Yesterday there were many triggers. Yet we know GOD is bigger. Our heart aches for the nations, running the race in the wrong direction. WHile our awesome GOd waits for them with affection. THey turn from HIS LOVE, purest in form, feeling unworthy, and seeing only closed doors. Don’t you see that is also a trap. The enemy wants us to focus on the crappiness of this world. Yet, WE are God’s COGS. HE makes us super heroes. He heals and cures ALL our woes. Do you believe? WIll you receive? Because GOD will only wait so long. I say this, because time is changing. The level of GRACE has been amazing. Yet, be not deceived to think it will stay the same. Just by using our brain, we think we can figure it out. WE think we can drink of life water, when we don’t repent for places we have faltered. Turn us about LORD, for your play is fair. IT is HOLY and in this world, RARE. For you will make it as it should be. We must rejoice and wait and see. BUt, repentance is the key that unlocks the faith. Can’t we get this straight? It’s not from condemnation, but to save the nations. OH, how you LOVE us….

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