An EPIC Adventure!!!

Today, is the 26th, which biblically represents the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It seems appropriate to talk about this topic of an Epic Adventure. Because, being used by God to preach HIS LOVE and word, is a HUGE adventure indeed! Yesterday on the day of Blessing, we went to see a movie called “Epic.” This movie has so many layers. What really hit me is the EPIC adventure we get to be on with God. So many people say that we never know when a day will be our last. So, we must enjoy every single one of them, and make every moment count.

The fact is we don’t usually know the exact day when we take our final breath. But, what we do know is this, we have a God who guides us. So, this is the question. “Is God guiding your Epic adventure?” Because in the film it was essentially good verses evil. It represented an environment that brings life instead of death, even though outnumbered, going against all ODDS.


When it is ODD it is usually GOD. we watched the film, and as we did, it showed a human coming into another world, getting a glimpse. This is what happens when we take an adventure into God’s world. God gives us a glimpse of what we need to know, a clue if you will.

Everything that is GOOD in our world came from God’s world. It was created by HIS hands. This is why we have to keep up HIS world. This can happen in so many ways. Simple things, like seeing garbage and picking it up and throwing it away. This needs to happen in prayer too.

God shows us how to pray and what to pray for. It is part of dealing with the nastiness that is in this world. What if when we physically take out the garbage, we praise God for ridding us from the garbage of this world, protecting us and what he has given us, children, animals, whatever has been given. It sounds strange, and at first it is. But, God has shown us praising HIM will undo the plans of the enemy.

It works! You want an Epic adventure, well you are ON one! IT is a wild ride for sure. IT has twists and turns and ups and downs. God is the one running the show, for our adventure. If the enemy runs the show, only death comes. God alone brings NEW LIFE.


There was a time in our life where it seemed everything was dying, or being threatened. It was a VERY tough time, we rarely saw sunshine, and when we did, we did not experience it. God would give us blessings, and we would enjoy them, but we did not let HIM use them to heal us. We essentially fought HIM tooth and nail. Because there was no one that was showing us how to receive.

We began to seek God’s word, and that He lead us to whom He desired for us to connect. We are thankful He showed us that we had PAIN deep wounds that needed major repair. God basically did Roto Rooter on our souls. Even now daily, we must choose HIM, and surrender to HIS ways. It is how the adventure continues. Because what we are on is a JOURNEY of FAITH. There is no more Epic ride than this!!!



We have faced a lot of evil, and God promises we will face more. But we must remember that no weapon formed against us will prosper. Sarah Elizabeth had a dream about death. She said mom, I died in the dream. I said, “Well, even death cannot stop what God has planned! God is a resurrection GOD!!!” She was like, “really?” Children must learn that GOD alone protects us. We can use weapons of this world, but it is best to use weapons of HIS world.

While watching “We Bought a Zoo,” we began praying about animals. See our daughter Sarah Elizabeth has a major call on her life pertaining to animals. I said, “Maybe someday we will buy a Zoo.” Because we have to put the dream out there. The word says to speak it as if it were. This is speaking FAITH! It means, no matter who tries to talk you out of it, or discourage you, basically who the enemy uses, you CHOOSE God, and HIS LIFE for you, and HIS dreams and desires.

What has to be shared here is, the more we FOUGHT God, the more exhausted we were. Every thing was exhausting. Now, we are learning that Life is meant to be exciting, NOT draining. God wants us to have fun for sure, but we have to be careful and VERY aware. The enemy roams around like a lion seeking whom to devour. He is NOT a lion he is LIKE one. Only GOD is the LION, The LORD our GOD is the LION of JUDAH!

There is a spirit of amusement, and it causes us to only want FUN. There is a time and place for it for sure. WE have fun daily, but because GOD is at the core of who we are. The circumstance does not kill the JOY. The laughter does not disappear if there is crying. God is a God of hidden treasures. To be a part of HIS adventure we must learn to grow in HIM and receive HIS treasures.

He sent HIS son for our NEW LIFE ADVENTURE to BEGIN!



THE LION OF JUDAH orders our steps. Choose this day to let HIM order yours!

Every single day we live and breathe is a gift! The house where we live is a gift, the food, the children in our lives, the friends, the animals, everything. Yet, how many people wake up and receive the GIFT of LIFE? Are you on an Epic Adventure of LIFE in HIM? Or are you on a dreaded ride of DEATH indirectly serving the enemy. The Lord says He will say to some who cast out demons, and healed in His name, “I never knew you.”

This is because those people were used to heal others, but never came to know the LOVE and intimacy of God personally. God can USE anything but He excuses NOTHING! Each day as Children of God, we turn our back on anything evil, and seek God’s Face, because He made us in HIS image. So, if we don’t interact with HIM, how can we help others, or experience healing?

When a child acts out it is because there are things influencing the behavior. It could be because there are evil spirits around, and it could be because there are soul wounds involved. It is usually both. We cannot fix behavior with just psychology. Because that does not bring permanent long term healing. We cannot fix it with just medication because that does not bring it either. It can only be fixed by the power of GOD. He is our healer, and no one else can do what they do without HIS guidance and expect it to last. Jesus heals forever. His healing is truly EPIC!

God does not require us in church every Sunday. He does require us to fellowship with other believers, and to spend time with HIM. Jesus came to fulfill the law, which means that we can now receive HIS Grace on a new level. So many are stuck there, in that place where they know NOT how to receive God’s LOVE.

He came to SET the captives FREE so why are so many who claim to TRUST God CAGED and IMPRISONED?

Today, choose to repent for choosing the enemy’s adventure. The only one who has not at one time, is JESUS. He is without sin and blemish, and the more we commune with HIM, the more perfected we will be. Cleaned, Purified and Sanctified for the GLORY of GOD!4

In His Grace,


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