You know, being on CALL for the ONE who KNOWS it ALL is the MOST love❤️ beautiful, and DIFFUCULT JOB. I am so honored, to HAVE it. BUT, I remember EVERY day, that IT, TAKES love❤️ JESUS…IN FULL. That, if I start making, LIFE about ME…Well, YOU SEE. THINGS, GET MESSY…FAST. It GOES from JOYFUL to DRAINING, FAST.  Did you notice, that the word, difficult, got spelled different? That was not accidental. It requires, YOU being PUT in, the WORD! BOTH, the WORD difficult, and the LIFE word…and LIFE WORD. In Proverbs, there is a VERSE, that kept playing, on MY HEART today. It is found in the ADDRESS of 19:21. I find that fascinating, because 19 is FAITH, and 21…OVERCOMING SIN. I remember one version I read saying…”Many are the ways, of a man’s heart. But, the Lord delivers Him , from them ALL. “You SEE our HEART can LEAD us ASTRAY. Especially, WHEN it has been hurt. 💔



Something else, the LIFE BOOK, our LOVE story from HOME, says, is that the HEART is “deceitful, above ALL things.” Now, I believe HERE, it is referring to a HEART that, has not been surrendered. ONE thing, I will NEVER 4 get…it was so HARD. Our butterfly angel😇 came, with a message. It was a few months, after her final flight. In it, she said, ” IT IS CRITICAL TO STAY SURRENDERED.” Now this message came from the Heavenly Father. Beautiful as the messenger WAS, IS and ALWAYS will be. The message, NOT EASY. STILL THIS DAY. IT TAKES JESUS…TO DO THIS. AND NOT IN 1 AREA. EVERY single AREA and TERRITORY, MUST STAY this WAY.



So, let’s GET specific…BECAUSE THAT is REQUIRED 2 DAY….














Because the KING CARES…..




He is clear, THAT He will GIVE us the DESIRES of our HEARTS. However, HE does NOT say, that THINGS will NOT FALL apart… or APPEAR to FALL apart…BEFORE WE RECEIVE them? Has THIS EVER happened to you? STOP. In the NAME of LOVE. By NOW. I am certain…HIS LOVE , has drawn oUT some tEARS from YOU…because it Does that… 🙂 It is the Healing Power…




The song on the Radio 🙂 “Christ in ME” 🙂 YES – EVERY HOUR we NEED HIM 🙂



He does not say, THIS world will not startle us. But, being startled, is NOT the same thing, as being moved. In fact, ONE definition I found for IT was to surprise. Oh, HOW often JESUS reminds me, that He felt FEAR, but never CHOSE FEAR. Grace GRACE… He says to ME. I was walking…and it was dark, and the flashlight was on, and something popped up, and it startled me, a bit. And, I jumped a bit. But, i was unharmed, because He guarded me.



It is NOT our JOB to worry about the DARk. It is our JOB to LOVE. And HE will LIFE and lift that LOVE up, above the HAZE of the WORLD. AND those who WANT it, will GRAB onto IT for, DEAR LIFE!!! And, THOSE who Don’T, well JESUS will handle them. Years ago, a band named TEARS 4 FEARS came out. A song they had. “Sowing SEEDS of LOVE.” Yes, THAT is the point. JUST LOVE!



And, AS you do THIS…in ALL you ARE and BECOME..OH the JOY, YOU will HAVE. I will GIVE you an EXAMPLE. Recently, WE had something come up, my husband and I..and it could have been a wrench. It was something, we suspected a while back. AND, when this dropped, in our laps, WE did NOT exactly HAVE a support TEAM in place. But, WE HAVE and HAD then, the GRACE of GOD. AND AMIDST the HAZE of the BAD STUFF…and there was A LOT, just to BE REAL…HIS LOVE FLOATED UP.



I am REMINDED of a MOVIE NOW. Of COURSE, being the movie GAL, I am. 😉






ONE MORE DAY..ONE MORE TIME…ONE MORE SUNSET..I’d BE SATisFIED…BUT THEN again..I know WHAT it WOULD do…It’d Leave be wishing still..for one more day..with YOU… {FEELING MY SARAh’s} )


In Hope Float’s the main CHARACTER goes HOME because she has…to FACE the PAIN of her PAST.  break💔 And the relationship, she has with her MOM, well I related so much to that. And, the scene where her mom, goes (dies) HOME…That, is ALWAYS so tough, for ME to watch. Even the one, before. I can recite, it by HEARt. love love❤️ She is speaking to her grandaughter, and says, “My cup runneth over.” Later the grandaughter says it too. But, at the end, the MAN, she ends up with, is BEST. He, reminds me of my DAVID. And…JESUS in HIM. ❤️


I LOVE the end, BECAUSE…it speaks about HOPE. Love❤️ And I remember LEAVING, thinking YES. MY hope is in ONE thing, and ONLY one thing. 🙂 JESUS. ❤️

But, as a child…that seemed easier…didn’t it?

I got older, and I got hurt, and Life happened, and naturally it seemed… that HOPE got put in OTHER stuff. It was so subtle, I don’t think I noticed it…at first….

But LOOKING back…it SEEMS so PAINFULLY obvious…. TEARS….

My husband always says to ME, “Wisdom Is the opposite, of the Obvious.” ❤️

The PAINFUL truth is…IF things were Elea Grace’s WAY, somedays, I would crawl under the covers, and NEVER come out. Sad 🙁 But it is… Because… JESUS is with ME… BUT, HE does NOT LET me. ANd, HE is MY strength. ANd it is NOT My WAY. It is HIS way. And, HIS WAY is BEST. ❤️



In 2011, I was in prayer, with my then prayer partner. I will never forget, what happened. It still ROCKS me, 2 the core. Though at the time, I did not really understand. The Heavenly Father spoke to me. ❤️  He apologized to me. He said, “I want to apologize to you. For the suffering you have had to endure, and will HAVE to endure. But just know, that IF there, were ANY other WAY, we WOULD have TAKEN it, TOGETHER.” At the time, I looked around, at my life, and everything seemed okay. But, little did I know…what WAS to come….



I do NOT for one single second, believe THAT word, was JUST for ME. Because, GOD is NO respector of PERSONS. And, the LOVE that HE has for ONE of US, HE has for us ALL. One THING, HE has REALLY broken ME of, IS my DESIRE to FIX things. When I want to NOW, or I am even remotely tempted to try to RUN things, I step back, and hand the reigns over. I am so GRATEFUL for LOVE, GRACE and MERCY. The love love❤️ ❤️ ❤️ MOST BEAUTIFUL 3 CHORD STRAND. Definitely not easily BROKEN. JUST watch GOD. You might think THINGS look ODD. Crazy. These DAYS. But, OH…HOW HIS LOVE will RISE UP….❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


I looked up the definition of HAZE…and found that it is…STATE of mental confusion… TO JESUS that is JUST an ILLUSION. REST in HIS LOVE. WATCH HIS LOVE>>>BREAK EVERY SINGLE barrier down, and deliver YOU from the E- GYPT you MUST LEAVE. YOUR PROMISED LAND AWAITS!

In His Grace,

Elea Grace




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