Yesterday I began reflecting on all the horrific events we, as a country have experienced. As I did, in prayer, the scripture I received was this, “what was meant for our harm, HE will use for our good.”  After watching the reports the we were led to, it was so interesting to see people coming together not just in the human spirit, but many in the SPIRIT of the LORD. 

In devotion time today, we asked our child to pick a scripture to reflect on today. She was silent for a moment, and then said,”Exodus.” It was amazing to us, kind of a GOD wink, because D’s business God has given him is called that. It is Exodus Consulting. 🙂 The scripture was in CH 7 where Moses and Aaron go to meet with Pharaoh. 


THE FIRE that is HOLY will UNDO what is UNHOLY!!!


They went to see him, and truly dropped a spiritual bomb on him. But, GOD hardened his heart so he would not give in to the demands. Look at our country. Could GOD be doing the same thing around us? I mean, it’s possible. There is no IMPOSSIBLE with GOD. 

yes, judgement is here, and yes GOD is handling things, but we also know we have an enemy after the people of GOD and just people in general. The demonic hate HUMANITY because GOD loves us so very much. After all, our FATHER sent HIS SON to DIE so we could experience FREEDOM. America does not get credit for that. ONLY GOD gets the GLORY for creating the HOME of the FREE and the LAND of the BRAVE!



THE LOVE of GOD will UNDO the HATE!!!!


There was a song in my head from my past, in fact when I was abt 9 years old, I recall it on the radio. Guess what it was called? You guessed it, ” You dropped a bomb on me.” I remember being at the pool, where my oldest brother Brad was life guarding. I would hear it and sing along, not really then, understanding what it was about. Later I started to realize the CORE of that song was about bad news. 

When the bombs here in our country began going off, I kept hearing that song. The enemy has a job, to scare the bejeezus out of us. Meaning to rid us of our connection to GOD. But, guess what folks, so does GOD and HIS JOB is so very much BIGGER and MORE IMPORTANT!!! One has a job to spread HATE and the other LOVE. 

So, today on this 18th day of April, we have to continue rejoicing in HIM. I mentioned the date because it is the BIBLICAL number of BONDAGE. GOD ALONE is the BONDAGE BREAKER!!!! We must keep praising HIM, no matter how it appears. We must speak LIFE and ask GOD to shine the GLORY LIGHT of JESUS on ALL our wounds that we have let the enemy make. Jesus was never wounded until HE received our sin. For the BLOOD of JESUS, an atonement, cleanses us. Also, the LIGHT of JESUS, and HIS GLORY brings healing to our wounds. 



HE WILL COME in FIRE and GLORY!!!!! LORD we pray you tarry, so your perfect WILL can be done on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN. 


WE are FREE not just because of the country or even the people who fight for it, but because of GOD in them and around them and us!!!! WE are FREE first and foremost because JESUS atoned for our SINS (Secrets IN Natural Spirit), meaning HE took them from US because HE LOVES us so very deeply. This truly is the greatest gift, anyone could receive, EVER!!!!

Yes, the world and the one who temporarily is trying to wreak havoc in it, will try to drop more and more BOMBS on us. But, please do not give attention, except to inform others. Address it in prayer of course, but do not be like THIS world, in response. Be like JESUS in response, in peace no matter the explosions. There will be GOOD explosions too, HE promises this as we OBEY HIM. 

His word says, “he will keep those in perfect peace, whose mind is fixed on HIM.” Let us remember that as the “BOMBS” keep coming. Our GOD is GREATER and STRONGER! No COMPARISON! Praying He regrows and resurrects as well as RESTORES what was lost, and as soul wounds heal, command the demonic activity to cease and desist for HIS GLORY to have a chance to HEAL US COMPLETELY. In Jesus NAME and BLOOD. 

May HIS GLORY SHINE on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN. It is the prayer we were given to begin with, the LORD’s PRAYER! 

We will be doing probably next week on SPREAKER a series on BOMBS. It will explore more in depth the spiritual side as well as the physical and how they correlate. 

David was given some insight on certain words, and He wanted to add his 25 cents in, so will have him close us out. 🙂

Hi… David here – 

last night Ellie tried to say ‘Cease and Desist’ but instead she said ‘Cyst and Decease’.  it was a simple transliteration but it was intriguing to look at.  the first one sounds like ‘cease and decyst’ which would be to stop and to remove a protective coating or shell –> leading to health.  the second one sounds like ‘cyst and decease’ which would be to add a cyst and to die –> leading to death.  interesting.


To close: as mentioned on the spreaker podcast I have run into a theological question that I wanted your opinion on:

‘we do not war against flesh and blood but powers and dominions set high in heavenly places’.  ok so how do we apply that to a confontation with an annoying neighbor?  his flesh and blood are annoying, we need to do something.  we could pray hell fire and brimstone, but that doesn’t seem quite right.  this verse suggests we use the sword of the spirit to fight against the spirit world.  

– my question is: can i fight against the neighbor’s spirit or do I have to only fight against the demonic powers controlling my neighbors spirit like a puppet master?  let the debate begin…

We LOVE YOU ALL and hope by HIS GRACE, that He has given through us, and FACE of GRACE, FOOD for thought and spiritual digestion!!!


E & D & Sarah E 




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