene CZECH, was leading worship…and WOW did HEAVEN show UP! It was the FIRST time, I EVER got HIT that hard with HEAVEN. 🙂 BEAUTIFUL! I might add, WE were fasting, because WE was told to do that. AND, IT was in 2009, when SARah was first diagnosed, and HEALED. IT was the first TIME, JESUS used her in the HOSPITAL, to LOVE on DOCTORS, nurses, and KIDS. 🙂 THERE is JOy in THAT NOW! But, I admit, I LAY down the sorrow, I FEEL for the MANY others, enduring. YOU know, who you are, and JESUS, sees your HEART. My tears FALL, with HIS.❤️ 💔 ❤️







As I sit here TYPING… thinking about this SCENE in a movie. You MIGHT have SCENE it. It is the MOVIE, “You HAVE got MAIL.” I was just speaking about it recent. Wow, the song now… “”YOU ARE MY HIDING PLACE.”” ANYWAY, this SCENE in the FILM, she has just LOST everything. TEARS. And, as she is LETTING it Go, and even before, it becomes official, she is remembering her MOTHER. And the line is, ” MISSING my MOTHER so MUCH, I ALMOST COULD not BREATHE.” And, in so MANY ways, THAT is how I feel about my SARah’s united. It TAKES JESUS, to REMIND me. To UNBIND ME, to FREE ME. to LOVE ME. to HEAL ME. To COMFORT ME. ❤️





I am A LOT, like MEG Ryan’s Character. I TOOK the WRONG path A LOT. And YET God’s GRACE covered ME, in WAYS that, I just MARVEL at NOW. In the FILM, she makes a friend, and later that friend , is an adversary…and THROUGH forgiveness, becomes her LOVE. Ignoring, the MANY twists, and turns, in the plot, the STORY of LOVE is BEAUTIFUL. Because, THIS is HOW God’s LOVE is. We make a friend. It does NOT always FEEEL like, OUR FRIEND is FOR US. Right? And LAST…by God’s GRACE we can FALL in LOVE with JESUS. And, THERE is NOTHING like that. Because, when YOU have THAT…then YOU have a better MARRIAGE. You EVENTUALLy, will have more stable children, and HOME LIFE, and career, by God’s Grace. We can TESTIFY to THIS. ~ ❤️





But, I admit…. I OFTEN am when faced, with adversity, struggling a bit…to give GRACE to MYSELF. I know, JESUS in ME, must be honored FIRST. Yet, I battle in that place of receiving the GRACE first for ME. Becuase, I was taught it was SELFISH. Father, help me NOT believe that LIE. Help ME KNOW your TRUTH, that your LOVE, is different, and your WAYS are DIFFERENT. That BECAUSE, of your LOVE, you will REVERSE every CURSE attempt. THank you. WE LOVE YOU and PRAISE YOU!!!! In JESUS NAME ~~~~~ ❤️





MAY MORE CAPTIVES BE SET —- FREE ___ by —- YOUR ““`LOVE!!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️





THANK GOF (God our FATHER in HEAVEN) for the GRace, to sometimes GET Things WRONG. Wrong is NOT the song of Jesus. But people, WE can err. What is the phrase? To err is Human, and to Forgive is Divine. YES. SMiles. 😊 ❤️







And YET, yesterday,,, WHEN a PERPLEXITY arose, I found myself….crying OUT. “What ELSE could you TAKE?” And you SEE, THAT is NOT like ME, NOT at ALL. And YET, maybe it WAS HIDDEn AWAY, and HE wants MORE FREEDOM, to COME THIS day. FOR, I do NOt…want PRIDE, or arrogant or BOAST. I only want HIS HEART, and HIS PLAN<<<<and HIS LOVE>>>>>. HIS JOURNEY. I have ended up…ON a GURNEY b4, TRYING to do THINGS, on MY OWN. Forgive ME LORD. I did NOT get angry, in the same way, as my LOVE husband. But, it SEEMS there were some unresolved FEELINGS< mine or others, I know not. ALL i KNOW, is JESUS NEEDS a CLEAN slate. And, I repent, for eating from a table, that gives me tummy aches.





I PRAY He Bless this ground…writing and otherwise. I pray HE take every irriation, meant for demise…EVERY desire for perfection…that WE may HAVE and through HIS LOVE burn away the YUCK of this WORLD. HE LOVES His KIDS. He will fight for ME, and YOU. Yes, We fall short sometimes. BUt, HE will SEE us through. Sometimes, WE will feel frustration, or irritation 2, but by HIS GRACE, that CAN be removed. YES, it can sir and Madame. His LOVE, will kick the CAN of the BAD!!!! It just will!!! The SONG : “GIVE ME JESUS.” (Fernado Ortega)





THIS says SO MUCH. It says , it ALL….

We are visiting a place, a wonderful place of GRACE…and LAST night, there was a lesson on LOVING JESUS. Just beautiful. Heaven dripping in the place, like honey. Then, afterwards, we went to DINNER, adn, HE LOVED on us EVEN more. HIS LOVE amazes ME. I CHOOSE to check YES, for JESUS. Thank you Holy Spirit for Nurturing our hearts.  Thank you Heavenly Father, for being our FULL, authority.  WE choose HISWAYS. The ways of JESUs.  JOY, not SORROW will CONQUER. Lord, comfort those mourning, fill them with JOY. STrengthen them EACH, for the tasks at HAND. Give them ALL your RESTS. Reset, with YOUR LOVE. ONLY you CAN. YOU are SOOOO Goood. Thank you, for LOVING, and doing WHAT YOU do. Protecting, GUARDING, and connecting , fighting for us too. WE are ALL grateful. By your GRACE, WE will survive, THRIVE, hEAL, and others will SEE, TASTE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE your LOVE. THey will be CLOTHED in it JESUS, by YOUR GRACE. ~ IN JESUS NAME and BLOOD. ~ Give us REPENTANT HEARTS. quick to FORGIVE, ourselves, and Anyone Else, Even you Lord. Oh, that can BE so Hard. It is what ONLY You can do. In Jesus NAME, Have your way. Fulfill EVERY single NEED. ~ SO be it ~ It is Finished, by your Grace, LOVE, Mercy and HOPE. Amen ~ ❤️





I just want to say, THANK YOU to JESUS for ALL who, have GRACED our LIVES. Those who have meant to HARM, those who have SINCERELY LOVED. Each ONE, a PART of THIS JOURNEY, MATTERS to US, and MATTERS to GOD MOST. We are determinded to LOVE. By HIS GRACE, WE choose to BLESS and NOT CURSE. In JESUS name. We LOVE you ALL with LOVE that is tough, to put to WORDS. Yet, HE LOVES you MOST of ALL!!!!!





CLosing SONG ~~~~

“I WILL RISE”  ~~~ I listend to MY LOVE David sing this~~~ Just the other day 🙂 MUSIC to my EARS (Chris Tomlin wrote the LYRICS)     “I WILL RISE WHEN HE CALLS MY NAME. NO MORE SORROW.NO MORE PAIN.”




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