Today is the 28th, which Biblically represents eternal life. When we say yes to Christ and we receive what was done on the cross for us, then we are given salvation. But, what if we say yes and continue every single day to walk in sin. What if we do not chose to walk in His ways? 

I remember the time I said yes. It was at FCA Camp in GA. I was nine years old. At the time I did it out of desperation, cause things were so stressful around me. My parents would argue, there was little love shown in the home, unless people other than family were around. It was a very performance based place, it seemed. I remember thinking, “Wow this sounds great!” Like I had won the lottery or something.

But, here is what I quickly learned, I had to give up what I thought I wanted. Now, in hindsight that is a great thing, because GOD has so much more in store. But, as a kid, I had no direction.I remember I would read my bible for hours, but every time I asked for explanation or help, there was none. This really wounded me. I did not understand how people who were supposed to love me, could just ignore my questions. I was so on FIRE for God. I wanted the FIRE to spread, yet everywhere I turned, it seemed wanted to extinguish it. 

GOD sees US as WARRIORS. How do we see ourselves?


It was 2 years after I accepted my salvation, that I had back surgery. My parents lived a life of FEAR because it was what they were taught. They walked around in life trying to fix other people’s problems because they thought maybe it would heal theirs. Not, that GOD did not use them, because He did. God can use anyone, and anything. He still does. He is awesome that way. 

The surgery was done to fix a problem too. I had scoliosis, and the doctors convinced my parents that it HAD to be done. I did not know why then, but I had 100% peace that GOD would handle things., MY family was terrified, but I was in peace, because GOD was and is still in charge. because of this PEACE and FAITH in HIM, things went smoothly during surgery. 

The last few days, I have been reflecting on things, not in a bad way, but in a way where God can teach me, and give revelation that can be shared. Have been asking GOD to shine the GLORY LIGHT of JESUS on the wounds. The scripture for this is listed below.

Malachi 4:2

Amplified Bible (AMP)

But unto you who revere and worshipfully fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings and His beams, and you shall go forth and gambol like calves [released] from the stall and leap for joy.


What people don’t tell you is, that wounds cannot be healed unless others receive the healing. Jesus healed them ALL, all who came to HIM. That is what His word says. If people never come to HIM for help, they cannot get healed. It really is that simple. 

It seems many are losing relatives to death and sickness lately. People say, so and so lost a battle with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc… But, here is the problem, the BATTLE is NOT with the disease. The battle is with the ONE who created it. GOD did not create the sickness. When we credit it as a loss, or give the sickness acknowledgement, is it possible we are giving the enemy credit?

How far is TOO FAR to run from GOD? Sin is SIN to HIM. Whether we curse and say bad words, or we sleep with a married person, or we choose something else that GOD has shown us is not honoring to HIM. We have learned A LOT from people who have been deeply rooted in EVIL about what not to do. We went to a lot of Christian friends and family, and at that time, no one could help us. Ultimately, we went back to GOD and cried out to HIM. He always helps. 

We sought the word of GOD, because so many are so wounded right now, that they just cannot help. We still go back to HIS word. His WORD is an infinite resource of HIS LOVE. Every page is more information about who we are in HIM. 

There are some who blatantly worship satan, and they throw it in people’s faces. Also, there are others who do it in secret, by quietly hiding their sins. Again, SIN is SIN to GOD. He still loves those and even died for those who worship other god’s. He wants them in HEAVEN just as much as us. 

God is all for us having fun, but if all we do is try and have fun with our life, don’t we miss the point? His word says there is a TIME for everything. Lord, help us to enjoy what you call us to do, and what you call us not to do. When we do ALL things for you, even the tough stuff become rewarding for your GLORY. Since that time at age 9, I have rededicated my life a few times to GOD. In fact, daily, our family asks HIM to resurrect us for HIS GLORY. He deserves it, for He is worthy to be praised. 

Today, I have a plea which is BE HONEST with GOD. If no one else, BE REAL with HIM. He will forgive us for the LYING, but we have to COME CLEAN. 

Only you know HOW FAR is too FAR dear GOD. Only you can WAKE US up and cause us to take responsibility for our actions, or even lack of actions. Lord, have your way. Multiply for your GLORY! 

Come with FIRE, WATER, and your HOLY LIGHT. WE are glory bound, and we are seeking YOU. Your promise is to take us from GLORY to GLORY to GLORY. You will not FAIL and ALL the CREDIT for the success belongs to you.

 In Jesus Name and by HIS precious BLOOD,




In His Grace,


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