Interest and interfere

Many of the words that God breaks apart for me are broken by how we hear them. The Bible was passed down aurally for generations before it was written down. The same is true today in that we hear sounds not words.

Applying that to today’s words: interest and interfere lets slow them down. Speak them slowly: i hear: In ta rest and in ta fear. I think its hebrews 4:10 – We are called to strive only to enter his rest. That provides a clue that ‘in ta’ could be ‘enter’. It could also be ‘in to’. In fact it could be both. So interest maps cleanly into ‘ enter into his rest’. Lets see how that checks out with our experience of the word. If I am interested in something then I have to slow down and stop and observe it, notice it, study it. Only those with an interest in something have taken the time to get close enough to study it. You can’t study something at full speed, you must slow down.

Extending this, interfere or ‘enter into fear’ nicely explains the angst I feel when someone interferes. Intercede maps to “enter into cede” or “enter into seed”. Which could either mean to enter into separation or cessation or to go and plant seeds into another persons life. I suspect it is
more strongly the linked to the second.

So to summarize :
– interest: to enter His rest
– interfere: to enter fear
– intercede: to enter seed

Maybe someone can shed light on the different between inter and enter. I am hearing that inter I implies from the inside out.

God Bless,

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