The ARMY wants YOU!

Today is the 27th, which biblically represents preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are working for GOD, you are in the army. There are some that are led to physically join the military, or army of this world. God has people in place praying for them, for God’s way in it all, protection, wisdom and guidance.


This Day of Memorial, remember those who fought and died serving God and the country God created. Pray for them and their families, and keep the ones still fighting lifted up. ~

The fact is BOTH armies want us. The army of GOD wants us and the enemy’s army too. Now, the main difference in the two is one wants us because of LOVE, the other because of MANIPULATION and CONTROL. Can you guess which is which? God desires to have us united in HIS LOVE, Grace and MERCY. The enemy wants us to fight for control. God is not about control, He is about authority. The authority of Christ is very different than control that the enemy desires.

Which army are we working for? Are we praying good things over people? Are we reaching out in kindness or in judgement? God wants us to judge character, and the fruit but NOT the people. When in His army, there is success, it is difficult at times, but it leads to NEW LIFE! Working in the enemy’s army, is being chained, imprisoned.

The reason I know this is because, when I was a child, I loved GOD so much. I came into this world hungering and thirsting for HIM. At an early age I began to observe things around me, and it was scary. When entering into the teenage years, I still loved GOD but had been so lost for what seemed like forever. In my eyes, at that age, it was. I remember I just wanted to please God. I did not understand that our existence pleases HIM, and that the only labor He desires is to enter into HIS rest. This does not mean we don’t work, we just do so as He leads. I began hurting myself at age 14. I had been hurting inside for years, but had no way to release that I understood. For 10 years, indirectly off and on the enemy used me in his army, because that self harm gave him legal ground. That spirit of self destruction came out in so many ways. But, GOD, He is our deliver, and He brought me out of the miry clay, and cleansed me once again.


In 2000 something happened. My mother died. I believe because there was so much she did not know, God still has her. I trust what HIS word says. When mom died, I died. My heart did not stop beating, but my mother was the one I always turned to, even more than God. I did not understand how that was coming against God. It was like a was wandering around in a strange land. I was making worse choices, and really just in terror 24/7. Thank the LORD for HIS Grace. I am grateful that He is NOT a God of condemnation, and is a GOD of HEALING!

It has been 13 years, and no more physical harm. Glory to GOD!!!!! I don’t love sharing this part of the testimony, regarding what I did, and was influenced to do. For years I was so bound by shame. But, the JOY is that GOD set me free, and resurrected me. He does this daily, for ALL of us, willing to receive. This can happen with anything we get free from. Being free means that even if something comes to tempt us, we say no. We do so because we LOVE God more, and desire to hold no idols in our life. His word commands us, no other gods before HIM.


Just like in the Military of this world there is warfare, in God’s army there is warfare as well. Many pastors and churches do not like talking about warfare. They say, that is playing with stuff that is not safe. The fact is, if you are not coming to God and seeking HIM to fight through you, the enemy has legal ground to torment you. The STUFF is already playing with you, and trying hard to kill. steal and destroy at the enemy’s command.

God’s word says we have been given authority to trample on snakes and scorpions. He says we have been given authority to cast out demons and heal the sick. JESUS is in us, the commander of the ARMY. The LORD has called us to be warriors, yet so many ignore the enemy and pretend his army does not exist.

We cannot walk around living our lives in survival mode expecting healing. We have to make a shift into healing mode. But, here is the reason so many don’t receive healing. It is very simple, healing happens according to our obedience. If we are walking God’s walk and not talking God’s talk, or if we are talking the talk but NOT walking the walk, then there is a disconnect.

Many of us need spiritual heart surgery. It is really worth it, but oh does it hurt at first. Having the heart of GOD can be excruciatingly painful, but look at Jesus. He is our ultimate example, and for us to do even greater things, than he did, because He does them through us, and intercedes for us, we must stay surrendered to HIS command. We must REST in the TRUTH that the VICTORY is HIS and the enemy is a defeated foe, no matter how it seems.


The fact is we ALL have a will, and we must decide which way it faces. Does it face the GOD of Grace and LOVE and MERCY, or does it face one that condemns and beats us with a whip? As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD. The only one true God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Father who gave us JESUS, and the Holy Spirit who nurtures us.

GLORY to GOD! Thrilled to be a part of HIS HOLY ARMY!!!!! VICTORY IS WON! IT IS FINISHED!


In His Grace,


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