Game, Set, MATCH!!!!!

Today is the 6th, It is the month of May which is the fifth month and the year is 2013, which is the number of Jesus Christ, and also apostasy and rebellion. The 6th is the number of man and the evils of the enemy, and the 5th is the number of Grace and Favor according to scripture.

What is on my heart today is simple. We live in a GAME. Why are video games popular? Because people LOVE to play games, and because all of LIFE is one. I enjoy games, like most, but there are 2 types of them which relate most to God to me. When playing games, we must have armor on, and ask GOD to protect us. The enemy likes to manipulate, plant evil seeds, and lie.

The first game we are discussing  is TENNIS. In tennis there is a game, which is also called a match. When a person wins, it is game, set, match. So, think about GOD and our relationship with HIM. The enemy is out to kill us, period. This means, he is out to literally kill us, figuratively kill us and spiritually kill us. The word says He comes to kill, steal and destroy. In the game of LIFE, prayer is like the tennis ball. God is the maker of the GAME, per se, and the MATCH or winning happens when we do as He leads, and HE wins through us. As we pray, the set happens and the MATCH is already won through HIM in the Heavens. Hallelujah!!!!



The second game, CHESS, is all about eliminating pieces. Look at the enemies plans, isn’t that how it works? Think about movies like “Independence Day” or shows like “The Mentalist.” The first one is all about retaliation and elimination, and the second is all about observation to uncover the enemy’s plans. See, this is NOT so different than life. Look around you and you will see this in everyday news programs.


The JOY comes in this amazing gift. The greatest weapon we will ever have is GOD’s word. It really is “a double edged sword.” So, why are we walking around in a daze, it seems as we make plans, but do not consult HIM, or HIS word? This is really not smart, because these days the enemy lies around in the open, waiting for those who have their guards down.

The word says He sits and waits to pounce, like a roaring lion. Many have said, he is getting stronger. But, he isn’t, it just seems that way. Thankfully the more we rely on GOD, the more ignorant the enemy becomes. GOD has plans that even we don’t know, but they are for our GOOD and that is what matters.

The enemy will try and steal our memories, children, hopes, dreams, faith, JOY and more, but we don’t have to let him. IN fact, the word commands us not to, and if we ever have we must repent for coming into agreement with the enemy and not God. Because only GOD deserves the GLORY and only HE can bring about lasting change.

God does not hold us to a standard of perfection, He holds us to a standard or righteousness, and holiness, where when we sin, it is like a lightning strike. Immediately, in the next breath, we must repent, and ask HIM to bring transformation and permanent change.

Yes, the enemy will keep trying, but who cares, cause our GOD is so much BIGGER!!!!!

God is a multitasker, He does ALL things well.  Let Him nurture you 🙂 Receive HIS LOVE today!!!!



This picture reminded us of how GOD gives unconditional LOVE!


In His Grace,


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