It is TIME

This morning, this dropped into my spirit. I could visually see, the LION KING. It is one of my favorite movies. Many of us have cried out to GOD. WE have asked for help, assistance, HIM to take over. He knows. He hears our cries. KNow  this dear ones, it absolutely IS time. TIME to see moves of GOD that will leave us breathless.

One day I was listening to a sermon. I believe it was Kat Kerr. She said, ” we have been crying out for the FIRE of GOD to come. Did we think it wouldn’t come???” This really registered with me. I found my self shouting HAllelujah!!!! Because it is the FIRE of GOD which will quite literally turn the tide. IT is the HOLY FIRE that will defeat the enemy’s plots. If you have not seen this fire, or experienced it; you will.

This fire to any FLESH hurts like HELL, at first. Because it is not something that we are taught to embrace. YEt, our spirits are filled up, to the core of our Heavenly soul, by the FIRE of GOD. Strange things will come to pass. But, we must TRUST anyway. They are not strange to HIM, only to us. WE must follow HIS peace. Never our own peace, or anyone else’s will do. Only the peace that is a gift from GOD will continue to make us complete, new and resurrected daily.

Someone once said, “Your marriage needs saving.” I thought, “Wait a minute it was saved the day we said YES.” I thank GOD that because HE loves us, HE does save us daily as we do our part. WE must come, to HIS well of FIRE and seek purification. Most importantly, we must do so not for ourselves, but as an honor to GOD alone. We must be open to be corrected in whatever forms GOD chooses. He used a donkey once, after all. 😉

There is a HEAVENLY flow happening. Can we embrace it? I recently had someone confide, “I’m not sure I am a believer.” Do you know that in that place, you are seeking. That is beautiful. GOD will honor that. It means you are close to getting the answers you have questioned. It is time. TIME to receive HIS truth, and not believe the lies and the evil that is spoken. Time to see the word of GOD not only as correcting, but the ultimate TRUTH in LOVE. THe Heavenly Father carries us. IN the natural, we are taught to lean on each other. Yet, GOD teaches us to lean on HIM in each other.

IT is the small leaps of FAITH, the mustard seeds, that are planted. THey are the ones that all together, in unity, bring GREAT harvest. ANother person once said, “I know you want to give my family money.” This was said to David. In fact, I was not physically even in the house, at this time. David looked at them, and was shocked. Because he thought, “No, I don’t want to. NOt because the person didn’t deserve the chance. It was for one reason only. The person had no remorse for the wrongs that had been done. God showed my husband that giving more, when HIS season in it had been cut off, was not only disobedient; but casting pearls to swine.





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