Who is that FACE in the mirror?

Today God has dealing with me personally on intimacy. What are we giving ourselves to? This is such a deep topic. I am certain this post will on touch on it. But, nonetheless, it is a beginning. 🙂 What if every morning we were to look in the mirror, while brushing our teeth, or hair and speak LIFE? By this, simply stating that we must ask GOD to be our image. 

Many people say,” we should say I am beautiful, smart, kind, etc.” In fact, well known pastors have preached many sermons on “self view.” The point that is almost always missing is our life is not actually ours. It is NOT nor will it ever BE about us. It is however abt God in us. THIS is GREAT news. This means that as we start to reflect GOD the face changes. We have God’s view. 🙂


Once I was watching a program that had shape shifting. The program was one that my mother did not like at all. I would watch it and she would scold me. She would say that is not Godly. Now, I know now that the spirit of guilt and condemnation, as well as religion was what she was speaking from. As well, she often spoke to me from a wounded place. It was not her fault. Nor do I blame her, because she could only give what she knew. Unfortunately in the relationship that we had, what she knew was a lot of pain and agony. So many secrets would later be revealed. 

Some that I suspected a s a child, and some I was completely unaware of. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see her. I know this sounds strange to many, and to others I bet you can relate. But, lately as I have been asking GOD to cleanse me and make me HIS own, mark me for HIS GLORY, I am beginning to see HIM. 


Are we beliveing GOD will redeem HIS country? Do we speak LIFE or Death?

We have to be aware because shape shifting was not something I just saw on TV. It really happens. You can go to utube and see many who have shown themselves. So many are in bondage to the demonic. But GOD….is still here, waiting on us, and them. Our job is to pray, seek GOD on their behalf and TRUST HIM that HIS will be done. 

Oh how He loves us. Now, I am not saying you will always see beautiful things in the mirror. Because the whole point of the relationship with GOD is not to always see the good. Someone reminded me of this recently. Love how God uses our brothers and sisters. 😉

Yet, look at the world, always telling us to be positive and get rid of negative. To never let it even in. Yes, Jesus never sinned, and YES we must be cleansed, but God is not wanting us to come perfect, or even to leave perfect. What He does want is for us to come to HIM and let HE alone shatter the reflection of the world. He alone perfects our ways and transforms them into HIS. 

These 2 pictures reflect HIS GLORY. Each child born carries JESUS. We should be seeking HIM so strongly that others must also do so to FIND US. 





Think about the children He has given us. I am convinced that we receive children as a gift for one main reason, to increase intimacy with HIM. The LORD has used our children, those we have and those we have not, to teach us so many lessons. 

This is why GOD says to train a child up in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it. No one who chooses GOD from the pit of their soul will stay astray. It is not to say we will not be lead away, or even to suffer affliction and suffering. But what we have learned through these fiery trials is simple. 


GOD needs to be the FACE in the mirror. 

The strongest warriors are those who even when hit and wounded, come to the LORD let HIM heal, and they rise up again in HIM. 

In His Grace,



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