Today, am really tired in my body. But my spirit and SOUL are leaping for JOY! So many great things are coming to pass. We will share more as led. Grateful for GOD’s eyes on our life. Reminded today that SURRENDER is an almost every moment thing. Because if we are not surrendering to GOD, we are surrendering to something else. 

In scripture it says, “Choose this day whom you will serve.” Because if we serve the devil, it leads to death. But that death has no chance of resurrection. The enemy is so subtle. He plants small ideas, and uses memories and really anything and anyone that will let him. The great thing is so does GOD. He uses things for the good of those who LOVE HIM. 


If we do NOT surrender ALL consistently we are rebelling, and rejecting God. Look at the world around us, and you will see this. God is bringing about a turnaround, and it is coming into completion. So here is the question, whom or WHAT are we surrendering to? 

Are we throwing babies out with bath water, by assuming GOD cannot use something? Because SIN is SIN is SIN to GOD. Only Blasphemy that is a conscious choice, is the unforgivable one. We have to begin to consistently give GOD credit, not because He wants it, but because HE DESERVES IT!!!!!


We watch many programs on TV, some that have great morals and values, and some that are a bit off the wall and yet comical.  We do pray that GOD show us what He wants us to see, and protect us from what He does NOT want us to see. GOD can use anything, PERIOD. 

TODAY, we choose to surrender ALL, to be children of GOD who have integrity and choose to do ALL things in HIS timing, and step back and let HIM move, when we are led to sit down. Thank you in advance to our awesome GOD for teaching us to release all unto HIM, for HE loves and cares for US!


In His Grace,


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