KEEP it CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!

First, our sincere apologies that this did not get published. We thought it was already.

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When we were children our parents, most of them, would say to us, “CLEAN YOUR ROOM!” Now, for some of you, this was irritating, for others, it was comforting. Everyone reacts differently, based on their wounds. We have to understand that was actually training for us. There is positive training and negative training.

For me personally, back then I would roll my eyes, and do it, but under duress. Our kids, thankfully do it with JOY, because they know that ALL they do is for GOD. 🙂 Thank you LORD!!! May that multiply all across the land. Because as we are certain you have noticed,  there seems to be a lack of respect being taught these days.

Cleaning the room is a simple process actually. It just involves straightening and putting away things that clutter the area. Every Saturday, which is Sabbath, our children clean rooms. We say plural, because even though we only have currently one child walking around, we know GOD is setting the stage for more. WE speak FAITH in HIM, because HE cannot fail!

We and they are learning that as we clean up a little at a time, the Saturday chore does not seem as overwhelming. 🙂 Even this morning when she woke up, she had forgotten to do some things. SO, we were led to have her write out what she forgot. My mother, who was a teacher, was used by God to teach me that when we write something out, we remember it better. I think that is part of why GOD called me to writing. 🙂

When I am led to sit with GOD and write, it is a beautiful time to just listen to what He desires me to say. Something will come to my mind, after having study with HIM, and then will be led to type it. IT is wonderful, and I thank GOD that He uses it for HIS purpose and GLORY!

Even when I was very wounded, He could use me and even when you are wounded, He can use you. But, He can use us even more when we are CLEAN!

Part of keeping the house clean is SPIRITUAL as well. This means we must consistently go to GOD and ask HIM to cleanse our homes, the places where we dwell. SO, home is where the heart is right? That means when we carry GOD in our hearts, home is wherever we go in HIM!!!

We are spirit (mind), body and soul right? SO, when our houses, or temples, are not clean our soul most importantly is dirty. SO is our body and our mid as well! We cause monuments to our soul when we leave wounds on them. A monument is also known as an idol. Then we begin to worship what wounds us. We make IT OUR GOD!!!

Since we have been soaking in the GLORY LIGHT of JESUS, we have seen huge transformation already. We had so many soul wounds from deep hurts inside, that we were fighting for years. We would be blessed to have someone come and clean for us at our physical home. We still are blessed with this from time to time. God has made those times that people come clean, for us to be used by HIM to minister to them and for fellowship. 🙂

WE have seen many people healed, in their soul and that healing begin to develop in their houses! That means their physical, spiritual and emotional have come into unity, and there is LOVE at the CORE!!!

Nowadays when we watch TV, listen to music, or go out somewhere, we pray the BLOOD of JESUS cover us, and the place where we are, and ask the GLORY LIGHT of JESUS to shine upon any wounds needing healing, one at a time, as He shows us. We take communion, pretty much daily, and anoint  ourselves daily as well. This is part of HOUSE CLEANING!

When watching comedy before, it would bug us when people cussed, we had deep soul wounds about condemnation. Now, we can tolerate it, but it does not inflict wounds on our house! Hallelujah!!!

Beloved precious people. because we are HUMAN and GOD loves us so much, the evil in the world, sent by the enemy of our soul, HATES us. SO, we have to LOVE the HELL out, literally of each other!

DO GOD a favor and start keeping IT clean! Be a space invader to the enemy and USE the authority GOD has given you according to HIS WORD!!!

Love to you all, praying for you and always standing in HIM for HIS GLORY!!!!

In His Grace,

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