COME out Come OUT wherever you ARE!

Today, when I woke I was praising GOD for the sunshine, grateful for another day, and I was reminded that we must continue to COME out from the world, and it’s ways. when God gives us direction we MUST follow. There are some things that are coming that will test us greatly as Children of God. 

We must be ROOTED in HIS word. Because if we are not, it will be easy to sway us away. Sometimes out of no where the enemy growls. We know when it is the enemy because he creates fear and terror. God creates Godly fear and reverence. They are very different. 

Thinking more about the movies we see, there are many designed to MOCK God. But, the LORD is not surprised. He says to us come out from this world, and commands us to be alien of it. Yet so many are communing with the rebellion. It MUST be a daily choice. In fact sometimes it has to be with every deep breath. 

As a parent, wife and daughter there are many roles to play. But, as a child there is really only one, which is redeemed. To be able to give myself the GRACE through Christ to heal and grow in HIM, and to be able to give it to others is crucial. Often, this means stepping back. It means walking away from things that appear to be good but really may not be. It also means standing in what is and may look like it is not. Standing up and praising GOD no matter how it seems!

See, GOD calls us to come out of the darkness into the light. He is very clear that we cannot get to Heaven by worshiping other gods. Yet so many do this, and look at the world. Anyone can see God is not amused, for He is a jealous GOD. He is waking up HIS warriors, whatever it takes. 


I personally repent daily, even if I did nothing wrong that day that was obvious. Because, God deserves to have a pure heart to LOVE HIM. He is worthy of ALL praise. As wives we are called to be partners to our husbands. Yes, the word says The man is the head under God, but it does not mean that he is to LORD over us in arrogance, pride or control. The woman is the manager of the household, which means the man should also listen to God in her as led. 

A great example of this not happening is Pharaoh. His wife warned him not to go against God. He did, and we all know how that turned out. It was disastrous for them. I want to be a warrior who is BOLD as a LION, yet I have been trained not to be by this world. My prayer daily is that any weakness in me or around me be burned by Holy fire. Refinement is NOT easy, but oh so necessary. 

Last night our daughter came out and confessed something to us, she said she plays a game with us at nighttime to mess with us. But, she also said she was tired of it, and did not want to do it anymore. We were grateful to hear that, because it was an answer to prayer. God keeps no record of wrongs. We said, we love you and this is something you must work through with God. So she went and read her bible, prayed, and spent time with HIM. It was bedtime anyway, so that worked out great. 🙂 This morning she woke up in peace. God is dealing with her questions about who she is, and where is her place, just like ours. He goes after every single sheep. Oh, how He loves us! God will always keep LOVING and that LOVE is what will UNDO the hate of this world. As He is, so are we in this world. That is what we know. But, it must be HE that moves in us to complete the tasks, He alone will bring and receive the GLORY. 

We share these things because so many are at their wits end with things. Wondering is it EVER gonna get better? Wondering when real change that is pleasing to GOD will come? When we go to the word, it shows us that God’s timing is perfect. He makes ALL things new daily, and HIS JOY is new every single morning. It will come, hang on. HELP IS ON THE WAY!

The enemy is NOT going to stop trying, but we must remember that he is a defeated foe, as the word of GOD says. The GLORY of GOD will always outshine the enemy, ALWAYS. Our faith should be so strong in GOD, and we should believe so diligently and consistently in HIM that even if we are forced to do something bad, it will not stick. When God’s GLORY is there, when all the pieces of the puzzle fit, there is nothing that can UNDO it, not even the devil himself. 

COME out and commune with your KING today!!!!

In His Grace,



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